June 24, 2023

U.S. Money Reserve - Gold and Silver IRA and US Gold Authority

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Overview of U.S. Money Reserve

As stated on their website and as part of their slogan the U.S. Money Reserve is "America's Gold Authority". The company primarily does precious metals IRAs for retired individuals. However, they also will sell coins for cash to those interested in purchasing. 

The company has Philip N. Kiehl as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve. Who is Mr. Diehl? He was the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. 

While the slogan states "Trust The Leader in Precious Metals" their record of hard-selling gold and silver coins to the elderly has been documented for over a decade. We'll cover more about the company's reputation later, just wanted you to know who you are researching. 

The U.S. Money Reserve as taken from their website "The company is not affiliated with the U.S. Government and the U.S. Mint". Therefore, by doing your due diligence and researching more about this company you have learned that while it appears from T.V. and other advertisements that the U.S. Money Reserve may appear to be the U.S. Mint - IT IS NOT!

U.S. Money Reserve Rating Summary

The Plug overall Company Rating Summary is comprised of the ratings & reviews we find for the company in various resources including the BBB, Yelp, Google Business Profile, Business Consumer Alliance, and others. The website structure and ease of doing business also come into consideration. 

Overall Rating: 
3.5/5 stars

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Before we get started with the U.S. Money Reserve Review:

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Who is the U.S. Money Reserve?

As we mentioned earlier the U.S. Money Reserve is not affiliated with the U.S. Mint or the U.S. Government. These two points are important to get clear early on so you as the reader don't think the U.S. Money Reserve is in some way backed by the U.S. Government. 

The U.S. Money Reserve is a gold and silver dealer that specializes in setting up retirement savings protection through self-directed gold or silver IRAs. Precious metals IRAs are self-directed, which means you as the IRA owner choose which investments you want to place into the retirement fund. Not all precious metals, numismatics, or rare coins are allowed. And therefore it is beneficial to work with a reputable Gold IRA Dealer. 

As one of the largest distributors of government-issued precious metals in the United States, the representatives of the U.S. Money Reserve offer in-depth experience and knowledge of the precious metals market. 

While IRA-approved coins and bars are their primary online options, the U.S. Money Reserve also sells numismatics and rare coins, privately minted bullion, and specialty coins. 

It should be mentioned that the website mentions the U.S. Money Reserve is a member of the American Numismatic Associate, which is a club organization and we were unable to confirm the local club U.S. Money Reserve is part of. In addition, there is mention of being a member of the Professional Numismatics Guild (PNG) and again after searching the business name, CEO name, and Mr. Philip Diehl's name, we were unable to find a listing. Investors should clarify if they are still a member of these organization. Two additional numismatic and rare coin associations that many coin dealers are affiliate with are; NGC - Numismatic Guaranty Company and PCGS - Professional Coin Grading Services. 

U.S. Money Reserve Leadership

U.S. Money Reserve Leadership Philip N. Diehl

The leadership of the U.S. Money Reserve begins with Philip N. Diehl. Mr. Diehl is the former United States Mint Director and now he leads the company as President. 

Angela Roberts is the Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Money Reserve and she has been in that position since November 2003. Angela is involved in all aspects of the business. She believes strongly that people make a business and has positioned U.S. Money Reserve to be a trusted precious metals leader that always puts its customers and employees first. 

Benefits of Investing with US Money Reserve

U.S. Money Reserve stands as a prominent provider of precious metal bars and coins, boasting an impressive assortment of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products sourced from esteemed government mints worldwide. By choosing to buy from US Money Reserve, clients gain access to an array of benefits, including competitive pricing and a streamlined ordering process that prioritizes efficiency and security.

One of the notable advantages of working with US Money Reserve is its commitment to offering customers professional coin research services. Before releasing any product for sale, their dedicated research team thoroughly evaluates each item, ensuring that buyers receive only top-tier pieces supported by accurate market data.

Furthermore, US Money Reserve has established collaborations with industry experts who provide valuable insights on current market trends and recommend new investment opportunities tailored to individual customer requirements.

Setting itself apart from other precious metal dealers, US Money Reserve places paramount importance on delivering exceptional customer service. Every order is processed swiftly and securely, with a guarantee of completion within 24 hours or less. In the unlikely event of any shipping or delivery issues, the company offers complimentary replacement of any lost packages.

Current business practices have a 30 days cancelation policy for orders if a customer is not satisfied with their package or metals. These comprehensive protection policies ensure that clients' investments are safeguarded against unforeseen circumstances.

U.S. Money Reserve IRA:

Take control over your retirement with a gold IRA. Retirement Savings can be conserved and preserved through the purchase of gold and silver metals. Understanding the process and working with the most reputable companies is vital for the success of a portfolio. 

Retirement IRA

Current Special U.S. Money IRA Offers

  • Special Bonus Offer of up to $18,500 in Silver 
  • IRA Buyback Advantage - best buy back program in the industry
  • $0.00 that's ZERO fees for new accounts, rollover or transfer fees, and storage and administration fees for the first year

Why Invest in a Self-Directed Gold IRA

Investing in a self-directed gold IRA offers numerous advantages that make it an attractive option for individuals seeking to diversify their portfolios, generate profits, enjoy tax advantages, conserve wealth, and allocate retirement savings to a physical asset. Here are five compelling reasons why a self-directed gold IRA is considered one of the best investment choices:

  1. Diversification: A self-directed gold IRA allows investors to diversify their portfolios beyond traditional assets like stocks and bonds. Gold has historically exhibited a low correlation with other investment classes, acting as a valuable hedge against market volatility and economic uncertainties.
  2. Profit Potential: Gold has consistently demonstrated the potential for long-term appreciation. As a finite resource with increasing global demand, gold prices have historically risen over time, providing investors with the opportunity to generate substantial profits.
  3. Tax Advantages: Investing in a self-directed gold IRA offers potential tax advantages. By utilizing a tax-advantaged retirement account, such as a Traditional or Roth IRA, investors can enjoy tax deferral or tax-free growth on their gold investments, depending on the type of account chosen.
  4. Wealth Conservation: Gold has served as a store of value for centuries, preserving wealth across generations. In times of economic instability, gold has often retained its intrinsic worth, providing a reliable means of wealth conservation and protection against inflation and currency devaluation.
  5. Retirement Savings Allocation: Including physical gold in a self-directed IRA allows individuals to allocate a portion of their retirement savings to a tangible asset. This allocation provides a sense of security and stability, as physical gold is not dependent on the performance of financial markets, offering a reliable and tangible component to retirement planning.

In summary, a self-directed gold IRA offers you the ability to control a portion of your retirement savings and investments. Having the ability to take full advantage of the same IRA rules, the SDIRA gives you the control you have never had.

US Money Reserve Benefits of a Gold IRA

How To Set Up a Gold IRA With US Money Reserve

Getting started with a new gold IRA is a three-step process:

  1. Choose a Custodian - US Money Reserve Preferred Custodian Partner is Equity Trust
  2. Fund Your Account - Work with your custodian and current IRA or 401(k) to rollover a portion of your account.
  3. Purchase Your Metals - Once you have the funds, you will work with a representative of US Money Preserve to choose the best metals that qualify for the IRA, but also work to be the best option for your retirement plan.
  4. Delivery to Depository - After you purchase U.S. Money Reserve work with your depository and handle the delivery of the metals.
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Is U.S. Money Reserve a Reputable Gold Dealer

The question is, is their reputation good enough to invest with?

U.S. Money Reserve is a precious metals dealer and they have been in business for 21 years according to the BBB. 

The history of complaints for the U.S. Money Reserve can be found if you search that goes back 10-12 years. Like all precious metals retailers and dealers, there is a percentage of disgruntled customers that post their experiences. While many have a leg to stand on, in today's world we know there are fake reviews on many review service websites. To trust each review is difficult. A business can pay for fake reviews to bump up their star rating hoping people won't read the reviews. Well at The Plug we read the reviews.

Here is what we found for U.S. Money Reserve. You can click the Link button and be taken directly to the review services webpage for U.S. Money Reserve. 

Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

  • Link to BBB page
  • A+ Accredited business. Should be noted that the business was just accredited in April 2020 while being in business for 20 years prior.
  • 3.82 Stars out of 5
  • 51 customer reviews
  • 23 Complaints Closed in the past 3 years
  • 5 Complaints Closed in the past 12 months


  • Link to the Yelp Page
  • 4 Reviews on Yelp
  • 1 out of 5 Star Rating
  • The oldest review found was in 2011 and the most recent on Yelp was in 2019

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

  • Link to the BCA Page
  • 7 Reviews
  • AAA Company Rating
  • Complaint Experience 100%
  • 1 Complaint in the past 3 years

Google Business Page

  • 3.4 out of 5 Star Rating
  • 49 Google Reviews

The issues found with U.S. Money Reserve were broad but three major issues continued to come up.

  1. Constant Calling to Sell Products - multiple complaints about hard selling and multiple calls when individuals asked them to stop calling.
  2. Cancelled Orders or No Delivery of Product - many had extensive delays in delivery or orders were canceled because the product was never mailed.
  3. Selling to the Elderly - many complaints filed were from kids of elderly parents who said their parents were sold products overpriced.  

Finding a reputable dealer can sometimes be difficult. We have a guide to help new investors called How to Choose the Right Gold or Silver Dealer for Your Savings.

U.S. Money Reserve Products

US Money Reserve Products

Final Thoughts On U.S. Money Reserve

While we believe U.S. Money Reserve is a viable option for you to purchase precious metals and even open a Gold IRA. It is our opinion that there are other businesses you should consider before agreeing with this company.

The positive is they have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, while it may be difficult to cancel or return an order they appear to stand behind this cancelation period.

Check out our 5 Best Gold IRA Companies for more options before you invest with U.S. Money Reserve. The top three businesses have good reputations overall. 

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