Tech to Relieve Stress


Anxious parents, restless students and deadlines making you feel undone at the end of the school year? Try tech to relieve some stress! Through your Employee Assistance Program (EAP), dozens of tools are available to help you breathe easier in the Stress Toolkit on the EAP website:

Apps: stress trackers, meditation and breathing exercises, mindfulness and relaxation resources

Stress test: take a short assessment to discover your sources of stress, then find strategies to improve them

Courses: learn to best manage conflict, your time and resources through several self-paced learning sessions. Access by selecting “Personal Directions” and clicking on Personal Growth.

Resources: visit the Health Resource Library to read dozens of articles on how you can avoid being overwhelmed at home and on the job. Access by selectingPersonal Directions”.
Grab your smartphone or tablet and take a few minutes each day to try something new and find your way to your best self. Couple this with a few free counseling sessions through your EAP and set yourself up for a healthy, relaxing summer. Call 800-624-5544 or go online at Select “For Individuals and Families” and use KCPS as your company login code.