July 11, 2022


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Blanchard Gold is a distinguished dealer in the United States. Their main focus is on rare coins and gold and silver mineral investments fall right in line with their investment ideas.

Started in 1974, Blanchard Golds' family-owned business covers rare coins in the U.S. They have in-depth research and experience which allows for more trusted investment security.

As a business, the company provides 100% satisfaction and will purchase back your coins if you are not satisfied.

Not all investment companies are the same. When you're considering investing in physical coins Blanchard Gold is a fantastic opportunity. Reviews are varied for their professionalism and responsiveness, but with all investment companies, there will be satisfied and non-satisfied customers.

Gold and Silver are great investments for portfolio diversification and to hedge against inflation. Take the time necessary to check out all companies before investing.

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At Blanchard Gold, investors can discuss American numismatic rarities along with investment grade gold and silver.

What Percent of Precious Metals Does Blanchard Gold Suggest? 

Blanchard Gold offers a variety of investment options. They suggest a 20% of your portfolio should be allocated to tangible assets. With a 5 year commitment, investors in precious metals will see the best returns on their investment.

Gold Bullion Coins or Investment Grade Gold - 30%-40% -Suggestions would be U.S. Mint American Eagle Coins

Mint State Gold - 15%-20% - these are U.S. Gold coins minted between 1890 and 1933. They note these to be fast growth potential and high returns over the medium term. 

Rare Coins - 30%-40% - are noted by Blanchard Gold as an aggressive investment and have historically produced the highest long-term investor returns. Limited supply means higher prices. 


Great Selection of Gold Coin Products Available

  • 1oz American Gold Eagle Coin - IRA approved
  • 1oz American Gold Buffalo - IRA approved
  • 1oz American Gold Eagle Coin
  • British Gold Sovereign
  • 20 Franc 
  • 1oz Australian Gold Kangaroo Coin - IRA approved
  • 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Coin
  • 1oz British Gold Britannia
  • 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • 1oz South African Gold Krugerrand Coin
  • 1oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin - IRA Approved
  • 1oz British Gold Britannia Coin
  • 1/2 oz American Gold Eagle Coin
  • 1oz American Gold Buffalo
  • 1oz American Gold Buffalo NGC Early Release
  • 1oz American Gold Buffalo PCGS First Strike
  • 1oz American Gold Eagle
  • 1oz American Gold Eagle NGC Early Release
  • 1oz American Gold Eagle PCGS First Strike
  • 1oz Australian Gold Kangaroo
  • 1oz Austrian Gold Hilharmonic
  • 1oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf
  • 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle
  • 1/10th oz American Gold Eagle NGC Early Releases
  • plus several more options

How to Buy, Sell, and Store My Precious Gold with Blanchard Gold

When buying precious metals with CASH you can choose one of the following options:

Order by phone or online: Payment options include

  • Credit Card - $10,000 order limit
  • Check - 7-10 day hold time to verify funds
  • Wire Transfer - quickest method - open account wire funds - buy precious metals
  • BitPay - max purchase $50,000 - cryptocurrencies supported or Bitcoin

Selling your precious metals: 

  • Get bid price for numismatic offerings. Items are placed on the market for bidding
  • Bullion and other investment grade gold buybacks - call for a quote
  • Rare Coins - pricing for coins based on PCGS or NGC grading
  • Sending in coins required for final price

Storing my precious metals:

  • Home or Business Safe - choose a safe than can be secured to the wall or floor 
  • Bank Safety Deposit Boxes - affordable off-premises option
  • Domestic Storage Facility - secure and private with no government report
  • International Depository Services - full-service, fully insured, a great option for high-net-worth individuals, also the best choice for a large number of coins or bars
  • Strategic Wealth Preservation Storage Facility - SWP is purpose-built precious metals facility in Cayman Islands

Can I Buy From Blanchard Gold and Use My IRA?

Yes, Blanchard Gold will work with you and your self-directed IRA. There are procedures and rules to follow for purchasing within your IRA. You must follow these rules and you must purchase only approved gold and silver to qualify for the IRA.


  • Control of Investments
  • Choice in precious metals purchases
  • Balances portfolio
  • Own gold and silver assets
  • All benefits of Traditional IRA

What Investments Qualify?

  • Gold .995 fine (Gold American Eagle is the only exception)
  • Silver .999 fine
  • Platinum .9995 fine
  • Palladium .9995 fine

What is the Process to Purchase in an IRA?

  • Verify current self-directed IRA qualifies or open a new IRA account
  • Rollover funds from an existing IRA or 401(K)
  • Purchase Your Bullion with a Custodian (GoldStar Trust Company)

Is Blanchard Gold a Scam?

No Blanchard Gold is not a scam. Many investors are concerned about being scammed and losing their money. Blanchard Gold was founded by Jim Blanchard in 1975 after then President Ford legalized the private ownership of gold. The company is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, and according to its website they have served over 450,000 clients.  

It is our opinion that Blanchard Gold is a verified and qualified company to purchase your precious metals. The company offers custom research, safety and security, competitive prices, commitment (100% buyback guarantee - at current values), and lasting relationships.

During our research, the Better Business Bureau has Blanchard Gold listed as Blanchard & Company, Inc. They are a A+ BBB Accredited Business. The have 3 customer reviews giving the company 1 out of 5 stars. There have been 0 customer complaints filed with the BBB.

The three reviews are serious and we are sharing them your knowledge. You are responsible for your own investment decisions and The Plug only provides information to readers who are looking for an in-depth review of a company. 

BBB Reviews

These reviews are taken directly from the BBB website. We have not altered the information. 

  1. 1
    Richard L  1⭐️ 07/17/2021                                                          12 years ago I purchased 5 St. Gauden $20 gold pieces - 4 Certified MS64 and 1 Certified MS65. At the time of purchase, *********************************** assured me that their prices were competitive with the market and she assured me they would exponentially exceed the rising price of spot gold. I made a BIG mistake - I did not "let the buyer beware" so I am now shouting "LET THE ***** BEWARE" when dealing with this company.Using just one of the coins as an example:NCGA MS65 Certified **** St. Gaudens - I paid $2,565 on 3/23/2009. The price of spot gold that day was $937/oz.Today, a NCGA MS65 Certified **** St. Gaudens sells for $2,469 but the spot price for gold is $1,813.That is almost a doubling of the spot price but a dropping of the coin price by 3%. This leads me to believe one of two things about Blanchard and Company - and understand, this is purely MY opinion - they either are hyping the market and snowing the customer - or they don't know what they are talking about when they address the marketplace. If they had sold me spot gold 13 years ago, I would have $5,000 in value on just this one transaction - instead I have $2,469 less sales commission if I were to sell. Hmmmm - what happened to the exponential exceeding of spot gold price they promised. Again, LET THE ***** BEWARE - expecially when dealing with this company. How they can have such a poor (****) customer review rating and receive a A+ ******************** rating, I will never understand. 
  2. 2
    Annelies R. 1 ⭐️ 10/28/2020                                                  This company is very anxious to get your money, but when it comes to a refund they take their time. A month ago I wired some money to cover the purchase of American eagles. I sent more money to cover fluctuations in the spot price, consequently they owe me a refund for the excess paid. Whenever I inquire about the refund I get excuses and promises but no check.
  3. 3
    Sofia W. 1 ⭐️  02/05/2020                                                      This place is nothing more than a bunch of conmen !!! Preying on the elderly I’m sure is their main goal !!! If I could give a fifth of a star even that would be too much of a rating !!! My husband who is much older than I bought crap from this company and especially after contacting them to buy their **** back from him as their ad says they’ll do they offered us much less than he paid. So much for their claim to buying back their coins. I guess even they know how worthless they are not wanting to be stuck with extra huh !!!??? And his broker who should be ashamed of himself too for telling my husband to invest in gold. And once they had their hooks in him they told him he’d do good by buying rare coins as they were an investment !!! To who ??? His great great great grandchildren !!!??? Because after Blanchard wouldn’t buy them back I contacted a few coin dealers who wouldn’t offer more than $300 for 1 coin he paid more than 2thousand for !!! Because of my husband’s health here I am trying to get used moved closer to my children who are wanting us near them so they can help me with his care !!! I tell you look no further than these wolves preying on the old to get them where the real gold is. IN THEIR POCKETS !!! The rare coins they sold my husband !!! Now telling me and him that there’s no market for them right now ??? Are we to think then that they’re not selling them ???

Faq - Taken Directy From Blanchard Gold FAQ's

Can I transfer an existing IRA?

Yes, you may transfer all or part of an existing IRA.

Can I have more than one IRA Account?

Yes, you may have more than one account.

Can I move existing Bullion in to my IRA?

No, you cannot move existing gold and silver into your IRA. IRS rules state you cannot possess the asset personally. You could sell the current allotment and then purchase qualified coins to add to your IRA.

For online orders, when does my price get locked in?

As soon as the payment is confirmed your order is locked in. Your price will not get locked in till payment is received and confirmed. 

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