July 16, 2023

Silver 'Round The World Review. A Business based around silver precious metal products from vintage coins and rounds, to sovereign coins with face value.

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Silver 'Round The World Online Coin Dealer

Looking for Silver as a chemical element? Ag is the chemical element for Silver. Silver 'Round The World uses the Ag in their web domain to indicate they are a silver dealer who primarily only offers silver bullion coins and rounds to their customers. Their offerings include rare coins and numismatics and offer various silver collector rounds. 

Born out of a father-and-son interest in collecting coins, Silver 'Round The World has turned that interest into a business. The website allows individuals to purchase various silver rounds and coins, but the website is so much more. If you are a collector or silver stacker, the Silver 'Round The World website has all the mints identified, details of the mint, and some products they produce. They even give details on closed mints that still have bullion circulating at local or national coin shows. 

If you want to browse their selection your two options are online or coin shows. Silver 'Round The World does not have a physical store location.  

UPDATE, January 2024: Silver 'Round the World's, Mr. Lester contacted us to let our readers know they, at times, offer a selection of gold and platinum collectible coins. Collectors looking to stay informed should get on their email list or check their website often to keep up with current products available. The Plug thanks Silver 'Round the World' for helping our readers stay informed. Click Here for more info: 

Before we get started with the Silver 'Round The World Review:

If you are looking for a good source to purchase gold and silver within a self-directed IRA, then Silver 'Round The World is not our recommendation. 

Given that we cannot recommend them as a reliable source, we know how hard it can be with so many sources to buy precious metals. Identifying who are the fake scam dealers and who are legit businesses looking out for you and the best interest of your retirement savings can be tricky.  

When you purchase from an online coin retailer like Silver 'Round The World, you are typically buying one or up to 10 items at one time. You are responsible to know the market for those items and understand what premiums you are paying. 

However, when working with a reputable gold IRA dealer is vital for those investing for the long term. Not only will these dealers educate you on how precious metals can benefit a retirement portfolio, but they also work with individuals who want to preserve and provide for their families after they move on. 

The major difference between the two is the process and your intent. If you like to search out precious metals and find interesting items to add to your collection, you should stick with the retailers and local coin shops. If you would like to be educated, have professional representatives walk you through the IRA process, and help you facilitate the purchasing of your precious metals for your IRA, then you should choose a Gold or Silver IRA Company. 

The Best Gold IRA Dealers want to educate and inform their clients. We've broken down a list of the Best Gold and Silver IRA Companies for your review. 

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Company Rating Summary

When checking out the website for Silver 'Round The World, you will see the passion for silver rounds and coins. A dedicated partner in educating the silver community on private and sovereign mints along with several of the products produced by each. The website is robust with Silver products to buy but lacks the depth of education and details for those novice buyers. A good source for those educated on the silver coins and rounds of the world. 

Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars



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Silver 'Round The World Review. A Business based around silver precious metal products from vintage coins and rounds, to sovereign coins with face value.

What Products Does Silver 'Round The World Offer to Their Customers

As a silver precious metals dealer, Silver 'Round The World carries a plethora of coins and rounds for the most serious of buyers. 

Each coin or round is identified under different categories including; the brand, vintage collectible, modern collectible, fractional, government, and thematic. Searching for the item you are interested in is relatively simple on the website. Just choose a category and start digging in. The details of each coin or round are presented, including the number of units minted if known. 

Government Silver:

Available silver from sovereign mints include; Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America. The types of coins found in this category are; American Silver Eagle by the United States Mint, St. Helena by Sunshine Mint, Austria Philharmonic by the Austrian Mint, Canadian Maple Leaf by The Royal Canadian Mint, and several others. 

Vintage Collectible Silver:

Silver from 41 different mints is available online as of this writing in this category. Here are a few mints with available silver; A-Mark, California Crown Mint, Engelhard, Letcher Mint, Monex, SilverTowne Mint, Sunshine Mint, and Tri-State Refining. That is just a few of the names you can find. In addition, this category has rounds broken down further into Vintage 1970s, Vintage 1980s, Vintage 1990s, and Vintage Unmarked Rounds. 

Modern Collectible Silver:

Many of the same brand names are found in the Modern Collectibles as that produced during the Vintage period. Here are a few additional coins or mints; North American Fishing Club, North American Hunting Club, NTR Metals, Patriot Coins, Provident Metals, Scottsdale Mint, and SD Bullion. Included in this section are rounds produced under Vintage 2000s, Vintage 2010s, and Vintage 2020s.

Fractional Silver:

There are 97 pieces noted under the heading Fractional Silver. These items can be any of the following:

  • 1/20 Oz
  • 1/10 Oz
  • 1/4 Oz
  • 1/2 Oz
  • 3/4 Oz
  • 1 Gram
  • 2 Grams
  • 5 Grams
  • 20 Grams

Fractional silver is any silver coins or rounds that have less than 1 oz of pure silver. Fractional pieces are minted to make them more affordable. However, when buying fractional interest in rounds or coins make sure you understand what the premium you are paying. 

Oz above is referencing a troy ounce of silver. Metals are identified in troy ounces vs. standard ounces. For more on troy ounces, check our article What is a Troy Ounce?


The Thematic section includes any silver rounds or coins that are unique because they are or were produced for a specific period or event. The categories include; Advertising, Art, Nature, Organizations, Plants, Religious, Science, Transportation, Sports, Coin Replicas, or Miscellaneous. 

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Does Silver ' Round The World Offer IRA Services?

While silver is an excellent option to purchase within your self-directed IRA, Silver 'Round The World does not offer IRA services. They offer products that are approved for IRA investment, but they do not offer any specific service or advice for IRA investors.

The business primarily is for those individuals that are buying for home storage. Collectors and individuals looking for the best price on silver can find competitively priced bullion on its website. 

Valcambi Suisse 10 Gram CombiBar. 10 bars of 1 gram of .999 fine silver in each bar.

Valcambi Suisse - Combi 1 Gram Silver

Silver Bar Scottsdale Mint by The Plug

Scottsdale Mint - 10 Troy Ounce Silver Bar

Buying Silver for Your SDIRA

Silver is one of four precious metals you can purchase and hold within a self-directed IRA. Gold, Platinum, and Palladium are the other three precious metals allowed within a self-directed IRA.

Precious metals are an excellent investment for a diversified investment portfolio. Silver has the biggest upside according to industry leaders as the price for silver per troy ounce is considerably lower than that of the other metals allowed. Why Buy Silver over Gold in 2023 is an excellent article explaining why Silver may be a better choice. 

There are several silver bullion coins and rounds to choose from. Silver bars are also an excellent choice for silver stackers as you can buy a larger quantity of silver and in many cases pay the least amount per troy ounce on the premium. 

Permitted Silver includes one, one-half, one-quarter, or one-tenth troy ounce U.S. Coins, silver rounds, and silver coins minted by sovereign nations. A key difference between rounds and coins is their face value. Rounds are minted by Private Mints and have no face value, while Coins are minted by Sovereign mints and have the full backing of the country issuing the coin. Knowing the difference between sovereign coins and rounds will assist in making the correct decisions. 

Silver purchased by the IRA will also need to be .999 pure silver or 99.9% fine silver. This indicates to the IRS and IRA custodians that the silver is of the highest quality. The restriction placed on precious metals within an IRA is for the benefit of the investor. Numismatics, Rare Coins, and Junk Silver are not qualified for a silver IRA. 

When buying silver for your SDIRA work know the rules and regulations that permit silver to be added to your account. In addition, custodians will have restrictions on the silver they will allow. To qualify for some custodians the silver must be minted by a mint that has the ISO 9001 certification or they could only allow for coins from certain countries. Knowing the restrictions will allow for the best investment experience.  

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How to Open A Silver IRA?

Getting started with opening a silver IRA can be either very complex or very simple. If you like to analyze companies and find the right custodian that has reasonable prices and fees there are several available to choose from. After you choose a custodian you will need to choose a Silver or Gold Dealer to purchase from, and then you will need to choose the right depository to store your metals. 

You can complete this process yourself, or you can choose a Silver or Gold IRA Dealer who specializes in facilitating the process of opening the account, funding, choosing metals, and providing storage depository facilities. 

Why might you choose Silver IRA Dealer?

Many Precious Metal Dealers who specialize in bullion for an SDIRA provide the highest level of customer care, education, and resources. Their business is only in selling products for home storage or IRA for investors looking to diversify retirement savings. They cater to you, the investor over the individual coins, round, or bar buyer. 

Getting Started With a Silver IRA:

  1. Choose a Custodian - research the different companies and confirm they offer precious metals in their managed custodian accounts. Confirm what metals they accept and research their fees.
  2. Fund the SDIRA Account - you can choose to fund your retirement account using retirement savings from existing retirement IRA accounts or a prior employer's 401(k) by rolling over a predetermined amount based on the allocation you choose. Or, you can fund your Silver IRA by making contributions yearly. Max contributions to traditional or Roth Retirement accounts is a maximum of $6,500 per year if you are under the age of 50, or $7,500 per year for those catching up above the age of 50. Funding yearly is a total max contribution to all IRA accounts and the money can only be from earned income. 
  3. Choose a Silver Dealer - find a silver dealer that works with SDIRAs and those investors who buy using their retirement accounts. The best dealers will emphasize education and understanding of how precious metals are beneficial. 
  4. Purchase Your Metals - the dealer will help facilitate the purchase of the metals. You can choose silver, gold, platinum, or palladium. 
  5. Deliver to Depository - when buying precious metals within your IRA the IRS requires separation between the individual beneficiary of the IRA and the metals. You must store your metals at a secured facility that is IRS approved. 

That in a nutshell is the process of opening a New SDIRA Precious Metals IRA. If you currently have an SDIRA, check with your custodian and see if they know to allow you to acquire metals within your account. If your custodian has the experience and knowledge you can work with a reputable dealer to acquire your metals. 

Working with an Experienced Silver IRA Dealer:

While you have the option to research and choose a custodian, dealer, and depository. An easier method to get started is working with an experienced Silver or Gold IRA Dealer. Work with a company that specializes in facilitating the process to get an account opened. 

Companies such as Goldco or Augusta Precious Metals are knowledgeable and experienced in the precious metals IRA process. They also have working relationships with premier custodians and depositories. 

While these companies specialize in the acquisition of precious metals for an SDIRA, they also offer qualified individuals the opportunity to become clients by opening an account and purchasing metals for home storage. Different that typical online coin sellers, IRA dealers want to verify and make certain individuals are right for precious metals buying. They have restrictions to become a client, but that is to provide the individual with the highest quality service.

Working with an IRA Dealer, you could also receive savings on your custodial or depository fees, or even get additional metals by opening up a qualified account. These added benefits can reduce your cost basis in the metals purchased and ultimately increase your profit potential. 

Silver 'Round The World Payment and Shipping

Payment Options:

Payment options are plentiful for buyers. You can purchase bullion using your credit card, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Personal Check, Cashiers Check, Money Orders, ACH/eCheck, or Cash.

Payments must be made within 3 business days to hold an order. Any payment received after 3 business days will be canceled and buyers will be subject to current prices. 

Once an order is received the buyer has 5 business days to initiate any returns or exchanges. Any delay in the order is non-refundable. 

The shipping of items will be based on the payment process you choose. For any personal checks, money orders, or cashier's checks the order will be processed between 3-5 business days after payment clears the bank.

All CC, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, etc. will be processed once payment is confirmed. Orders are typically processed within 3 business days.

Shipping of Metals:

All orders are charged $5 for flat-rate shipping. 

For orders above $500, there is FREE Shipping, Insurance, and Signature required.

The low shipping and handling fee of $5.00 is one of the lowest known. But, the free shipping for most online dealers is around $200 minimum order. 

All shipments are packaged conspicuously for shipping by USPS. Items are packaged to protect the contents and your confidentiality.

No Sales or Shipping outside the United States. 

Pros and Cons of Silver 'Round The World Online Dealer


  • Historical Details on Coins and Rounds Offered
  • Variety of Silver Coins and Rounds
  • Good Pricing 
  • Low Shipping Charges
  •  Excellent 5-day exchange or refund period
  • No upcharges for credit card payments


  • Limited Supply 
  • Only Offers Silver Products 
  • No Storefront
  • No Discounts for checks, cashier checks, money orders

Final Thoughts on Silver 'Round The World and their Online Precious Metals Business

The online presence of Silver 'Round The World would make most buyers of silver bullion excited. The website provides details on the metals they are selling and gives readers depth of knowledge regarding the different Mints these pieces come from.

The problem we see is there are no reviews or Better Business Bureau information. We were unable to find any source of reviews for the business. While this is concerning, there is no indication the business is fraudulent or misleading to its buyers. The pricing for some of their American Silver Eagle coins appears to be very good in comparison to other online dealers. 

While a viable option for silver buyers, the website does not have any additional precious metals to purchase. They do not carry gold, platinum, or palladium to purchase. 

Collectors and silver stackers will appreciate this website and see the value in the information provided. IRA investors looking for a viable option for IRA investment will not find the offering sufficient for their needs. 

Therefore, we cannot recommend Silver 'Round The World' for Silver IRA buyers. 

We would caution any potential silver buyers to do their due diligence before buying. Contact the company directly for any specific question you cannot get answered on their website. When buying from an online metals dealer, consider buying in small increments first to get a feel for the business and its sales. If all goes well and you have established a relationship, you could choose to buy larger quantities in the future. 

Find out more about Silver 'Round The World on their website - Click Here and we'll send you over! 

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