We are proud to announce the winners of the 2015-2016 Kansas City Public Schools Outstanding Authors Awards. This program honors secondary students from across KCPS for their superb work in narrative, informative and argumentative writing. Coordinated by KCPS Secondary Literacy/English Language Arts Teaching Methods Coach Scot Squires, the awards are one element of our goal to encourage students to write more, improve the quality of student writing, and celebrate student writing at all of our secondary schools.

KCPS Middle School Outstanding Authors
Narrative: Lily Haubrich, Lincoln Middle School – “Remembering Happiness When Others Cannot” (Read the Piece)
Informative: Lana Williams, Northeast Middle School – “Nelson Mandela’s Fight Against Apartheid” (Read the Piece)
Argument: Maggie Crawford, Foreign Language Academy – “The Case Against Longer School Days” (Read the Piece)

KCPS High School Outstanding Authors
Narrative: Tomson Touch, East High School – “Best Day Ever” (Read the Piece)
Informative: Aniyah Harris, Central High School – “Insider’s Guide to Kansas City” (Read the Piece)
Argument: Jose Rodriguez, East High School – “Allow Syrian Refugees in America” (Read the Piece)

Special Recognition
Scholastic Writing Awards: Keylisha Nelson, Paseo High School – Writing Portfolio
KCPS Cultural Analysis Writing: Akilah Banks, Southwest High School – “Powerful Manipulation of Prejudice in Slumdog Millionaire”
KCPS Nutrition Services Middle School Essay Contest: Merci Russell, Lincoln Middle School – “Importance of Eating Breakfast”
KCPS Nutrition Services High School Essay Contest: Alique Bhatti, Lincoln High School – “Breakfast: The Path to Success”