August 6, 2022

amagi-metals by the Plug

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Amagi Metals Not A Good Choice as of 2022

The Plug provides gold and silver reviews for several local and national dealers. We want our readers to be up to date with any and all information.

Amagi Metals does not appear to be a reputable business to purchase your coins or bars from at this time. We will update our review when or if they have changed their practices.

You should know that the website has prices but every item is noted as "Out of Stock". We made an attempt to contact someone and have had no response. 

As a precious metals investor or if you are into rare coins you should make note of the current state of the business.


Is Amagi Metals a Reputable Company?

Based on all of our research at this time, Amagi is not a reputable company that we can endorse as a gold and silver dealer. 

Amagi is not Accredited by the BBB - they have an NR (not rated) status and have no reviews, no complaints.

According to the Amagi Google Business Profile, they have Nine reviews with a 2.9 out of 5.0-star rating. The most recent ratings are from 6 years ago. The most recent ratings state comments like; ordered and received no product. Don't order from them your money will be taken and you will receive no product. 

There are several more similar reviews both on their Google Business Profile and on their Facebook Page. 


Pros and Cons of Amagi Metals


  • NONE 


  • No Recent Positive review 
  • Does Not appear to be in Business.

Final Thoughts on Amagi Metals

Our opinion for any individual investor or first-time gold & silver buyer to choose another business to conduct business with. I would not expect this business to provide any customer service or support for your purchases.

The Plug has done several other reviews on precious metals companies. You can check out our 5 best gold IRA company's review which will provide reputable business. These businesses, while offering gold IRAs, are specialists in the precious metals markets and can provide excellent support, education, and transparency.

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