June 28, 2023

Why Not to Buy Physical Gold and Silver

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In the glittering world of precious metals, gold holds a special allure. Its timeless beauty, perceived value, and potential as a hedge against economic uncertainty make it an attractive investment option for many. However, like any sought-after commodity, the gold market has its fair share of dark corners, where unscrupulous dealers lurk, ready to employ eerie sales tactics to entice unsuspecting buyers.

You've come to the right place if you're considering investing in gold or merely curious about the industry. In this article, we invite you to don your metaphorical detective hat and join us on a journey through the shadowy realms of gold dealers' deceptive practices. Prepare to be entertained and enlightened as light is shined on the spooky strategies employed by those seeking to manipulate and exploit.

While not all gold dealers employ these tactics, it's crucial to be aware of them to protect yourself from potential traps. Two such precious metals dealers that don't use scare tactics to get people to purchase gold and silver are Goldco and Augusta Precious Metals

Knowledge is your shield, and by arming yourself with information, you'll be better equipped to navigate the gold market with confidence and discernment.

So, settle in as we review the 15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold as presented by Augusta Precious Metals Director of Education Mr. Devlyn Steele. Mr. Steele leads the Augusta Precious Metals education team and is dedicated to enlightening fiscally conservative Americans about savings diversification through alternative assets. A Harvard Business School member, Mr. Steele is a Harvard-trained economic analyst. 

Devlyn has pulled back the curtain on these spine-chilling techniques. From ghostly promises of overnight riches to haunted tales of impending economic doom, we'll explore the darker side of gold sales. By examining these unethical tactics, we aim to empower you, the informed investor, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and to recognize the hallmarks of a professional, trustworthy gold dealer.

Knowledge is power, and it's time to equip yourself with the tools needed to unmask these scary sales tactics. Together, we'll listen to their tricks, dispel the myths, and ensure you approach the gold market confidently and clearly.

So, without further ado, let us embark on this spine-tingling journey into the dark corners of the gold industry. Prepare to be enlightened, informed, and perhaps even a little disturbed as Devlyn unveils the secrets behind the scary sales tactics used by some gold dealers.

Overview: 15 Bad Reasons to Buy Gold and Silver

Reason #1 @ 0:27: The Banks are going to take all your money away

Reason #2 @ 2:13: The Market is Going to Crash

Reason #3 @ 3:42: Guaranteed to make money

Reason #4 @ 4:17: Short-Term Profits

Reason #5 @ 4:38: Income from your portfolio

Reason #6 @ 4:55: Price Predictions

Reason #7 @ 6:03: Stoking Fear

Reason #8 @ 6:29: Free Gold and Silver

Reason #9 @ 7:26: Greed

Reason #10 @ 8:13: Ticking Clock

Reason #11 @ 9:04: Bad Mouthing

Reason #12 @ 9:44: Pressure

Reason #13 @ 10:15: Government Recall of Gold

Reason #14 @ 11:58: Non-Reportable Coins

Reason #15 @ 13:07: Investment Advise

Takeaways from the Video

We hope you got some good information from this video. The Plug's opinion is Augusta Precious Metals does more for customers to educate and inform that most other Gold IRA Dealers. They have the luxury of providing free information so individuals make informed decisions. Their clients are millionaires, like hall of famer Joe Montana, who asked his financial advisors to find him the most trusted and knowledgeable gold dealer to do business with. 

I'd like to address Reason #8. The Free Gold or Silver offers can be genuine. Some dealers offer silver that isn't worth any more than the current spot price but will sell them as unique or one-of-a-kind items with $10 or more premiums. This is where you need to be cautious. 

Even Augusta Precious Metals offers FREE IRA Fees for 10 years. If you're paying $100 for your custodian a year and $100 a year for your depository that's $200 per year or $2,000 over 10 years if you qualify. If I give you silver bullion valued at $5,000 but is worth $2,000 isn't that the same? You be the judge!

As for all the other tactics, these are hard-sell methods to get people to buy. Don't think just buying is what they want. If the deal is too good to be true, walk away. You are not a speculator and investor knows their assets and understands their values. 

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