September 11, 2022

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If you are struggling to understand the current stock market and have a deep worry about your retirement future, then The Plug can help you find the right precious metals company to work with. Diversifying your portfolio to hedge against inflation may be your best option. One of the best methods to hedge inflation is through investment in precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. 

The IRS allows investors to buy precious metals through a self-directed IRA. The IRA gives investors the same tax benefits as a Standard IRA or Roth IRA. The benefit to the investor is they have control over their investments. One such control is the ability to buy or sell your precious metals at any time and delay any tax implications till you start your distributions. The IRS has specific guidelines for Gold and Silver to be purchased within your IRA and since we are all not tax advisors and IRS agents, we need to work with the companies providing the most accurate and trustworthy information. 

Knowing which companies are the best choice to work with can be difficult. The internet is full of information and can make things more difficult and easier, at the same time. The Plug wants to help you by narrowing down all those options to get you to the best Gold and Silver IRA companies, so you don't need to start from scratch. 

Today, we are providing some details regarding Southern Coin & Collectibles. We hope the information provided helps you decide if they are a viable company for you to work with. It is our opinion that Southern Coin & Collectibles is for the rare coin and Numismatics investors. There is a large selection of these products available for purchase.

If you are looking for precious metals for your Gold or Silver IRA we have a few alternative businesses that can provide the necessary IRS-approved coins and are familiar with the process of Gold IRAs. The process when purchasing within an IRA for retirement is different than purchasing with CASH to hold personally. IRA companies can help set up your self-directed IRA, fund your account, choose the correct investments, and they typically will deliver your gold or silver to the depository of your choice. 

Please continue to find out more about Southern Coin & Collectibles. At the end of this page is a map showing a location in Hoover, AL. 

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Southern Coin & Collectibles is it a Legit Dealer or Not?

If you are looking for rare coins, collectibles, Numismatics, silverware, or gold and silver coins and rounds, then Southern Coin & Collectibles may be the store for you. 

Having said that, The Plug was unable to find an online website for this business. However, the Alabama Secretary of State has Southern Coin & Collectibles, Inc registered with Mr. Ethan Thomason as the President and the business has been incorporated since 2005. 

We found the Google Business Profile which shows several products for sale and eBay shows a page for Southern Coin and Collectibles, Inc. that has 100% Positive Feedback and over 18k items sold. 

Southern Coin & Collectibles is a family-owned coin and collectible dealer and according to the eBay about us page, they have three locations. 

If you are looking to buy or sell gold and silver then Southern Coin & Collectible is the right choice if you are in or near Hoover, Alabama.

storefront image for southern coin & collectibles

About Southern Coin & Collectibles

As a family-owned and operated business, Southern Coin & Collectibles has been operating for over 40 years. As a full-service coin and paper dealer, the business specializes in PCGS/NGC Certified Coins, Gold and Silver Bullion, U.S. and Confederate paper money, rare coins, jewelry, collectibles, and more. 

Southern Coin & Collectibles is a U.S. Mint Dealer, a member of PCGS and NGC as a Certified Dealer, and has several other memberships and affiliations. 

What Southern Coin & Collectibles Offers

There are several different offerings for Southern Coin & Collectibles. A few of the options noted on the business's GBP page are gold and silver bullion, collectible proof sets, collectibles, silverware, and other collectible items.

silver bullion

Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold and silver bullion is available. You can buy rounds, coins, bars, and so much more. If you are not located near the store you will need to call to find out what is currently available. 

rare coins

Rare Coins and Numismatics

Rare Coins and collectibles are available. There are a large variety of rare coins for your investment choices. As a collector, you should understand prices for these items are subject to availability and prices can be above melt value. Typically, rare coins are not influenced by spot price, but a spot is considered if you are looking at melt value. 

collector silver proof sets

U.S. Minted Proof Sets

U.S. Mint Proofs are different from the bullion coins minted by the US Mints. These coins are typically packaged for each coinage and sold in a collector's set. Southern Coin & Collectibles has a variety of gold and silver proof sets to purchase. 

Current Available Products

Current Items can be found on the company's eBay page. For an updated listing please check the eBay page by clicking the prior link. 

  • American Silver Eagle
  • 2021 P $15 Australia 1/10 oz Proof Gold Series III Lunar Ox in OGP #DC15
  • 2021 10 Euro Great Britain Saint George 10oz .999 Silver Round in Capsul #DC7
  • 2010 Yosemite National Park Set of P/D/S AT Quarters #DC5
  • 2006 Canada Christmas Holiday Coin Set with Colorized Santa Quarter #DC9
  • 1987 American Silver Eagles - Scarce Sealed Monster Box 500 oz
  • 2017 Canada .9999 3/4 oz Big Horn Sheep Silver Reverse Proof
  • 20 piece lots 1/10th .999 Silver Rounds Mixed Designs Barter Silver Coins
  • 2007 George Washington Dollar Missing Edge Lettering Variety NGC 
  • PAMP Suisse 1 oz Silver Bar Featuring Lakshmi Serial Number on Card
  • 1988 America in Space One Troy Pound Silver Round 12 oz .999 Silver
  • plus more

Rounds, Bullion Coins, and Bars

Not all gold and silver are the same. The mint or process of minting changes the value of the products. If you own Rounds you have a coin with no face value. They may be .999 fine Silver but they are minted by private mints around the world. The United States has several private mints and each produces its own rounds. 

Bullion is defined as gold or silver in bulk before coining or valued by weight. There are bullion bars, coins, and rounds. The U.S. Mint produces more bullion coins than proofs. The proof minting process is more extensive and therefore derives a higher price than the bullion coins.

Bars are typically found in Silver and Gold. Bars that are finished are usually smaller increments. Larger bars are typically poured by private mints and in larger quantities for ease of distribution for larger investment options. 

Pros and Cons


  • Private Family-Owned Business
  •  Knowledgeable and Experienced
  • Good Reviews on Google Business Profile
  •  Appraisal Services Available for Insurance Purposes
  • Great Customer Service


  • Limited opportunity for IRA Approved Coins
  •  No Online Website
  • Not Open 24/7

Final Thoughts

Based on the information we could obtain for this local Coin Dealer and Collectibles business we believe they are a viable option for purchasing mostly rare coins and Numismatics. If you are looking for rare collectibles, silverware, or other collectibles they may be a good choice to contact.

If you are looking for more IRA Gold or Silver this business would not be a choice we suggest. We have covered the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies in another blog post and you can find five excellent businesses to work with for your IRA purchases. 

We hope you received some assistance in determining the quality and viability of the Southern Coin & Collectibles business. We suggest for those looking to purchase rare coins have a deep understanding of where the value comes from before purchasing. With all precious metals be sure you understand how the price is determined and what value you will have once purchased. Understanding how rare coins are valued will help you understand when or if the coin will increase in value going forward.

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