September 10, 2022

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Disclaimer: the companies you find on our site may provide compensation to us. We are able to provide you with unbiased research and information for free because of this potential compensation. Compensation, along with research, may determine the ranking and placement below. We appreciate the support!

If you are struggling to understand the current stock market and have a deep worry about your retirement future, then The Plug can help you find the right precious metals company to work with. Diversifying your portfolio to hedge against inflation may be your best option. One of the best methods to hedge inflation is through investment in precious metals like Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. 

The IRS allows investors to buy precious metals through a self-directed IRA. The IRA gives investors the same tax benefits as a Standard IRA or Roth IRA. The benefit to the investor is they have control over their investments. One such control is the ability to buy or sell your precious metals at any time and delay any tax implications till you start your distributions. The IRS has specific guidelines for Gold and Silver to be purchased within your IRA and since we are all not tax advisors and IRS agents, we need to work with the companies providing the most accurate and trustworthy information. 

Knowing which companies are the best choice to work with can be difficult. The internet is full of information and can make things more difficult and easier, at the same time. The Plug wants to help you by narrowing down all those options to get you to the best Gold and Silver IRA companies, so you don't need to start from scratch. 

Today, we are providing some details regarding Oxford Gold Group. We hope the information provided helps you decide if they are a viable company for you to work with. Keep reading to get our information about the company, their offerings, and other details about their customer satisfaction and support. 

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Oxford Gold Group has Precious Metals for Home Delivery or IRA Investment

An online precious metals company, Oxford Gold Group was established in 2017 and is a relatively new option for investors in the precious metals niche. Having over 20 years of experience prior to opening Oxford Gold Group the Co-founded and president Mr. Patrick Granfar and his partners have built up the business to serve as one of the most widely respected companies in the Gold IRA industry. 

Oxford Gold Group specializes in helping investors purchase precious metals for home storage, but also prides itself as one of the top businesses for self-directed gold and silver IRA rollovers. Education for their clients is one of the most important factors and knowing and understanding the precious metals market, how coins and bars are priced, and educating the investors is of utmost priority. Having well-educated investors makes for smoother transactions and a better understanding of expectations from their customers. 

Why Precious Metals Should Be Part of Your Portfolio

Family Offices, Advisors, and Investors have been investing in precious metals since the prohibition of owning physical gold was lifted in 1974. Since that time, gold and silver have risen in value, and not only has the private sector started investing in coins and bars, but the U.S. Government and other governments have been buying up gold and silver for their reserves. 

The same reason governments and home offices purchase gold, so should you. Having a stable investment that can hedge against inflation while appreciating in value is important for every portfolio. When an investor purchases physical precious metals they are taking the risk of the stock market out of their portfolio. Having a diversified portfolio means not only that you buy a variety of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, but also you diversify in other businesses, investment opportunities, physical assets, or rare collectibles. 

When you purchase physical gold and silver you diversify and hedge inflation. As the US dollar or any other fiat currency declines your gold can hedge that decline in purchasing power with an asset that can stabilize and appreciate. Banks and Governments have been stocking gold to promote stability against their fiat.  The investment allows them the stability to lend money and have the backing necessary to make investments and loans.

Five Reason To Own Precious Metals:

  1. Gold and Silver Coins and Bars are bought and sold around the world. You can liquidate or use your gold and silver anywhere in the world.
  2. Hedge Inflation
  3. Recession Proof 
  4. Tax Advantage - tax-deferred basis until retirement and withdrawal
  5. Not impacted by the Volatile Stock Market

Therefore, investing in Gold or Silver should be considered an alternative investment option by all investors. The higher the net worth the more diversification you may have in alternative investments. Holding all your apples in one basket may have a negative impact on your portfolio when you are ready to retire. Look to stable, recession and inflation-proof opportunities, like physical Gold and Silver for your portfolio.

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Investing in Gold and Silver IRAs

Oxford Gold Group specializes in Gold and Silver IRAs a.k.a. Self-Directed IRAs for your Portfolio. If you are looking to invest in precious metals and are interested in using funds from a prior employer 401(k) or an existing IRA,  then rolling over funds can be done with Oxford Gold Group after you set up your Gold or Silver IRA.

Investors choosing to not roll over from an existing IRA or 401(k) can also open a new Gold IRA and choose to invest with after-tax funds. If you have a current job, you may open a self-directed IRA and fund it similar to that of other IRAs with $6,000 before the age of 50 and $7000 after the age of 50. 

Oxford Gold Group team can help you set up a new Gold or Silver IRA account and they have a simple Four Step process.

Step One: Open Account - Find the Right Gold IRA Company

  • Establish a New Precious Metal IRA Account. At Oxford Gold Group you get a dedicated account Partner that walks you through the application process
  • You can also choose from Banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions, Brokerage Firms, or Federally-approved savings and loan associations as your Custodian.

Step Two: Transfer Funds - Custodian Can Initiate Transfer

  • Rollover from existing account
  • Self-Fund

Step Three: Select Metals 

  • Precious metals consultant and account Partner at Oxford Gold Group will work with you to choose the appropriate metals to hold in your IRA
  • You can choose any IRA-approved precious metals from any business to buy from. Using a knowledgeable and experienced company is important. Also, make sure there are no hidden fees and that all transactional information is available for review.

Step Four: Ship Metals - Storage

  • Oxford Gold Group ships, fully insured, directly to a depository of your choice. Brink's Global Services or Delaware Depository Service Company are the two choices that are recommended by Oxford Gold Group. 
  • When you are storing your metals make sure your metals are segregated. Some storage facilities and gold retailers will not segregate the gold. They have an allotment of gold and silver bars and coins in storage but don't separate them based on the client. 

Now What? After you have opened your account, purchased your bullion, and had the coins shipped to your depository you can sit back and check your statements monthly to see the progress of your investment. 

oxford gold offerings gold, silver, bullion and proofs

What IRA Approved Products does Oxford Gold Group Offer?

IRA-approved gold and silver product has specific IRS regulations and standards. Having gold in your possession is not eligible for your IRA. To purchase gold and silver for your IRA you must go through a reputable company, have a self-directed IRA established, and you must deliver the physical metals directly to a depository. IRA Approved Gold and Silver need to be investment-grade coins and bars. The IRS has put these standards in place to help investor purchase precious metals that are easily bought and sold in the market. 

Here are a few options currently offered by Oxford Gold Group for your precious metals IRA. For a complete list of current offerings check back the their website for more information.

IRA Approved Products



  • American Gold Eagle Coins
  • American Gold Eagle Proof Coins
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins
  • Canadian Wildlife Series Coins
  • Austrian Philharmonic Coins
  • Australian Kangaroo/Nugget Coins
  • Chinese Gold Panda Coins
  • American Gold Buffalo Coins
  • Gold Bars of various sizes
  • Australian Perth Mint Coins


  • American Silver Eagle Coins
  • American Silver Eagle Proof Coins
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins
  • Canadian Wildlife Series Coins
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins
  • Australian Silver Kookaburra Coins
  • Chinese Silver Panda Coins
  • Mexican Libertad Coins
  • Silver Bars of various sizes
  • Australian Perth Mint Coins

Other Metals

  • American Platinum Eagle Coins
  • American Platinum Eagle Proof Coins
  • Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf Coins
  • Isle of Man Noble Coin
  • Australian Platinum Koala Coin
  • Platinum Bars
  • Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf Coins
  • Palladium Bars
  • Australian Perth Mint Coins

What other Precious Metals or Rare Coins are Offered?

While Oxford Gold Group is a precious metals IRA dealer they do work with CASH buyers and investors looking for other precious metals from a variety of private mints and rare coins.

Here is a list of some other investment options at Oxford Gold Group.

  • Silver Walking Liberty Halves
  • Silver Rounds 1 oz from The Sunshine Mint
  • Silver Franklin Halves
  • 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar
  • PAMP Suisse Silver Bars 1 kg, 100 oz
  • 2018 1.25 oz Guinea "Rose Crown"
  • 2018 1/4 oz Guinea "Rose Crown"
oxford gold group logo courtesy of website for oxford gold group gold and silver Ira specialist by the plug

What is Oxford Gold Groups Reputation?

Oxford Gold Group, while relatively new to the precious metals industry, is a reputable company that has a large number of satisfied customers and a few negative complaints and reviews. Few companies in the precious metals industry have zero complaints or reviews. Many customers that get into precious metals investing don't get a full understanding of the process prior to purchasing. This lack of understanding can sometimes lead to dissatisfaction and while many companies will ignore the complaints the most reputable will address and offer solutions. 

When The Plug reviews local coin dealers or online gold and silver retailers we look at several sources to get a good understanding of the reputation along with the customer responses to their experiences. 

Some of the sources we review include; 

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)
  • TrustLink
  • Trustpilot
  • Yelp
  • Google Business Profile
  • Facebook Review

If the business works with rare coins, Numismatics, Jewelry, or collectibles we also look to see if the business or owners are members of the American Numismatic Associate (ANA) or Rochester Numismatic Association (RNA) as these are reputable organizations that train, educate, and enforce honest trade. 

Below we have reviewed the following three sources to provide information to our readers. Please review and do your own due diligence before making any investment decisions. 

BBB Logo by The Plug
oxford gold bbb clip

The BBB has 59 customer reviews for Oxford Gold Group, Inc. with a 4.92 out of 5-star rating. 

BBB recognized Oxford Gold Group as an Accredited Business with A+ rating. Special Note: the rating is not based on the reviews for a business. The rating generally reflects how long a business has been in existence and if they are an accredited business. 

There have been 7 complaints closed in the last 3 years and 6 complaints in the past 12 months.  All seven complaints have been resolved. 

Based on our review of the complaints it appears that all the cases involved the precious metals order not being received in the depository or when taken personally with home delivery. The order from Oxford Gold Group notes that delivery could take 4-6 weeks. In many cases, the precious metals are not held by Oxford at the time and therefore they are waiting on a shipment. When a shipment is running late or when Oxford Gold Group does not have the gold or silver in their possession the timing of delivery to the customer may be delayed. It appears that all seven of these disputes have been addressed and the issues have been resolved. 

BCA for Oxford Gold Group

BCA Reputation Report shows Oxford Gold Group as a member of the Business Consumer Alliance since November 2019. The company has a AA rating and shows 5-Stars. 

We note there are 37 reviews for the business and while they have a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating, we can see by the most recent review in January of 2022 that the person only gave the company 3-stars. Therefore, we question the five-star rating and provide this information so the reader can understand the complete picture. 

In our review of the "reviews" noted on BCA the majority of the individuals were actual customers who have purchased from Oxford Gold Group. The most notable comments were that "the company is honest" and they "took the time to educate me before I made a decision. "


Trustpilot notes 177 reviews for Oxford Gold Group and that the company has been verified. 

Overall the company has a 4.9 out of 5-Star rating with Trustpilot.

The most recent review by Mark Joslin on September 2, 2022, states 5/5 stars and that "Oxford Gold Group is a quality organization."

oxford website legit company reviews clip

Pros and Cons of Oxford Gold Group


  • Large Selection of IRA Approved Gold and Silver
  • Work with both IRA and CASH Investors
  • Emphasis is placed on Customer Service
  • Educating Customers is 1st priority


  • Newer company in the precious metals industry
  • There have been several BBB complaints for lack of communication and receiving product

Final Thoughts on Oxford Gold Group

When working with the Oxford Gold Group it is evident that their priority starts with education. Having experience in the precious metals field makes for a good background, but the education the team provides to the customers makes for good gold investing strategies and decisions. 

The reviews speak for themselves. Most customers are satisfied with their experiences and many have bought multiple times from Oxford Gold Group. As a future Gold IRA investor, working with a company with a positive reputation should help calm your nerves about the business you're working with. 

The fact is the demand for gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars has increased over the past several years as inflation has risen and the dollar has decreased. Many people are pulling out of the markets and investing in more stable physical investment choices like gold and silver. 

What is best for your portfolio may be different than the next person. Work with advisors that are wanting to do what's best for you in the long term. Precious metals IRA companies like the 5 Best Gold IRA Companies we reviewed are similar to Oxford Gold Group, they too are in the business to educate consumers and help diversify portfolios. 

If you would like more information on Oxford Gold Group click here and we will send you over to their website.

We hope you found the information we provide as help for making a good business and investment decision. In the precious metals industry, no company can determine the future of precious metals values. At The Plug, we provide information that could help you make a good decision, but we too cannot predict the future. Please do your due diligence on the gold and silver markets along with investing in precious metals. 

Don't forget our #1 Choice for Gold and Silver IRAs. This company has ZERO negative complaints and provides their customers with extensive education and you, as a customer, will have a lifetime relationship with what we believe is the best Gold IRA company in the industry.

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