‘KCPS Connects’ Means Steps In the Right Direction

Nov. 5 event relinks the school system with its neighborhoods


Kansas City, November 16, 2016:  Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Mark Bedell and hundreds of school system leaders, staff, parents and volunteers fanned out across the city to interact with the community during the “KCPS Connects” event Saturday, Nov. 5. The event was an opportunity for KCPS to share many of the positive things that are happening in the school system and to have one-on-one conversations with stakeholders.

img_6683Dr. Bedell joined Principal Anthony Madry and his team at Central Academy of Excellence as they focused on talking to parents of students who were being marked as dropouts. Thanks to their efforts, Madry and his crew were able to begin the process of re-enrolling several students. Similar progress was made by event participants throughout KCPS.

Later in the day, Dr. Bedell and the team from Central Academy gathered together at Wild Woody’s Happy Food Center to get fired up by the school’s cheer squad and talk with patrons on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. From Dr. Bedell’s perspective, the event was a success because it showed community members that the school system was willing to go to them to have important conversations.

“I see today as one more step towards rebuilding trust with our parents, partners and neighbors,” Dr. Bedell said. “They’re seeing us out here on a Saturday, sharing good news and listening to their concerns, and that’s going to make a huge positive impression.”