July 23, 2022

5 Best Gold IRA Companies by The Plug

Disclaimer: the companies you find on our site may provide compensation to us. We are able to provide you with unbiased research and information for free because of this potential compensation. Compensation, along with research, may determine the ranking and placement below. We appreciate the support!

Choosing to diversify your portfolio by purchasing gold and silver requires an extensive understanding of the precious metals market. Buying from just any company that sells bullion is not the best option. 

Are you looking to Open a Gold IRA?

When it comes to Opening a Gold IRA there is no question the companies we identified are the Best Gold IRA Dealers. You need to choose a company that provides the best resources, and information, and is transparent when pricing Gold and Silver Bullion. Look No further than these companies to provide you with excellent customer service and investor support materials. 

This article has been updated as of February 26, 2024, to reflect current reviews and an updated list of the Best Gold IRA Companies.

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Top Rated Precious Metals IRA Companies 


We No Longer Recommend Regal Assets


table of contents

#1 Rated


A+ Accreditation with BBB

4.84/5 Star Rating w/317 Customer Reviews / 11 complaints closed in the last 12 months

4.8/5 Star Rating w/738 Customer Reviews

No FEES charged by Goldco

$25,000 Minimum Investment Rollover from 401K or IRA

$20,000 Minimum Savings Balance for CASH 

BEST GOLD and SILVER IRA Company with Top Industry Experts

** FREE Silver with Qualifying Investment

FREE Wealth Protection Kit

#2 Rated

Augusta Precious Metals

A+ Accreditation with BBB

10 - Years in Business

4.94/5 Stars with the BBB Customer Reviews / 0 customer complaints

4.99/5 Stars with TrustLink - 283 reviews

Free one-on-one educational training

Free transit insurance & shipping for qualified orders

Gold & Silver IRA Experts

$50,000 Minimum for IRA Rollover

3 Commitments to Customers - Transparency / Simplicity / Service

FREE - Gold IRA Guide

#3 Rated

Birch Gold Group

A+ Accreditation with BBB

19 - Years in Business

4.69/5 Stars with the BBB w/65 Customer Reviews / 12 complaints closed in last year

4.9/5 Stars with TrustLink w/129 Customer Reviews 

Free - Roll Over of Retirement Accounts

$10,000 minimum for IRA Rollover

$10,000 minimum for cash transactions 

FREE - 2023 Information Kit

FREE - with qualifying purchase, Birch Gold is giving away up to $10,0000 in precious metals

FREE - shipping on cash purchases over $10,000

FREE - 1st-year fees waived on IRAs over $50,000

#4 Rated

Noble Gold Investments

A+ Accreditation by the BBB 

5/5 Star Rating w/50 Customer Reviews / 2 complaints closed in the last 12 months

4.9/5 Star Rating with TrustLink and 123 Customer Reviews 

$20,000 Minimum Investment Rollover

$10,000 Minimum Investment Cash Transactions

FREE - Gold and Silver Guide 

FREE - Precious Metals Coin with Qualifying Rollover

We No Longer Recommend Regal Assets as a Reputable Gold or Silver IRA Company


No Rating

Regal Assets

Recently Regal Assets has gone offline. We have not been able to contact our representative with the company. 

If you purchased precious metals with Regal we recommend you verify your holdings and consider working with one of the other sources we recommend.

Top IRA Gold Investment Companies

Investment in Precious Metals has been on the rise as the uncertainty of the stock market continues to scare off investors. If you are looking to diversify your portfolio or are looking to secure your retirement account with gold, we know the information provided will help determine a viable IRA company to work with. 

Gold and Silver IRA's have increased over the past decade as investors are leaning toward diversifying their portfolio as they get closer to retirement. While considered a retirement investment as a means to stabilize your account, you don't need to be near retirement to start investing in Gold and using a self-directed IRA. If you found yourself changing jobs and have a 401K account with your prior employer, this is a great time to start your precious metals account. You get all the tax advantages of similar retirement IRA's and you get the benefits of tax deferred investments. 

But, if your nearing your retirement it may be a good time to speak with a professional precious metals company to figure out a good percentage of your retirement that you should invest in Gold or Silver. We know that Gold is a depleting commodity, it is a great hedge against inflations, and it is also a very good investment for diversifying your portfolio. 

Precious metals are a means to counter the volatility of the stock market and hedge against inflation. Not to mention that gold and silver are excellent ways to diversify an existing investment portfolio for all individuals.

Getting all the information and making an informed decision is the first step in good portfolio management and determining if Gold Investing is right for you. Gold IRAs have similar tax advantages as standard IRAs but choosing the right company to invest with can be challenging. 

We have researched gold IRA companies and have determined the five outlined here are good options. They all provide IRA options for gold and silver investing, but we also know each investor has their thoughts and ideas on business and companies to work with and therefore have given you a few choices. 

Security of your investment is the first priority for any investor, but customer service, education, cost, and available options are specific criteria that you should consider when choosing your Gold IRA partner. Review the information thoroughly to gather in-depth knowledge and make a quality decision.

If you are looking to invest today, our five gold IRA companies are the best options on the market for starting a Gold IRA for retirement investing. 

If you are interested in purchasing Gold Bullion, Gold Coins, or Gold Bars outside of a retirement fund you have that option with our choices as well.

Why Invest In a Gold IRA?

This article covers the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies. But why am I investing in a Gold IRA? 

You are looking to diversify your portfolio, you are looking to hedge against inflation, you want to purchase physical assets, and you want to use money in an existing IRA or employer 401K that is eligible. 

These are a few of the reasons why you want to invest in a Gold IRA. The benefit you have in investing in a Self-Directed IRA is you choose the assets to own and while those assets are appreciating you are not subject to capital gains tax. No matter if they are short-term or long-term holds as long as you don't remove the money from the IRA you're not paying tax. Like other IRA accounts, you don't pay till you start liquidating the asset and taking your retirement withdrawals. But while the asset is within your IRA you can buy and sell as the market for gold and silver changes and take advantage of the gains or losses. Please note we are not experts in tax law, please consult with your tax advisors before making any investment decisions. 

Hedging your retirement funds is a great reason to start investing in a Gold IRA. All of the companies mentioned have FREE guides to help you through the process. If you have never opened a self-directed IRA, you will be amazed at the ease to complete the paperwork and you can get started buying your first physical asset for retirement.

The following are our top choices for Gold IRA companies. Listed in order based on customer service, BBB rankings, review comments, ease of doing business, and care for the customer. 

#1 - Goldco

While one of the best, and our #1 pick, Goldco is the company to use to acquire your precious metals. As a Gold IRA company, we do not doubt that they will provide the top-of-the-line services and support needed to diversify your portfolio and hedge against inflation.

As a leader in the precious metals industry, Goldco offers you the option to invest in a Precious Metals IRA or by purchasing the coins and bars outside of a retirement account. 

As a company that has been around for over a decade, Goldco is a leader in precious metals IRA rollovers providing the best "White Glove" services to help investors understand the steps required and provide the highest service and investment education to understand the process and transactions. When investing in gold or silver through your IRA, Goldco has preferred depositories to secure and hold your assets. IRS does not allow you to hold physical metals personally when purchasing using a retirement IRA. A depository provides you with the safety and security you need for your investment. Once you turn 59 and 1/2 years of age you have the choice to sell your investment or take possession personally. Either way, Goldco is there to help you along the way. 

Start Investing today.  Check out our full review of Goldco by Clicking Here!

Feature Highlights

Goldco has several features that make it the best option on the market today for Gold IRA investing.

Minimum Investment IRA


Minimum Investment CASH


  • Goldco offers a buy back program that leave the investor with 100% satisfaction and the BEST buyback price guaranteed. When investing through your IRA and you are ready to sell Goldco already has your gold so it's easy and convenient to transact.
  • A+ BBB rating. The reputation, customer support, and ease of doing business is second to none. 
  • Easy 3-step process from getting started to owning your precious metals in your IRA. 
Best Gold IRA Goldco by The Plug

As an established precious metals dealer with an excellent reputation Goldco has been in business for over a decade, and was founded by Trevor Gerszt. This firm prides itself on asset preservation and financial safety by moving retirement funds from 401(k), 403(b), and traditional IRA accounts to a Self-Directed IRA invested in Gold or Silver. 

A quick three-step process gets your IRA opened, funds transferred, and assets purchased. White glove service makes the process painless for investors. 

As a leader in Gold and Silver investments, Goldco provides an opportunity to purchase bullion, coins, and gold bars for investors in their investment portfolio.

You do not need to be a wealthy investor to purchase precious metals. If you have a retirement account from a previous employer or a current income you are eligible to open an account. The only other restriction is if you are over the age of 70 and 1/2 you will want to consult with a professional. 

Gold IRA Goldco by The Plug

Gold Investment Coins / Bars

  • Gold American Eagle - Type 1
  • Gold American Eagle - Type 2
  • Gold American Eagle Proof
  • Gold Australian Striped Marlin
  • Gold Liberty
  • Gold Phoenix
  • Gold Independence Hall
  • Gold Australian Sea Turtle
  • Gold Valor
  • Gold Maple Leaf
  • American Gold Buffalo
  • Gold Freedom
  • Gold Freedom and Hope
  • Gold American Bald Eagle
  • Gold Lucky Dragon
  • Gold Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  •  Gold Military Guinea
  • Gold British Lunar Series
  • Gold Bars

Silver Investment Coins / Bars

  • Chuck Norris “Five Principles”
  • Silver American Eagle - Type 1
  • Silver American Eagle - Type 2
  • Silver American Eagle Proof
  • Silver American Bald Eagle
  • Silver Australian Spotted Eagle Ray
  • Silver Australian Striped Marlin
  • Silver Great Barrier Reef
  • Silver Liberty
  • Silver Phoenix
  • Silver Valor
  • Silver Military Guinea
  • Silver Freedom & Hope
  • Silver Maple Leaf
  • Silver Freedom
  • Silver Lucky Dragon
  • Silver Australian Saltwater Crocodile
  • Silver World War I
  • Silver World War II Victory
  • Silver 20th Anniversary Britannia
  • Silver Britannia Lunar Series
  • Silver Bars

****Current Offerings or Promotions for Goldco****

Goldco is offering up to $10,000 in FREE Silver for opening a Qualified Gold IRA Account. Want more info? Click Here and we'll send you over to their page where you will need to get their Free Guide on Gold Investing. 

Pros & Cons of Goldco


  • No Fees Charged by Goldco
  • Best Customer Service 
  • Buy-Back Opportunity
  • New Client Deals


  • Minimum Deposit Requirement for IRA
  • Need to contact company to learn more about promotions

Conclusion to Our #1 Choice - Goldco for Gold IRA Companies

The Plug highly endorses Goldco as a viable self-directed IRA company to diversify your portfolio with the purchase of precious metals. We believe this company's main mission is to educate the public and make sure all investors are making the correct decision when investing in Precious Metals.  

We place Goldco as #1 in our "5 Best Gold IRA Companies" because of three reasons.

  • First, they go the distance to make sure each and every investor is educated and aware of the power of precious metals as an investment to diversify their portfolio.
  • Second, they got the #1 spot because they cater to both the affluent looking to get started with an initial rollover investment requirement of a low $25,000. This requirement makes certain any investor can diversify their portfolio without putting any undue distress on their portfolio. 
  • Third, Goldco provides an option to Open a Precious Metals IRA or Invest with Your Savings. You can work with the best SDIRA companies and still buy outside your retirement account.

Overall, GOLDCO is, in our opinion, the best option to purchase gold and silver within a self-directed IRA. Make them your first choice when looking to start investing in precious metals or if you are looking to conserve your wealth going forward. Proceed to get more information by clicking the link below for a FREE Wealth Protection Kit.  

#2 - Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is geared to be your best option for gold or silver IRA investing. They pride themselves on being the 'best-in-the-industry" at providing you with a dedicated team and industry-best training and customer service.

Augusta Precious Metals is not for entry-level investors. To qualify with Augusta Precious Metals Gold IRA you must have, at a minimum, $100,000 that is available in an IRA or 401(k) to roll over. The Minimum IRA rollover is $50,000. When investing with Augusta Precious Metals it is a campaign to make sure your investments are secure. Therefore they don't take investing in precious metals lightly and make sure their clients are qualified and understand the precious metals market.

If your plan is to work with a company that cares about your end result, then Augusta Precious Metals is your best option. Working with a customer success agent that has years of education and training helps customers make the appropriate choices.

Three commitments Augusta Precious Metals makes are:

  • Transparency
  • Simplicity
  • Service to the highest level

The Self-Directed IRA set-up is easy and quickly completed in three steps when working with the success agent. When you're looking for more knowledge the education team provides detailed information and shares knowledge on Gold and Silver prices and the precious metals market.  

The price points at Augusta Precious Metals are competitive in the gold bullion and silver bullion, gold and silver coins, and gold and silver premium bars. 

Prices paid are actual costs of the product as there are no commissions added to the list price at the closing. 

You will have a lifetime support agent while you are a buyer at Augusta Precious Metal. The company will buy back all precious metals but prices will vary based on spot prices at the time. No 100% guarantee on prices is possible given the fluctuation in prices. 

A feature-paid spokesman Joe Montana touts his portfolio diversification with Augusta Precious Metals. Reportedly Joe asked his financial advisors to find the best Gold IRA company and they determined Augusta Precious Metals was his best option. 

The Better Business Bureau has Augusta rating as A+

Trustpilot Gives Augusta 5-Stars

Consumer Affairs: 5-Stars

Feature Highlights

A reputable Gold IRA Company offering a variety of precious metals for you to add to your portfolio. 

  • High Ratings for Reliability and Customer Service.
  • Four client departments to work for customers.
  •  10 years of experience in the precious metals industry
  • 0 customer complaints with the BBB 
Augusta Precious Metals Best Gold IRA by The Plug

Company Principles

Augusta Precious Metals has 3 Major Commitments to their clients

Best-Gold-IRA-Companies-Augusta-Company-Principles by The Plug

As a priority, Augusta wants to educate their clients. Whether you choose to work with August or not, they want to make sure you are educated on Precious Metals investments and therefore they will give you all the time necessary to make a good decision.

Gold IRA Company Augusta Precious Metals by The Plug

Gold Investment Coins / Bars

  • Gold American Eagle 1oz BU 
  • Gold American Eagle .5oz BU
  • Gold American Eagle .25oz BU
  • Gold American Eagle .10oz BU
  • Gold American Buffalo 1oz BU
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1oz BU
  • Austrian 1oz Gold Philharmonic BU
  • South African Gold Krugerrand 1oz
  • Gold Bar 10oz - Our Choice Hallmark
  • Gold Bar 1oz - Our Choice Hallmark
  • 2022 St. Helena Gold Sovereign

Silver Investment Coins / Bars

  • American Silver Eagle 1oz BU
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf 1oz BU 
  • Austrian Philharmonic Silver 1oz BU
  • Silver Round 1oz - Our Choice Hallmark
  • America The Beautiful - 5oz Cumberland Gap
  • America The Beautiful - 5oz Fort Moultrie
  • America The Beautiful - 5oz Effigy Mounds
  • Canadian Silver 5 Blessings 1oz
  • Silver Bar 100oz - Our Choice Hallmark
  • Silver Bar 10oz - Our Choice Hallmark

IRA eligible Gold & Silver must meet the highest quality and fineness levels

  • Gold Coins and Bars in an IRA must be 99.5% pure with one exception
  • One gold IRA Exception: American Gold Eagle Coin which is 91.67% pure
  • Silver Coins and Bars in a Precious Metals IRA must be 99.9% pure

IRA Approved Gold and Silver Coins Offered:

  • American Eagles
  • American Eagle Proofs
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold Canadian Eagle
  • American Buffalo
  • Australian Striped Marlin
  • Canadian Silver Soaring Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Eagle with Nest
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

****Current Offerings or Promotions for Augusta Precious Metals****

Check with your Account Representative on your Initial Consult. They have different offerings and opportunities for new investors. 

Pros & Cons of Augusta Precious Metals


  • No Commissions Fees
  • Pride to Educate Customers
  • Look out for the Best Interest of the Investor


  • $50,000 minimum for Self-Directed IRA start - but talk to a consultant before ruling this company out
  • No platinum or palladium Coins for IRA Investing. You can request for cash purchase. 

Conclusion to Our #2 Choice - Augusta Precious Metals for Gold IRA Companies

The Plug highly endorses Augusta Precious Metals. As a very close #2 to our top choice, Augusta is looking out for the investor. The educational resources of Augusta are second to none with Devlyn Steele, a Harvard-trained economic analyst, looking out for the best interest of their clients. The vast educational resources available to their clients are endless. 

Isaac Nurian, co-founder has a vision of empowering their clients to make informed decisions and diversify investor's savings. 

Overall, Augusta Precious Metals should be your first call if you are an affluent investor. The minimum requirements make them difficult for the beginner to work with, but their educational resources will help all interested parties. Choose Augusta Precious Metals if you have $100,000 or more available to rollover into a new SDIRA account and plan to invest $50,000 or more through your IRA. 

More on Augusta Precious Metals:

  • ZERO fees for up to 10 years. Everyone qualifies.
  • A+ BBB rating. AAA from Business Consumer Alliance. 1000s of 5-star rankings.
  • 2022 & 2023 Money magazine: “Best Overall Gold IRA Company.” Investopedia: “Most Transparent.”
  • Elite VIP approvals: Mark Levin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Ben Ferguson. Even hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana is a customer and superfan. 
  • YOU choose your gold & silver. Select from the most popular products – you’re in charge. 
  • No pressure. Ideal for customers who are unhappy with their current gold IRA company.
  • Compliant and transparent. Makes this a major part of its business for customer peace of mind.
  • Best for ethics, and overall customer experience. Proven caring, reliable, respected gold IRA company.
  • Free guides. How to avoid gimmicks & high-pressure tactics used by gold IRA companies.
  • Account lifetime service. A personal resource throughout your ownership of precious metals.

#3 - Birch Gold Group

When looking for a Gold IRA company choose one that has been around for two decades. Birch Gold Group started in 2003 and has grown to be one of the most reputable precious metals companies in the United States.

Birch Gold Group offices are in Burbank, California and they only deal with customers in the United States. Birch Gold wants to make sure their investors are understanding of precious metals assets and how they can benefit you and your portfolio. The initial investment for IRA rollovers is $10,000. 

Having a minimum requirement doesn't rule out investing with Birch Gold. Their team wants to make sure you understand physical gold and silver as an investment whether you purchase within an IRA or with CASH. 

If you are looking to invest your retirement in Gold or Silver Birch Gold Group is a viable option. If you have a self-directed IRA opened you can use that IRA and purchase Bullion through Birch Gold Group.

No self-directed IRA set-up yet? No problem, Birch Gold Group will talk and walk you through the process to set up the IRA, transfer funds to the account, and help you purchase the Gold Coins or Gold Bars for your portfolio.

Birch Gold Group is not limited to only purchasing Gold and Silver Bullion through an IRA, you may choose to purchase outside your retirement accounts using CASH. 

Feature Highlights

United States Residents Only are allowed for Birch Gold's Services. 

Birch Gold Group offers

  • Gold Coins and Bars
  • Silver Coins and Bars
  • Platinum Coins and Bars
  • Palladium Coins and Bars
  • $10,000 minimum investment for IRA
  • Yes, YOU CAN!! Purchase Gold or Silver with CASH - no need for an IRA if you choose to purchase outside your retirement funds
  • Birch Gold offers buy back option for customers with zero additional charge. Buyback based price & quote at the time of purchase. 
  • Extremely important to Birch Gold is that you understand the options best suited to you, including both pros and cons. 

IRA Set-Up Process

  • Talk with a Precious Metal Specialist 
  • Talk with an IRA Specialist, discuss current retirement & rollover eligibility
  • After eligibility is confirmed, CREATE account with a custodian and complete paperwork to open a new self-directed IRA
  • Rollover/transfer funds from an existing account to a new self-directed IRA
  • Once the funds are established, now you purchase the precious metals for your account 
  • Metals are stored in an approved depository and insured for up to $1 Billion. 

Gold and Silver Coin and Bar Options at Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group has a large list of available popular options for precious metals for investors. Below is a sample of the options for both gold or silver.

If you are purchasing Gold or Silver within your IRA you will need to make sure the coins or bars are all IRA-approved. Your account specialist can assist you with choosing the correct option prior to purchase. Once you purchase within the IRA Birch Gold will assist in helping transport the investment to the depository of your choice. Once delivered your investments will be safely secured in a vault till you start taking distributions. 

Gold Investment Coins / Bars

  • 2021 Australian 1/4 oz. Gold Florin
  • American Buffalo
  • American Gold Eagle (bullion)
  • American Gold Eagle (proof)
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Gold Bars and Rounds
  • Gold Gyrfalcon
  • Gold Indian Head Eagle
  • Gold Polar Bear and Cub
  • Gold Rose Crown Guinea
  • Gold Twin Maples
  • Liberty Head (Coronet Head) collection
  • Liberty Head Double Eagle
  • Sain-Gaudens double eagle
  • South African Krugerrand

Silver Investment Coins / Bars

  • 2021 Australian 2 oz. Silver Florin
  • America the Beautiful Silver Series
  • American Silver Eagle (bullion)
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Peace Silver Dollar
  • Saint Helena 2oz Silver Napoleon Bee Coin
  • Silver Bars and Rounds
  • Silver Gyrfalcon
  • Silver Polar Bear and Cub
  • Silver Rose Crown Guinea
  • Silver Twin Maples
  • St. Helena 1.25 oz Silver Standing Lion Guinea
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar

****Current Offerings or Promotions for Birch Gold Group****

For a Limited Time - Birch Gold Group is offering a few incentives for first-time investors.

  • First-year fees are waved for IRAs over $50,000
  • Free Shipping for cash purchases over $10,000
  • Up to $10,000 in FREE precious metals on qualified purchases

To get more information on these promotions and more please check out the Birch Gold Website by Clicking Here

Pros & Cons of Birch Gold Group


  • No cost shipping for cash transactions over $10,000
  • $10,000 minimum to open a Self-Directed IRA
  • Buy back option with zero additional charges
  • Educate customers on gold and silver IRA before purchase


  • Charges include setup fee and wire transfer
  • Limited about of transparency regarding owners and transactions
  • Some negative reviews indicate problems with customer service or not getting the investment chosen. All reported complaints have been cleared. 

Conclusion to Our #3 Choice - Birch Gold Group for Gold IRA Companies

The Plug highly endorses the Birch Gold Group. We believe this company intends to make sure you are educated before the purchase of gold or silver. They are helpful and willing to provide all the documents necessary for you to make a great investment decision.  

We place Birch Gold as #3in our 5 Best Gold IRA Companies only because of two reasons. First, they have some negative responses and reviews and several BBB complaints. We believe they have cleared up all concerns and they are in good standing. Second, they got the #3 spot because of the initial investment requirements. We like the low barrier to investment. However, some other IRA companies have an even lower barrier to entry. But, we believe if you are investing in gold through your IRA, due to the cost associated with setting up and yearly maintenance, you need to have more than a couple of thousand dollars invested to cover the cost of the self-directed IRA and also to hedge against inflation. 

#4 - Noble Gold Investment

To hedge against inflation and to diversify your retirement portfolio you need to invest in gold and silver. Precious metals, which include gold, silver, platinum, and pall provide protection when the markets are seemingly in disarray and also diversify a portfolio when markets are good. There is no bad time to invest with your Gold IRA. 

Noble Gold offers 20+ years of professional investment experience from their team of knowledgeable trusted advisors.  At the helm is Collin Plume the CEO who has investment experience in property insurance, commercial real estate, and precious metals. His vast knowledge and attention to the market make him a valuable leader.

Noble Gold doesn't just advise investors on the precious metals best suited for their portfolio, the team works with financial agents, estate planners, and certified public accountants to ensure everyone is knowledgeable in all aspects of precious metal investments. 

Mission and Vision Statements


When a company focuses on the customers rather than the transaction that makes for a stronger company and a more caring team. Behind the scenes, the team understands that each person has the potential for numerous transactions. Therefore "hard selling" right off the mark can hurt their reputation and turn investors off from a gold IRA. Knowledge is key to investing in bullion. Once an investor decides it's time to diversify, gold and silver are the perfect addition to a portfolio.

Noble Gold can get you started in as little as 5 minutes. And you will be assisted along the way by helpful and caring staff.

Feature Highlights

"We believe precious metals are the foundation of financial success." 

Noble Gold's highest priority is to preserve the client's wealth.

  • The goal is to safeguard investor's wealth through diversification of assets and holding precious metals in an IRA
  • Experts with over 20 years of experience dealing with bullions, coins, ingots, and all other forms of precious metal transactions. 
  • For investors looking for rare collectible coins then Noble Gold is your investing source. 

What is a Gold IRA?

When you are looking to invest in physical assets in the precious metals niche and you want to be able to buy or sell based on the spot price, then you need to take advantage of a Gold IRA. 

When you purchase in a Gold IRA you don't have to pay capital gains till you sell the asset and liquidate the money from your account. A great tax advantage is you get to take losses but don't acknowledge the gain till the sale. (Consult tax and professional advisor for all tax-related questions).

When you purchase Gold Coins or Bars with Cash you take control of the asset if you choose. You have the option to keep the asset physically in a vault but you can have it sent directly to your home. When you purchase in an IRA the asset must be kept secured in a vault, you cannot take physical possession. Once reach 59 1/2 years of age you can take possession of the gold and pay any tax or sell the gold and liquidate your account to get cash.  


Gold Investment Coins / Bars

  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Coins
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins
  • PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bars
  • Pamp Suisse 100gm Gold Bar
  • Perth Mint 10oz Gold Bar
  • 1 Kilo Gold Bar
  • 4 Piece Set American Gold Eagle Proof Coins

Silver Investment Coins / Bars

  • 5oz America the Beautiful Silver Coins
  • 1oz American Silver Eagle Coin
  • 1oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin
  • 1oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin
  • 1oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin
  • 1kg Australian Silver Coin
  • 1oz Highland Mint Silver Round
  • 5oz Highland Mint Silver Bar
  • 10oz Republic Metals Silver Bar1oz Rand Refinery Silver Bar
  • 100oz Republic Metals Silver Bar
  • 1oz American Silver Eagle Proof Coins
  • Junk Silver Coins

****Current Offerings or Promotions for Noble Gold****

Noble Gold offers FREE precious metals coin(s) with qualifying IRA Rollover. Contact a representative to get more details.

Pros & Cons of Noble Gold


  • Countless number of positive reviews from past customers
  • Provide an extensive amount of literature and education 
  • Extensive amount of experience over 20 years
  • FREE Guide Guide
  • Monthly FREE Silver Coin with qualifying purchase - choice of coin changes monthly


  • Fee information is not listed 
  • New Business in the Precious Metals Niche

Conclusion to Our #4 Choice - Noble Gold for Gold IRA Companies

The Plug highly endorses Noble Gold as a viable self-directed IRA company to diversify your portfolio with the purchase of precious metals. We believe this company's main mission is to educate the public and make sure all investors are making the correct decision when investing in Precious Metals.  

We place Noble Gold as #4 in our 5 Best Gold IRA Companies because of two reasons. First, they are a relative newcomer to the precious metals investment niche. The team has extensive years of knowledge but the business is only 6 years old. Second, they got the #4 spot because they have had negative complaints in the BBB. We do believe they, in a good effort, have dealt with and taken care of the issues. But, since they have some minor complaints we choose them as our 4th best. 

Overall, NOBLE GOLD is a viable option to purchase gold and silver within a self-directed IRA. Do not shy away from this company as the reviews indicate they are a wonderful company with little to no major issues. Proceed to get more information from them to make good investment decisions. 

No Longer Rated - Regal Assets

We Do NOT Recommend Regal Assets Anymore. They have gone offline and we are unable to contact our representatives.

Known as an alternative asset company Regal Assets was started by Tyler Gallagher and has been in business for over 10 years.  The company has seen high praise since its inception being recognized and ranked by INC 500, Forbes, Smart Money, the Huffington Post, and other publishers. 

A unique option for our Best 5 IRA Gold Companies, Regal Assets has locations in the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Having locations in four countries provides options for investors to purchase international gold, silver, and platinum coins along with numismatic collectible coins. 

The minimum requirement for IRA investment is $10,000. This is reasonable for initial investors that have a lower net worth or less than $100,000 in their combined retirement accounts. Affluent investors may choose to increase their initial rollover and purchase gold or silver assets in the 10-20% range of their total portfolio. 

While Regal Asses is a gold IRA company they also offer CASH buyers the option to open an account and start buying precious metals. CASH buyers have a minimum of $5,000 requirement for purchases. 

Regal Assets IRA Costs

Precious Metals IRAs have a yearly $100 administration free

Precious Metals Storage is a $150 yearly fee

No charges for selling the investment

Feature Highlights

12 + years in business

Ranked #12 on Inc. 500

Featured in Forbes Magazine

  • FREE Insiders IRA and 401K Rollover Guide
  • 7-Day guarantee on Purchases. If you pay with CASH you will receive your gold in 7 Days.
  • Offer overseas accounts for retirements; tax and penalty free! 
  • You can invest in Precious Metals as a hard asset or digital assets (cryptocurrencies). 

Get Started with a New REGAL ASSETS IRA Account 

4-Step Process that shortens the time to start purchasing your Investments

Start by

  1. Fill Out the Online Form
  2. Regal processes request
  3. Funds get transferred
  4. Order Your GOLD

Regal Assets is a unique IRA company as they were the world's first Alternative Assets IRA that allows you to invest in precious metals and digital assets. 

Regal Assets Process involves educating the customer and providing the details necessary to make appropriate investment decisions. 

Customers like Regal Assets because they have the option to purchase Bitcoin in an investment IRA.


Gold Investment Coins / Bars - Can be Purchased in Regal IRA

  • American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Credit Suisse Gold - Pamp Suisse Gold Bars .999
  • US Buffalo Gold Uncirculated Coins (No Proofs)
  • Bars and Rounds 

Silver Investment Coins / Bars - Can be Purchased in Regal IRA

  • American Eagle Coins
  • Australian Kookaburra Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Canadian Maple Leaf Coins
  • Mexican Libertad Coins
  • Bars and Rounds

****Current Offerings or Promotions for Regal Assets****

Contact an account manager to see if Regal Assets is offering any incentives for new clients. 

Pros & Cons of Regal Assets


  • One of the only providers of both precious metals and cryptocurrency allowed for retirement IRA
  • Publicized Accolades from Forbs, Inc 500, and other periodicals
  • List Element


  • Negative Reviews on Timeline to get assets in Account
  • Negative Reviews on Customer Service
  • Not BBB Accredited - no accreditation because they sold bullion in Minnesota without proper licensing.

Conclusion to Our #5 Choice - Regal Assets for Gold IRA Companies

The Plug highly endorses Regal Assets as a viable self-directed IRA company to diversify your portfolio with the purchase of precious metals. We believe this company intends to provide alternative options for IRA investing.  

We place Regal Assets as #3 in our 5 Best Gold IRA Companies because of two reasons. First, they have some negative responses and reviews, no BBB accreditation, and several BBB complaints. We believe they strive to clear any complaints but have had several similar issues from customers. Second, they got the #3 spot because of the initial investment requirements and ability to purchase crypto within the investment IRA. Having an option to only invest $5,000 to start gives investors an option to test the company and process. 

Overall, REGAL ASSETS is a viable option to purchase gold and silver within a self-directed IRA. Proceed to get more information from them to make good investment decisions. 

Choosing The Best Gold IRA Company for You

A difficult decision is presented to you...

Choosing the right IRA company to invest with... 

This decision doesn't have to be difficult. It depends on where you are with your investment portfolio, if you are qualified, or if you have the available funds to invest in precious metals. 

Our Top Choice - Goldco provides the information and resources necessary to make informed decisions. Their precious metals specialist can walk you through the IRA process and help you choose the right metals for your account.  They have a reasonable initial investment requirement and qualifications for those looking to get started. Choose the company that's helped investors with over $1 Billion in precious metals transactions. 

Our Second Choice - Augusta Precious Metals has an excellent reputation for providing its clients with the best resources and industry information. They are a top SDIRA company that only falls to #2 for two reasons; first, their initial investment requirements of a qualified IRA Rollover having $100,000 available and an initial investment of $50,000 requirement. This requirement puts them #2 as our first choice minimum requirement is $25,000. And the second reason is they have some negative reviews on several of the customer review services. Not every reviewer is dissatisfied and it appears that Augusta had done what's necessary to satisfy their disagreements. 

Our Third Choice -  Birch Gold Group has a lower starting investment of $10,000. They provide a significant amount of education and work to provide clients with the most accurate and useful information.  

While the top choices are our picks, you may have determined another company is a better option.

Consider these factors when making a decision;

  1. what are the fees for rolling over, yearly IRA fees, holding fees for your assets
  2. what is the company's reputation - are they most concerned with your success?
  3. what else does the company provide; education, personal representative, maybe added benefits like free shipping or free silver with minimum investment
  4. do their goals align with your goals
  5. do they just give you what you want or do they educate you to make sure you understand the Gold IRA process
  6. are they bait-and-switch company? Are you asking for one type of gold coin and they are selling you on another?
  7. what are their premiums above the spot price?

No matter the investment, do your due diligence, to make an informed decision. We have provided you with our top choice. We know they can provide you with the best support and service. 


Should I buy gold in my IRA?

Precious metals are bought based on a potential future value. You are hedging inflation by buying physical gold and are not caught up in the stock market. You have tax incentives when buying physical gold in an IRA and if you are looking to roll over a prior employers 401K then a Gold IRA would be a good diversification of your investment portfolio.

What are the Pros or Cons of a Gold IRA?


  • A safe (or relatively) safe investment that is not tied to the stock market
  • Diversification of investments
  • Own physical asset
  • High potential returns


  • Not liquid asset
  • Sale / Buy is tied to the spot price

Is Gold a good investment for retirement?

Gold is a good option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio or are looking to hedge against inflation. If you are nearing retirement and would like security, then gold is a viable option. If you are looking for appreciation in value similar to S&P 500 or a particular stock purchase, then gold would not be a good choice. 

What is a self-directed IRA?

A self-directed IRA is an individual retirement account that can hold investments or assets that a standard IRA cannot. You can hold Real Estate, Promissory Notes, Private Equity Positions, Cryptocurrency, Precious Metals, or Other Alternative Investments. 

Can I store my Gold or Silver at home?

When investing in a Gold or Silver IRA you cannot hold the physical asset at your home. The assets have to be at a secure, depository location under the LLC's name. If you purchase Gold or Silver outside your retirement account then you may choose to hold the physical asset at your home, a depository, bank, or other secure facility. 

Do I own Physical Gold in my Gold IRA?

Yes, when you purchase precious metals in your Gold IRA you do own physical gold. You cannot hold the assets personally, but your accounts has physical gold.

How much does it cost to start a Gold IRA?

Fee for starting a Gold IRA can be confusing. There are typically 2-3 fees paid depending on the company and the holding company you choose to invest with. You may have a set-up fee for the IRA, a transfer fee to move the money, and a annual administrative fee. In all you could be looking at between $150 and $400 to start a Gold IRA in the first year. Now, many companies will waive certain fees based on the amount invested. Check with your Gold IRA company.

How do I start a Gold IRA?

Starting a Gold IRA can be easy or tedious depending on the Gold IRA company you choose. You start by choosing a reputable Gold IRA company Option. We provided 5 different companies for to review and have given you our top choice. Once you determined which company you wish to work with then the process involves qualification, roll-over of investment money, and purchasing of gold assets. 

Can I buy Gold Coins outside my IRA?

Yes, purchase gold coins, gold bullion, gold bars all outside your IRA by paying with CASH or Equivalent means. The 5 Top IRA companies we showcased also offer buying outside your IRA. 

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