July 9, 2023

Regency Mint Review - Utah Private Mint Producing Quality Rounds in Gold, Silver, and Copper

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Reputable Private Mint or Silver Production Scam

Are you at your local coin dealer or checking out metals online and seeing the branded rounds by Regency Mint? Not sure if these rounds are made of exceptional quality and finish. Are they some knockoff silver rounds that, while being .999 silver, are flawed?  

When you are buying metals in person or online you want to make sure you are purchasing products that are manufactured by reputable businesses. The Regency Mint is one of those quality Private Mints producing exquisite collectibles along with IRA Approved gold and silver rounds. 

Regency Mint is an ISO Certified Company. They have the ISO 9001:2015 designation which means they produce the highest quality product consistently.

Proudly, Regency Mint, notes that they produce IRA-approved gold and silver. Meaning their products qualify for your self-directed precious metals IRA. 

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Before we get started with our Regency Mint Review:

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Who is Regency Mint?

Who is Regency Mint? A U.S. Based Private Mint with highest quality gold and silver rounds.

The Regency Mint is a private mint located in Orem, UT. A family-owned business that started off in a residential garage has grown in size and now operates in a larger industrial building. 

Customers of the Regency Mint have praised the quality finish and designs since their inception in 1999. Their production capacity is approximately 500,000 medallions per month and all their product is based on their ISO 9001:2015 Certification.  

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 168 national standards bodies. 

Given the quality of precious metals they produce, the mint proudly remarks their metals are IRA/IRS approved for investment retirement accounts. Request Regency Mint products from your Gold or Silver Precious Metals IRA Dealer

Regency Mint Quality and Certifications. Production and quality precious metals are high priority.

What is the difference between a Private Mint and Sovereign Mint?

When it comes to precious metals and collectible coins, you may have come across the terms "private mints" and "sovereign mints." While both play significant roles in producing minted products, understanding their differences can help you make informed decisions as a collector or investor. Real quick, let's explore the distinctions between private mints and sovereign mints and if you would like some additional details check out this article What is the Difference Between Sovereign Mints and Private Mints?

Private Mints: 

Private mints, as the name suggests, are privately-owned facilities that specialize in producing bullion and commemorative coins, rounds, and bars. These mints are independent entities that are not affiliated with any government. One of the primary advantages of private mints is their flexibility and innovation. They have the freedom to create unique designs, limited edition releases, and custom products tailored to specific markets or events.

Unlike sovereign mints, private mints are not authorized to produce legal tender currency. However, they often use high-quality materials, such as .999 fine silver or gold, to produce collectible pieces that are valued for their artistic appeal, craftsmanship, and intrinsic metal content. Private mints cater to the growing demand for investment-grade bullion as well as collectibles cherished by numismatists and enthusiasts worldwide.

Sovereign Mints: 

In contrast, sovereign mints are government-owned or government-controlled entities that hold the exclusive right to produce legal tender currency for a particular country. These mints are responsible for minting official coins and currency that carry a face value and are recognized as legal tender within the issuing nation. Some well-known sovereign mints include the United States Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, and the Perth Mint of Australia.

One of the distinguishing features of sovereign mints is the assurance of authenticity and quality backed by the issuing government. Sovereign coins usually bear the official emblem or symbol of the country, making them instantly recognizable and widely accepted for transactions. Additionally, these mints adhere to stringent quality standards and employ advanced minting techniques to ensure the accuracy of weight, purity, and overall product integrity.

In summary, private mints and sovereign mints serve distinct purposes within the world of minting. Private mints focus on producing bullion and commemorative pieces with artistic designs and precious metal content, targeting collectors and investors. On the other hand, sovereign mints are responsible for minting legal tender currency that carries the endorsement and backing of the issuing government.

Whether you're interested in building a precious metals collection, investing in bullion, or simply appreciating the artistry of coins, understanding the differences between private mints and sovereign mints will help you make informed decisions and navigate the diverse landscape of numismatics and bullion markets.

Remember, regardless of the mint, it's essential to research and verify the reputation and credibility of the minting institution before making any purchases or investments.

Should I Buy Silver and Gold Rounds or Sovereign Coins for my SDIRA

Investing in a Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA) allows individuals to diversify their retirement portfolios by including tangible assets like gold and silver. When considering a precious metals IRA, it's essential to understand the purity requirements, the distinction between bullion and coins, and the unique advantages each brings to your investment strategy. 

Ultimately, the decision of whether to buy coins like the American Gold Eagle or American Silver Eagle versus a gold or silver round produced by Regency Mint or another private mint is a decision you must make based on your investment plan. 

Purity Requirements: 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established purity requirements for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that can be included in a precious metals IRA. For gold, the minimum purity threshold is 99.5% (also known as 995 fineness), while silver requires a minimum purity of 99.9% (999 fineness). These purity requirements ensure that the precious metals held in an IRA maintain a high level of quality and intrinsic value.

Bullion in an IRA: 

Bullion refers to precious metal bars or rounds that are typically produced by private mints or government-owned mints. Investing in bullion for an IRA offers several advantages. Firstly, bullion products often have lower premiums compared to coins, which means you can acquire more physical metal for your investment. Private mint rounds and bars, in particular, may have even lower premiums compared to sovereign mint coins, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious investors.

Additionally, bullion bars and rounds are typically produced in larger weights, making it easier to accumulate a substantial amount of precious metals within your IRA. They are valued primarily for their metal content and are a popular choice for those focused on the intrinsic value and long-term growth potential of precious metals.

Coins in an IRA: 

Coins, both bullion and numismatic, can also be included in a precious metals IRA. Bullion coins are typically produced by sovereign mints and meet the IRS purity requirements. They offer the advantage of being widely recognized and easily tradable due to their official legal tender status. These coins often feature iconic designs and carry a face value denominated in the currency of their issuing country.

The face value of coin bullion is symbolic and not necessarily reflective of the actual market value of the metal. However, this face value can provide some additional reassurance and familiarity, making them an attractive option for those seeking both the intrinsic value of the metal and the historical or aesthetic appeal of coins.

Benefits of Precious Metals IRA: 

Investing in gold or silver through a precious metals IRA can offer several benefits. Firstly, it provides diversification, helping to mitigate risks associated with traditional financial assets. Precious metals have historically acted as a hedge against inflation and economic uncertainties, making them a valuable addition to a well-rounded retirement portfolio.

Secondly, investing in gold or silver within an IRA offers potential tax advantages. By utilizing a self-directed IRA custodian specializing in precious metals, you can enjoy the tax benefits associated with IRAs while having the ability to hold physical metals.

When investing in a precious metals IRA, understanding the purity requirements, and considering the advantages of both bullion and coins is crucial. Bullion offers the potential for lower premiums and larger quantities of metal, while coins provide the added benefit of legal tender status and aesthetic appeal. Ultimately, the choice between bullion and coins depends on your investment goals, risk tolerance, and personal preferences. Consult with a reputable Gold IRA Dealer or custodian and possibly your financial advisor to determine the best strategy for your retirement portfolio.

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What Products Does Regency Mint Produce?

Regency Mint Gold Rounds in 1oz and fractional sizes
Regency Mint Silver Rounds .999 purity
Regency Mint Copper Coins
Regency Mint Morgan Silver Round .999 purity

Production at this private mint includes bullion rounds made of silver, gold, and copper. In addition, Regency Mint specializes in making custom rounds engraved or stamped with your logo or design requests. Jewelry items they produce include key chains and lapel pins. 

Proudly, Regency Mint produces Military Challenge Coins, Police Challenge Coins, USMC Military Coins, Army Military Challenge Coins, Air Force Military Challenge Coins, Coast Guard Military Coins, and Navy Military Coins. 

Regency Mint Military Challenge Coin for US Marine Corps
Regency Mint Military Challenge Coin for US Army Forces in Japan
Regency Mint Miliary Challenge Coins for Army
Regency Mint Review Military Challenge Coins Air Force Security

A Challenge Coin is an insignia coin for each different branch of the military. These medallions are used to signify to other military personnel of their branch. In addition, legend has it that if a military member throws down a coin on the bar that the last member who places their coin down is required to buy the next round. A great way to show pride for an individual's military service. 

Final Thoughts on Regency Mint

When analyzing gold or silver bullion, the products made by Regency Mint are reputable and considered a good purchase option. 

Remember when buying precious metals for stacking silver or for IRA Investment, make sure you know the market for the product you are buying. Privately minted products can find themselves on a variety of different online websites or in a local coin dealer's shop. Just because they are in the shop doesn't make them valuable beyond the melt value or spot price. 

Bullion should be purchased paying the least about of premium possible. Said another way, you want to pay as close to the Spot Price per Troy Ounce as possible for pure gold and silver. The closer to the spot price the less loss you will have when or if you decide to sell. 

Buying sovereign coins gives value to the bullion or melt value of the metals, but you also get the added knowledge knowing coins have a face value and even if the bullion price goes to zero you still have value in the coins (face value). 

Choosing Regency Mint is a good option when scanning the metals behind the glass at your local coins dealer's store. Take into consideration the value is in the silver or gold not the collectibility of the item. Don't get taken by paying too high of a premium. As a stacker or investor, do your due diligence before you buy. 

Looking to buy some Regency Mint Products? Check out their selection at Money Metals Exchange or online at the Quality Silver Bullion website. 

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