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Buy Gold or Silver with CASH?

Ready to buy Bullion with Cash? Hedge inflation and the economic turmoil surrounding the stock market, devaluation of cash, and secure your retirement savings! A viable option for every individual is to purchase precious metals using cash or retirement savings. When you purchase coins or bars using cash, you have the ability to hold these assets in your home storage or you can choose to store them in a secured depository. Get more information by clicking the Learn More button below.                                                                                       

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Rollover an Existing Retirement IRA or 401(k) to a New Gold or Silver Self-Directed IRA?

When should you hold precious metals in an SDIRA? You can hedge inflation and hold physical precious metals coins, bars, or bullion in YOUR personally managed IRA that you control. Roll over a portion of a prior employer's 401(k) or retirement savings from an existing IRA to a New SDIRA. There is no penalty to rollover from one retirement account to another. Start diversifying your portfolio from the political and economic turmoil with a precious metals SDIRA. Get more information by clicking the Learn More button below.

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Start Your Education by Visiting Our Blog on the Top 5 Gold IRA Investment Companies. Get details on the companies and determine which one will provide you with the education and information necessary to start your gold and silver investments. 

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Gold and Silver Investment FaQ

Why invest in precious metals?

When you are looking to balance or diversify your portfolio, investment in precious metals is a good option. This type of investment is typically a hedge against other investments that may be more volatile in the market. Precious metals investing is owning an asset that has intrinsic value that can stabilize an investment portfolio during times of economic despair. 

Why types of precious metals investments are available?

To invest in the Gold or Silver sector you can buy into funds or stocks that are specifically in mining. These investments are geared towards the stock market. The more typical investment is with purchasing of Gold or Silver Coins. You can purchase individual coins and hold them yourself or you can invest through your IRA and have the coins held securely through a management company. 

What are the 5 precious metals I can invest in?

Rhodium, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium

What is the rarest precious metal?

Osmium is the rarest of metals in the platinum group of metals. Like Gold and Silver, this metal is resistant to corrosion. 

Can I invest in Gold or Silver Coins outside my IRA?

Yes, you can purchase individual Gold and Silver Coins outside your IRA. There are many companies to purchase from. 

Can I roll-over my 401K to Gold IRA?

Yes, you can roll over your prior work 401K and invest in a Self-Directed IRA with a qualified Gold company. It is as simple as opening an IRA, Funding that IRA, and then choosing the precious metals. When you purchase in your IRA the coins are stored in a depository. You are unable to obtain the physical coins until you reach 59 and 1/2 years of age. At that point, you can take possession or sell the coins to liquidate your IRA. 

Should I rely on this site for financial, tax, or legal advice?

No, we are not legal experts, financial experts, or tax experts. This site is general in nature and not intended for any one individual's specific investing goal. We do not give financial, tax, or legal advice.

Who can invest in a precious metals IRA?

Generally speaking, any individual who has earned income can invest in a Precious Metals IRA.