KCPS students excel at Prep-KC’s math relays


On Saturday, Nov. 14, over 500 middle and high school students from six of Kansas City’s urban school districts participated in PREP-KC’s Annual Math Relays. Math Relays provide students with opportunities to complete in a regional mathematics competition. Students, teachers and parents from the region gather to celebrate student accomplishments in math. Students from Foreign Language Academy, Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts, Southwest Early College Campus and East High School did an exemplary job at this event and earned awards in many categories. Here are the results for each school:

2nd and 1st place Pre-Alpha Algebra
3rd place Pre-Alpha Geometry
2nd place Pre-Alpha Data
1st place Pre-Alpha ACT
4th place Gamma Number sense
2nd place Gamma Data
4th and 3rd place Gamma ACT
1st place Geometry Medley
4th place Gamma Algebra
2nd place Gamma Number Sense
4th and 2nd place Beta Algebra
3rd place Delta Algebra
2nd place Beta Number Sense
4th place Beta Data
3rd place Beta ACT
3rd place Algebra Medley
4th place Data Relay
4th place ACT relay
1st place Sigma Marathon