June 1, 2023

American Hartford Gold Review - Precious Metals IRA

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Concerned about the current economic trajectory? Worried that your existing stocks and bonds may fall short of meeting your retirement needs? You're not alone. The prevailing uncertainties and events have left many Americans contemplating their financial futures.

In the face of such concerns, an increasing number of individuals are turning to the reliability of precious metals. Throughout history, gold and silver have commanded significant value and served as trusted forms of currency. Today, they remain highly coveted assets, capable of providing stability amidst market volatility and economic ambiguity.

One company that merits your attention is American Hartford Gold. If you're unfamiliar with them, you likely want to understand their operations, product offerings, and how they can assist you before making any decisions. Rest assured, you've come to the right place. In the following sections, we'll delve into the details of American Hartford Gold, addressing your inquiries and shedding light on their expertise.

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American Hartford Gold a Precious Metals Dealer and work with SDIRAs

American Hartford Gold: A Trusted Name in Precious Metals

At American Hartford Gold's mission is to assist individuals and families in investing wisely in precious metals. With a focus on Gold, Silver, and Platinum in both bars and coins, they offer the flexibility of delivering your precious metals to your home or securely sending the metals to your depository.

As one of the top precious metals companies in the industry, AHG can assist you with your retirement IRA accounts including rolling over funds from existing IRAs, 401Ks, or TSPs. Having an investment outside the volatile stock market provides a "safe haven" asset for your portfolio, and American Hartford Gold can help you achieve greater security for your future.

A bold statement by AHG provides a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. With American Hartford Gold, you can trust that you are receiving genuine products of the utmost quality.

Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their accolades and reputation. American Hartford Gold holds an impressive A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and they are proud to maintain a 5-star customer satisfaction rating on reputable review platforms such as Trustpilot and Google.

As a testament to their reputation and industry focus, American Hartford Gold in 2022 was ranked by the esteemed Inc. 5000 list as #415 overall and reportedly #1 for Gold Companies with over 1,472% 3-Year growth and one of the fastest-growing private companies.

At American Hartford Gold, they are dedicated to helping you navigate the world of precious metals with confidence. Whether you are an experienced investor or just beginning your journey, they are here to provide you with the highest level of service, reliability, and expertise. 

Precious Metals Investing: Why Choose Hard Assets Such as Gold and Silver Coins and Bars?

Should I invest in physical precious metals? Are Precious metals right for me?

Investing in physical gold and silver, often referred to as hard assets, offers several advantages for investors. Here are five key reasons why investors choose to allocate their funds toward physical metals:

  1. Wealth Preservation: Physical gold and silver have stood the test of time as reliable stores of value. They have a long history of preserving wealth, especially during times of economic uncertainty and market volatility. Unlike paper currencies or digital assets, physical metals have intrinsic value and serve as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.

  2. Portfolio Diversification: Including physical gold and silver in an investment portfolio helps diversify risk. Precious metals have historically exhibited low or negative correlation with traditional financial assets such as stocks and bonds. When other assets may decline in value, the value of physical metals can potentially rise, acting as a counterbalance and reducing overall portfolio risk.

  3. Safe Haven in Crises: During times of geopolitical instability, financial crises, or market downturns, physical gold and silver have proven to be safe havens for investors. These metals are perceived as a tangible and universally accepted form of wealth that can be easily traded or liquidated in times of need. They provide a sense of security and stability when traditional markets experience turbulence.

  4. Inflation Hedge: One of the primary concerns for investors is the erosion of purchasing power due to inflation. Physical gold and silver have historically demonstrated the ability to retain their value over the long term and even outpace inflation. As the money supply increases and paper currencies lose value, the scarcity and intrinsic worth of precious metals tend to drive their prices higher.

  5. Tangible and Private Ownership: Owning physical gold and silver provides a tangible asset that investors can hold and store securely. Unlike digital assets or financial instruments, physical metals offer a sense of ownership that is not reliant on intermediaries or counterparty risks. Additionally, physical metals offer privacy, as their owners can be kept confidential, unlike many other investment forms.

  6. Demand Increasing: The demand for gold only increases with time. Private Mints, jewelers, tech companies, and more are vying for gold in their industries. While I don't expect we'll run out of gold underground in my lifetime, the allocation will change based on the needs of the world. When gold becomes scarce for producing new Rounds and Coins, our bars and coins will only increase in value as demand increases. Demand increases and supply decreases = higher prices.

It is important to note that investing in physical gold and silver also comes with considerations such as storage and insurance costs, liquidity, and market fluctuations. Therefore, investors should carefully evaluate their financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before incorporating physical metals into their investment strategy. Consulting with a financial advisor or precious metals specialist can provide valuable guidance tailored to individual circumstances.

Buying Gold and Silver From American Hartford Gold

How to buy metals with American Hartfor Gold

While the primary business for AHG is to provide financial stability to retirement accounts through a gold or silver IRA, they also provide purchase options for individuals looking to invest with their savings. 

American Hartford Gold provides both IRA Approved Coins Bullion and Proofs, but they also offer a variety of precious metal bars and numismatics for purchase outside of your SDIRA. 

While there is a list of available coins on the website, you need to contact the company directly to ask for pricing and availability. Once you know what you wish to buy, the account executive can walk you through funding your account and work with you to get the product delivered. 

If you are looking to roll over a current IRA or previous employer's 401K, the account executive can also assist in getting you qualified and help you through the paperwork process. A benefit of using an existing retirement account is there is no penalty to you. Funds within retirement accounts can be transferred as long as you don't take a distribution before the age of 59 and 1/2 years. 

4 Steps to Open and Fund Your New SDIRA:

  1. Talk to AHG Specialists - these account professionals will assist in the initial filling out of the necessary paperwork with your custodian. AHG recommends Equity Trust Company, but you have the option to use a custodian of your choice and American Hartford Gold can help you choose the right metals for your portfolio. 
  2. Fund your New Self-Directed IRA Account - once your new account is open then you will need to transfer from your existing IRA or 401K funds to purchase the metals.
  3. Purchase Your Precious Metals - you can choose to purchase any IRA / IRS approved Coins and Bars that you choose. Each may have a different retail price, but the gold and silver need to meet specific requirements. The great thing about working with a Gold IRA Company like AHG is they know which coins and bars are approved. 
  4. Transfer or Deliver to Depository - once you purchase your precious metals American Hartford Gold can assist in getting your metals to a qualified and secured vault. No need to do a lot of research, AHG can assist in this process also as they work with Equity Trust, Brinks, Delaware Depository, and International Depository Services Group. 
American Hartford Gold Reputation as a Financial Services Gold Company

What is American Hartford Golds Reputation

Choosing a quality company to work with can be difficult. We've removed the hours of research to provide you a quick overview of what others think about American Hartford Gold. 

Their reputation is good in the market for financial institutions and the precious metals industry. While good, not perfect, and that is typical of any industry. There are many people, opinions, and expectations in the precious metals industry. Let's take a look at a few BBB complaints that have closed in the past 12 months.

  1.  In March of 2023, a complaint was filed as the buyer didn't get a good response from their account representative. As of April 2023, the problem has been resolved and the client is satisfied.
  2. Concerned buyer January 2023, there was an issue between what was transferred from a retirement account to the new IRA. The buyer believed AHG stole $43,486.50. The difference between what she thought the value should be based on the spot vs the price paid which included the premiums was the difference. Since AHG wants no ill feelings, they issued a full refund and allowed the buyer to keep the silver coins that were part of a promotion at the time of purchase

Professional Note: make sure you do your due diligence when working with any precious metals company. While no company will be perfect, the overwhelming response for American Hartford gold is positive. Be sure to ask your questions and get everything in writing. 

American Hartford Gold BBB review
American Hartford Gold Google Business Reviews
American Hartford Gold Trustpilot Review

What Metals Does American Hartford Gold Offer

What Precious Metals does American Hartford Gold Offer

AHG offers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium to its clients. While platinum and palladium are precious metals that can be purchased, there are fewer of these types of coins in the market and they don't represent them as a commonly available option.

Pick up coins and bars for your SDIRA or with your Savings investment. For items to be placed within your IRA you must pick up Gold coins and bars that have a minimum purity level of 99.5% and Silver coins and bars require a 99.99% purity. 

Here are a few of the offerings for a Gold or Silver IRA:

Gold Coins and Bars:

IRA Approved

  • Saint Helena Sovereign Gold
  • Australian Wildlife Gold
  • Canadian Buffalo 2018
  • American Eagle
  • Canadian Buffalo 2021
  • Canadian Gyrfalcon
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Sunshine Mint 1oz Bar
  • Canadian Polar Bear & Cub 2015
  • American Buffalo
  • Canadian Polar Bear 2013
  • Valcambi Combibar
  • American eagle Proof
  • Canadian Artic Fox 2014

Purchase with Investment Savings

  • US Commemorative 1984 Olympics
  • South African Krugerrand
  • Liberty Eagle $10 Coin
  • Liberty Half Eagle $5 Coin
  • Austrain Philharmonic
  • St. Gauden MS61 $20 Coin
  • St. Gaudens Double Eagle

Silver Coins and Bars:

IRA Approved

  • Saint Helena Sovereign Silver
  • Australian Wildlife Silver
  • The Guardian 2oz Silver
  • Europa and the Bull - Malta
  • Canadian Buffalo 2021
  • American Eagle
  • Canadian Gyrfalcon
  • Canadian Arctic Fox
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Canadian Polar Bear and Cub
  • Valcambi Combibar
  • Silver 10 Oz Bar - Sunshine Mint

Purchase with Investment Savings

  • South African Krugerrand
  • 1 Ounce Rounds
  • Pre-64 Circulated Coins or Junk Silver
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • Mercury Dimes
  • Circulated Half Dollars
  • Morgan Dollar
  • John F. Kennedy 

Current Promotions or Offers

At different times American Hartford Gold has special offers for qualifying transactions. New accounts currently have the opportunity to get Up To $5,000 in FREE Silver and Up To 3 Years with No IRA Fees including transfer, storage, or maintenance. ** Check with your representative to confirm the current promotion and to verify requirements. 

Current Offers and Promotions offered by American Hartford Gold

More Investment News and Information from American Hartford Gold

As a Commitment to their clients, AHG provides transparent pricing, current market information and knowledge, and a buyback commitment. They encourage their clients to ask all the pertinent questions before they buy. 

If you are looking for additional News and Charts, American Hartford Gold offers a page with current blog articles discussing current issues including the Debt Ceiling Debate, Recession 2023, Inflation Lingers while Gold Jumps, and more. Take a look at this page by clicking here to get more information and education. 

While on the News and Charts Page check out the current Gold and Silver Prices on the Price Chart Pages. These charts are interactive and you can compare the most recent day, month, year, and all time. 

Pros and Cons of American Hartford Gold

The Plug has provided specific and pertinent information in this Review. We have covered the products offered including cash transactions or Rollovers by opening a New Self-Directed IRA. AHG has consistently done what's necessary to promote the highest level of professionalism and they have backed their reputation when necessary by canceling transactions and paying back fees. While there is never a perfect scenario we believe American Hartford Gold should be a viable option for your Gold IRA. 

  • Account representatives will complete 95% of your New SDIRA paperwork making the process smooth and quick
  • American Hartford Gold has relationships with depositories across the US and the world
  • Opportunity for $5,000 in FREE Silver and No Fees (restrictions apply)
  •  Several review sources have past clients extremely happy with their support and service at AHG.
  • Buyback Commitment - no guarantee to buyback the metals, but they don't charge a liquidation fee
  • They have had complaints of pricing not what buyer expected.  
  • Several complaints regarding no returned calls or emails

Final Thoughts on American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold stands as a compelling option for individuals seeking to invest in precious metals, especially through retirement savings by establishing a new self-directed Gold or Silver IRA.

While it is worth mentioning that the company has had a few negative issues reported with the Better Business Bureau, it is important to consider the overall value and benefits that American Hartford Gold brings to the table.

With their extensive range of high-quality precious metal products, commitment to customer satisfaction, and expertise in the industry, they remain a reputable choice as a precious metals retailer. 

As with any investment, it is recommended to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice, but American Hartford Gold should be seriously considered for those looking to secure their financial future with the stability and growth potential offered by physical gold and other precious metals.

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