July 19, 2023

Rosland Capital Review - Gold and Silver Dealer.

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Rosland Capital: Legit Precious Metals Dealer or Scam - You Be the Judge!

Is Rosland Capital a Legitimate Precious Metals Dealer or Do They Hard Sell Their Products to undereducated customers and novice gold and silver buyers?

Since 2008, Rosland's founder and CEO Marin Aleksov, has been providing precious metals and precious metals buying services to the public. Acting and proudly offering a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. 

Advertisement for Rosland Capital has been on the internet, social media, and television stations marketing their services and selling gold and silver products. The business offers precious metals for home storage and they offer the service of walking customers through the process of opening a new self-directed gold or silver IRA. 

The reviews are mixed for Rosland Capital. We'll cover more of the reviews later in this article for your reading. But for now, you should know that the company has had litigation and arbitration proceedings. Court records were found and issues include commodities trading in the State of Washington and deception from customer agreement small font used requiring litigation over court proceedings.  

The Rosland Capital customer agreement can be found by clicking here. The agreement requires the signature of the customer to contract with Rosland Capital. 

The business has been around for 15 years and while there have been documented issues, they have not ceased to do business or filed for bankruptcy that we were able to find. All investors need to research and complete their personal due diligence before making buying decisions. Don't fall for the inflated "inflated" the world is ending marketing campaigns. 

Purchase precious metals for the right reasons. Check out our 10 Gold Dealer Lies to see how some sell gold and silver. 

Company Rating Summary

Since 2008, Rosland Capital has been marketing its service as a precious metals dealer to those interested in purchasing gold or silver. The business has used tactics to get unknowing buyers scared of current economic market conditions and influenced them to buy precious metals for the wrong reasons. Current ads state there are No Gimmicks, No Nonsense, and No Hassles. 

Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars

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Who Is Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital is a full-service precious metals company that has been in business since 2008. They strongly believe in the asset class of precious metals and recommend gold as a way to "Help Protect Your Assets by Purchasing Gold and Other Precious Metals".

Who is Rosland Capital? IRA Dealer Precious Metals Sales for Home Storage

Rosland Capital Management:

Founder and CEO, Marin Aleksov opened the business in 2008 offering precious metals to investors looking to "hedge against inflation and wealth preservation".

Mr. Aleksov oversees the daily operations and employees while being the key decision-maker for the company. 

Rosland Capital Founder Marin Aleksov who owns 55% of the company

At Rosland Capital, their business is about providing precious metals for those interested in diversifying a retirement portfolio or hedging inflation. Precious metals investing can be done outside of a retirement IRA with the purchase and home storage, or within a retirement Gold IRA where one can find tax advantages for delaying the distribution of the asset. 

A Delaware-registered company, Rosland Capital has its main office in Los Angeles, CA. Independent offices are also located in Rosland, UK London Office which opened in 2014, Rosland GmbH in Germany in Munich in 2017, and Rosland France, Paris, France office opened in 2021. 

Having the world locations gives Rosland Capital the ability to provide real-time opportunities to local clientele. 

Products Offered:

Unique to Rosland Capital is its Specialty Coins. These coins are limited-edition coins, minted as proofs, from mints including Swiss-based PAMP SA and the UK's Commonwealth Mint. 

Its specialty offerings include; Formula 1 motor racing for the 1000 F1 race in history, and the 70th anniversary of the first British Grand Prix held at Silverstone. Also, they have created other PGA Tour coins and Presidents Cup in both Gold and Silver Coins. 

In addition to the specialty products offered, Rosland Capital offers a variety of gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars, coins, and rounds for at-home storage or IRA investment.

1 kilo gold bars is 1000 grams of gold sold with .9999 purity
Common bullion gold American Eagle 1oz

What Bullion Should I Buy?

Interested in buying precious metals but not sure what to buy?

This is a complicated question that takes current knowledge and understanding of the precious metals market into account. What is a good purchase today may not be a good purchase tomorrow. However, ownership of physical metals is an asset and should be treated differently than buying gold in an ETT, Stock, or Mutual Fund. 

Gold and Silver Bullion:

Bullion is often referred to as a larger quantity of unfinished metals in the form of Cast Bars. These bars are measured by their purity and weight. However, the term bullion is often distorted into the term used for rounds and circulated coins. 

Bullion can be found in the form of rounds, coins, and bars. The American Silver Eagle 1 oz Bullion Coin is produced by the United States Mint and has the intent to be a circulated coin purchase for investment. 

Bullion Bars and Ignots:

Bullion bars or Ingots can be found in the form of Cast, Combi, and Minted. Minted bars can be from private mints or sovereign mints. Most have the stamp of authenticity of purity and quantity of the metal. 

Bullion Coin:

Coins are minted by sovereign mints backed by the government issuing the coin. Coins also have a face value for the country of origin. Rosland Capital has several "uniquely" minted specialty coins produced with face value. These coins are unique to Rosland with their relationship with Swiss-based PAMP SA and the UK's Commonwealth Mint.

Bullion Rounds:

The most common bullion found is that of the round. Rounds are minted and produced by private mints and have no face value. The value of the round is based on the metal content and purity. Purity standards for IRA investment are 99.5% pure for Gold, 99.9% pure for Silver, and 99.95% for Platinum and Palladium. 

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

Commonly referred to as a Gold IRA or Silver IRA, the precious metals IRA or self-directed IRA is similar to a traditional retirement IRA or Roth IRA. However, the main difference is the management of the investments being purchased for the IRA. 

Traditional and Roth IRAs are investment vehicles for individuals purchasing stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs that are looking to invest for retirement in a tax-advantaged account.

The Gold IRA or Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) offers investors the opportunity to purchase those same investments but also to diversify into alternative physical assets. Investors can purchase physical precious metals, and real estate, and use their retirement savings for private funding opportunities. 

The Precious Metals IRA gives investors the opportunity to purchase physical assets, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and store their wealth for retirement. 

SDIRA IRA Acceptable Precious Metals:

Choosing to purchase metals within an IRA is a good way to diversify one's portfolio. But there are restrictions and acceptable metals.  

To be eligible for an IRA, IRS requires metals to be of the highest purity standards.

  • Gold purity standard of .995 
  • Silver purity standard of .999
  • Platinum purity standard of .9995
  • Palladium purity standard of .9995

Purchasing metals for an IRA requires a custodian to manage the paperwork and transactions. Not all Sovereign and Private Mints produce metals that are acceptable for each custodian. Make sure to have a conversation with the custodian if there are any mints that they will not accept. Many of the best private mints have ISO 9001 certification. That means they produce the highest quality metals most accurate production process. 

Goldco Sean Hannity Banner - Gold and Silver IRA Investment

How to Open a Gold or Silver IRA?

The process for opening a self-directed IRA is relatively simple. But, the main problem is finding a custodian who works with precious metals. The best way to open a Gold IRA is by working with a Gold or Silver IRA Dealer. 

A Gold Dealer will work to facilitate the transaction and paperwork for opening an IRA. They also have relationships with qualified custodians and depositories for metal storage. 

Individuals can complete their research for custodians and depositories, but the research process should be put into finding a reputable gold dealer. The most reputable of dealers offer the advantage of educating their customers and providing the highest quality service. The services include the ability to leverage their business relationships with custodians and depositories. 

Steps to Open a Gold IRA:

  1. Choose a Qualified and Respected IRA Dealer: The best dealers educate and inform before they sell any products. They are not advisors, they should not push you into a specific item, unique offering, or special offer. They should only assist in the IRA custodial paperwork, facilitate the purchase of the metals, and deliver your metals to a secured depository.
  2. Fund Your IRA: Funding of a Gold IRA can be completed in two ways; first, by rolling over retirement savings from existing IRAs or 401(k)'s; second, you can make yearly contributions based on the yearly SDIRA contribution limits
  3. Choose Your Metals: Complete research to understand the pricing of gold or silver. What's the current spot price, what is the retail price of the coins or bars, and what is the premium being paid? Are there any "sales commissions" or other fees involved in the purchase of the metals with the dealer? Then you can choose the right bullion for your IRA. Remember the price paid is not the value for the metals in your account. You will be paying a premium and that is not part of the overall value of the metal in your portfolio.
  4. Delivery Metals to Secured Storage Facility: IRS requires metals purchased within an IRA to be held in a depository or secured storage facility. This eliminates the collusion between the at-home metals and the investment metals. When buying using your IRA you have handed off the metals being purchased. 

Rosland Capital Complaints

When The Plug does a review on a company we search the internet looking for both positive and negative reviews. We look to see if the business has a Better Business Bureau listing, a Business Consumer Alliance listing, Yelp reviews, Trustpilot reviews, Trustlink reviews, and other Facebook and Google Business Page reviews. 

Through those reviews, here are some comments on the experience: 

  • Pricing for Coins is Overpriced
  • Delivery Delays over 30 days
  • Common Complaints for the lack of customer service
  • Scam, Scam, Scam
  • Ripoff
  • Constantly Calling to Sell More Coins
  • The "Spread" is 30%
  • Good Customer Service - called back wanting to make sure I was satisfied
  • Enormous help to me
  • Great Experience
  • Tried to sell numismatics over gold bullion
  • Gold coins were marked up 74% over market value

When determining if Rosland Capital is the right dealer for you and your retirement savings, make sure you check all the documented reviews. Click the review service below and we'll send you over so you too can read what customers had to say about their experiences. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB):

  • BBB Rating of A+ (understand the rating is not based on the reviews or complaints)
  • Accredited since October 1, 2008 
  • 17 Complaints closed in the last 3 years
  • 6 Complaints closed in the last 12 months
  • 4.77 out of 5-star 
  • 303 Customer Reviews

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA):

  • AAA Company Rating
  • 5-Star Rating
  • 10 Customer Reviews
  • 100% Complaint Experience Rating
  • 3 Customer Complaints in the last 3 years


  • 117 Reviews
  • 4 out of 5-Stars


  • 3.5 out of 5-Stars
  • 70 customer reviews
  • Note: many of these reviews are older before 2021

Rosland Capital Fee Structure

Rosland Capital uses Equity Institutional as its recommended custodian. 

Fees are approximate as follows:

  • $50 set-up fee
  • $100 annual maintenance fee
  • $100-$150 storage fee for metals with secured depository
  • $40 paper statement copy

Custodian fees could include transaction fees or wire transfers. 

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Final Thoughts on Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is a precious metals dealer that has been in business for 15+ years. Their product listing is extensive and they offer unique offerings of coins and rounds.

The truth is they are an adequate business offering the availability to buy precious metals for both home storage and within an IRA. 

As for a Gold IRA company that offers the highest quality educational offerings, our belief is they lack the dedication and customer service to be the best self-directed IRA company.

Take the time to check out their offerings and talk with their representatives for more information. 

Find out more about Rosland Capital on their website - Click Here and we'll send your over! 

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