KCPS launches Blueprint 2030 – framing our future


KCPS launches Blueprint 2030 – framing our future
KCPS is embarking upon an engagement process that will capture how we approach the future of schools in our school district and community. This process of engaging our school district and community will be an opportunity to gather voices and participate in conversations that are important to the future of our schools.  What an opportunity to help shape and refine our plans for the future – an opportunity in which we invite all of our school and community stakeholders to participate.   


Blueprint 2030 will define how KCPS should serve students in the future and the system-level changes we need to take to get there. 

KCPS wants to ensure all children living within the school district boundaries have access to a quality Pre-K through 12 educational experience and graduate ready for college, career and life. KCPS has been making great strides in academic achievement, but we know that additional progress is needed to better serve all our students.   


Blueprint 2030 is a year-long planning and community engagement effort that will define how KCPS should serve students in the future and the system-level changes we need to take to get there. It is a blueprint for the future that maximizes KCPS resources, improves efficiencies, and enhances the educational experience and academic outcomes for all students.  

During Blueprint 2030, KCPS will work with our staff, parents, students and the KC community to: 

  • Conduct an assessment and evaluation of our current school system (where are we now?) 
  • Establish goals for the future (where do we want to be?)  
  • Evaluate scenarios (what options do we have for getting us from where we are now to where we want to be?)  
  • Identify recommendations for action (how do we get there?) 

Community feedback is critical to the success of Blueprint 2030.  We want you to be involved in this process. 

Engagement Series
Join us! We are looking for thoughts and suggestions as we navigate our Blueprint 2030 process. These engagement series opportunities are provided for our students, families, staff and community. We welcome participation! 

KCPS will be offering several platforms and venues for staff and community engagement. Our Engagement Series is designed to collaborate with and listen to our staff and community. There will be opportunities for in-person conversations through focus groups and town hall meetings.  There are also opportunities for input through online surveys.

Our first community survey is currently live and has been for a few months. We encourage our community to participate using this link:

Hanover Survey – Community Survey Link

It is important to us that we release thoughts, feedback and input from these focus group and survey results. These staff and community feedback items are starting points that we will continue to refine based on our engagement efforts and further analysis with our partners.  

In the coming weeks, stay tuned for a Blueprint 2030 website dedicated to our Blueprint 2030 process.  

Also, stay tuned for involvement opportunities – the first one being an invitation to help with the Blueprint 2030 advisory team. If you would like to be involved with the Blueprint 2030 advisory team, please email communications@kcpublicschools.org.  

We look forward to this journey and we will continue to keep our public updated along the way. 

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