August 19, 2022


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Birch Gold Group are Physical Precious Metals IRA Experts

As a Gold and Silver Dealer, Birch Gold Group specializes in the purchase of physical gold and silver coins and bars. Individuals can utilize Retirement Self-Directed IRAs or retirement savings (cash) for their purchase.

As one of The Plugs' top 5 gold IRA companies, we recommend that every Gold or Silver buyer look into their reputation and integrity before buying from another online dealer. Not every dealer has the ability to walk you through the IRA set-up and funding as that of Birch Gold Group. 

Individuals looking to hedge inflationary times will look to alternative investments, like owning physical gold and silver, and Birch Gold Group can help those interested in rolling over all or part of a retirement 401K get the expert advice necessary to make informed decisions. 

As all investors know, when the value of the dollar declines, gold and silver values typically hold strong. Over the past 30 years, Gold Prices have increased over 300%, and 1 dollar in the bank 30 years ago is still only worth 1 dollar today. 

Check out The Plug's list of the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies and find out Is Birch Gold in our Top 5?

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About Birch Gold Group:

Birch Gold is a Top Rated Precious Metals Company

Are you ready to diversify your portfolio and hedge inflation? Invest using with a Gold and Silver company with a reputation and history of doing what's best for their clients. 

Gold IRA Specialist 

20 + years in the Gold IRA industry. Their teams' knowledge of precious metals and ability to help clients open their IRA accounts with a qualified custodian make for a smooth transaction from funding the account to buying metals. 

Satisfied Customers

  • A+ Rated by BBB with 4.55 out of 5 Star Rating & 138 customer reviews
  • 4.9/5 Rating on Trustlink
  • 4.8/5 Rating on Trustpilot
  • 4.9/5 Rating on Google Business Profile
Birch Gold Group Review picture of Birch-Gold-by-The-Plug-gold-silver-IRA home page

Birch Gold Group is a dedicated group of professionals that are looking to optimize your retirement portfolio by diversifying in the precious metals field. Gold and Silver and two of the most common metals but Platinum and Palladium are also two precious metals that are less known but also highly valuable for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

Started in 2003 and run by professionals with experience at Citigroup, Dun & Bradstreet, and IBM, the team at Birch Gold Group works to make your transition to precious metals investment informed and painless.

The "Values" at Birch Gold Group include educating the investor on gold and silver physical coins and bars as an investment strategy. Indeed the experiences of the past customers show that they put their client's concerns and questions before transactions. Working with this company you will find they will be forthright with both the pros and cons of investing in precious metals. 

Given the nature of this business, investors are wary of the ethics and integrity of the people they deal with. At Birch Gold Group you can be sure they have your best interest as their first priority. They have been in business since 2003 and with 20+ years of experience their values include;

  • Customer Empowerment
  • Education
  • Empathy
  • Ethical
  • Transparency
  • Efficiency

Should I Invest With Birch Gold Group?

Reputation alone should not be your decision-maker when investing with Birch Gold Group or any other precious metals dealer. You want to consider what the company can provide along with why they are the best choice. At Birch Gold Group you can invest with as little as $10,000 in a rollover IRA.

Given the competitive market requires sometimes $25k or $50k to get started, this lower entry investment point gives you a chance to get your feet wet and not make a large contribution to your Gold IRA initially. The team at Birch Gold Group will walk you through the rollover process with their in-house IRA team. They can help you set up your self-directed IRA, and fund your IRA, and they work with the Gold team to determine what the best precious metals options are to buy based on your plan. 

Making a good decision as to whom you will invest with involves getting to know your gold IRA company. At Birch Gold Group you will get educated, you will get 1-on-1 Care, and before you make a purchase they will work hard to gain your trust. No transactions will be made immediately without you having the trust that they provide the best option for your portfolio.

There are several "Scam" type companies in the precious metals niche. However, they work in the shadows and their sales pitch involves "trust me" tactics. 

You don't have to worry about Scam tactics with Birch Gold Group. Their reputation precedes them and you can be sure that thousands of reviews cannot be manipulated. 

When we research the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies Birch Gold is #3 on our list. They are just as reputable and trustworthy as our #1 pick, but with a few more negative reviews and customer complaints, we determined they are suited for #3 as their low initial investment requirement of $10k allows for more individuals to rollover their current 401K. 

When The Plug reviews a company we check out several sources for customer complaints and reviews. Our sources include the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, TrustLink, Google Business Profile, Yelp, Business Consumer Alliance, Facebook Reviews, and more. Below, we have provided a sample of information from a few of these sources. 

Buying Precious Metals at Birch Gold Group

At Birch Gold Group you have the option to buy gold and silver in your IRA or purchase with CASH. When buying with cash you have a large offering of metals for your purchase. Buying with cash means you will take possession of your metals personally or you could put them in a depository of your choice. 

When buying precious metals in your IRA the process is much different than with CASH. You need to establish your IRA first and work with a custodian, then fund the IRA, then purchase your IRA/IRS-approved bullion, and then have your metals transferred to a depository location.

When buying within your IRA you are unable to take physical possession of your gold. You do control the asset and the process of buying and selling, but you cannot take possession. Birch Gold Group has several depositories to choose from, but you ultimately have the choice and can go with another option. Here are the options BGG offers;

  • Delaware Depository - offers a $100,000 transit insurance policy and $1 Billion coverage of all assets under their management. Two facilities are available, one in Wilmington, Delaware, and the other in Seal Beach, California. 
  • Brink's Global Services - locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Salt Lake City
  • Texas Precious Metals Depository - located in Shiner, Texas
  • International Depository Services (IDS) - all assets are 100% insured through an all-risk policy by Lloyd's of London. Two locations in the U.S. one in Delaware and the other in Dallas, Texas. 

Once you have secured your storage facility your initial investment is completed. However, you may choose to continue to buy gold through Birch Group and complete the process again. The next time you buy you would not need to open a NEW IRA you would fund the current IRA and purchase your precious metals. 

How to Invest in Gold with Birch Gold Group 

When you are ready to buy precious metals the large selection of offerings might overwhelm you. No need to worry the support staff will be happy to assist. Grab a FREE report to learn more about investing in precious metals. Below is a non-complete list of the precious metals found that Birch Gold Group offers. Check their website for a complete list of available products.

When you are ready to invest and buy gold and silver coins there are two methods. First, you purchase with CASH. Second, you can purchase within a self-directed IRA.

Understanding the gold or silver content in a coin or bar will determine the value of that piece. Just because it's gold doesn't tell you that it is worth the spot price. You need to understand the percentage of gold and the melt value versus the coin's perceived value. 

Rare coins can have more value than the melt. However, when purchasing or selling rare coins it is buyer beware. The concern here is the actual price. As a rare collectible, the value is based on the market and what a willing buyer and seller will trade for the piece. 

Make sure you understand the difference between the spot price and value. Spot prices can fluctuate from day to day. Many gold and silver coin sellers will change their price for a piece based on the spot price. Understanding the market for bullion is important in making informed decisions. 

Birch Gold Group doesn't deal in rare coins and numismatics. Their expertise is around precious metals that are more readily available and can be priced/valued based on the market.

Following are a few of the options found at Birch Gold Group. These can be purchased with CASH and physically held by you. 

Gold Options

  • Australian 1/4 oz. Gold Florin
  • American Buffalo
  • American Gold Eagle (Bullion)
  • American Gold Eagle (proof)
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Gold Bars and Rounds
  • Gold Gyrfalcon
  • Gold Indian Head Eagle ($10)

Silver Options

  • Australian 2 oz Silver Florin
  • America the Beautiful Silver Series
  • American Silver Eagle (bullion)
  • American Silver Eagle (proof)
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Morgan Silver Dollar
  • Peace Silver Dollar

Platinum Options

  • American Platinum Eagle
  • Australian 1/4 oz Platinum Florin 
  • Platinum Bars and Rounds

Palladium Options

  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf
  • Palladium Bars and Rounds

What are Birch Gold Group IRA Cost and Fees?

The cost and maintenance of a Gold IRA with Birch Gold Group can be summarized as follows. However, we recommend confirming any cost before opening an account. Our information is based on the Birch Gold website information as found on January 8, 2024.  

One-Time Fees:

  • Account Set-up Fee: $50
  • Wire Transfer Fee: $30

Annual Fees:

  • Storage/Insurance: $100
  • Management Fees: $125

Speak with a Precious Metals Specialist to confirm and learn more about the fees. Birch Gold Group will pay the first-year fees for any transfers over $50,000.

Investing in Gold and Silver IRAs with Birch Gold Group

When you're ready to see what's available check out the list on the IRA Approved Precious Metals Page of the website. 

Regulations state that IRA approved Gold and Silver need to fall within certain criteria. Not all coins and bars qualify for your IRA. The precious metals must be produced by a government mint or accredited refiner/assayer/manufacturer. Gold needs to have a fineness of 99.9% while Silver must be a fineness of 0.999. 

  • 2021 Australian 1/4 oz. Gold Florin
  • 2021 Australian 2 oz. Silver Florin
  • America the Beautiful Silver Series
  • American Buffalo
  • American Gold Eagle (bullion)
  • American Gold Eagle (proof)
  • American Platinum Eagle
  • American Silver Eagle (bullion)
  • American Silver Eagle (proof)
  • Australian 1/4 oz Platinum Florin
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Gold Bars and Rounds
  • Gold Gyrfalcon
  • Gold Polar Bear and Cub
  • Gold Rose Crown Guinea
  • Gold Twin Maples
  • St. Helena 125 oz. Silver Standing Lion Guinea

When investing in Gold with your new self-directed IRA you may look to rollover funds from one of the following IRA accounts you may already have;

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Simple IRA
  • Eligible 401(k), 403(b), 457, and other retirement plans

Six-Step Process to Get Your Gold IRA Started at Birch Gold Group

  1. Open your self-directed IRA account - Birch Gold Group has an in-house team dedicated to helping you quickly and easily open your new account. 
  2. Fund your new Gold IRA account - determine how you will fund your account. Rollover is a typical want to keep secured retirement funds from being taxed. No penalty is given if you roll over part of your current retirement accounts.
  3. Choose your precious metals- based on the amount allocated to your diversified gold and silver IRA, you choose the type and quantity of metals to purchase.
  4. Purchase your Precious Metals
  5. Transfer your Precious Metals to a secured depository
  6. Manage and View your account
Birch-Gold-Special-Offer $10000 in precious metal for FREE with purchase and qualified - offer may cancel at any time contact birch gold group for more information

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Is Birch Gold Group a Legitimate Gold and Silver Company?

Birch Gold Group is a reputable business in good standing with both the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and the BCA (Business Consumer Alliance). Not to mention the additional customer review services on the web have Birch Gold Group near a 5-star rating. 

Birch Gold Group operations are primarily online or on the phone. You will get a 1-on-1 service for the life of your account. 

As a reliable precious metals business, we believe Birch Gold Group should be one of the businesses you would consider investing with. 

The Yelp Review States - they have 4 reviews with a 4/5 star rating. One review of 1/5 stars brought the overall star rating to 4/5. This one negative rating was for multiple hang-ups on a customer calling into the office. The other reviews state they were a fine company and got the information or investment needs to be met. 

Below is the reputation of Birch Gold Group through the eyes of the customers who have provided reviews on the sites of BBB, TrustLink, Trustpilot, and the Business Consumer Alliance. 

BBB Logo by The Plug

Based on the BBB website (updated January 8, 2024 by The Plug) Birch Gold Group has an A+ Rating with 138 Customer Reviews and an overall 4.55 out of 5.0 Star Rating.

In the last 12 months, there have been four complaints closed and in the past three years, there have been eight complaints closed.

Complaints: The information provided is a recap and not the complete process - see the BBB website for more information.

  1. Type: Problems with Product/Service - 4/21/2022 - complaint was about pricing above the spot price for the metals and the disinformation between two different representatives working with the client. Additionally, there was a complaint about communication and getting the information necessary to the customer. The matter has not been resolved that we can see and Birch Gold Group has made considerable contact and attempted to resolve the issue.
  2. Type: Delivery Issues - 3/8/22 - complaint says "delivery issues" but this complaint is referencing the customer's IRA statement. The IRA statement does not reflect the actual price of the precious metals and references the "Actual" Value vs. the "Sale Value". The prices for bullion are at or above the spot price when you purchase. The Statement from the IRA is based on the Spot price. The premiums are not reflected in the statement. Birch Gold Group has no involvement in the Statement from the IRA Custodian. Complaint resolved.
  3. Type: Billing/Collection Issues - 11/8/2021 - concerns by the customer of unfavorable practices related to pricing. Pricing to the buyer is approximately 9% over the spot price but the transaction showed differently. Honesty and customer care are important to Birch Gold Group and this matter has been resolved according to the complainant.

Trustpilot has 122 reviews and a 4.8 out of 5.0 Star Rating for Birch Gold Group...

Below are three of the most recent reviews for the company. 

snip of review from trustpilot for Birch Gold 5/5 stars
snipit of review for birch gold 5/5 stars
snippet review for birch gold group on trustpilot

The Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) recognizes Birch Gold Group as a Member in good standing with a Company Rating of AAA. 

There have only been 7 reviews provided to the BCA for Birch Gold Group and the company has a 5/5 star rating. 


Pros and Cons of Birch Gold Group

  • First Year Custodian Fees Waived on IRAs over $50,000
  • Free shipping for CASH purchases over $10,000
  • Up to $10,000 of FREE precious metals on qualified purchases 
  • Empower customers through knowledge
  • Low Minimum of $10,000 for both CASH or IRA purchases
  • Thousands of reviews with 5 out of 5-Star ratings
  • Strong focus on educating customers
  • Minimum purchase requirement of $10k for CASH or IRA
  • Some negative reviews for customer service or transparency 

Final Thoughts on Birch Gold Group

The depth of knowledge and intent on making the customer educated and informed is why The Plug has Birch Gold Group as our #3 BEST GOLD IRA COMPANIES. 

Reviews are in and they state that the majority of people who get informed are educated and purchase from Birch Gold Group because of their transparency. 

Not all customers are going to be satisfied. We have noted several complaints along with many satisfied customers. We believe there is ample information that informs you, the investor, of the type of business they are and what their company stands for. 

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