Feeling Stressed?


Wave your wand and make it disappear

Stress is more than a feeling; it’s a reaction. And if managing stress was as easy as waving a wand, wouldn’t we all be stress free? Eliminating stress from your life isn’t magic, it takes time, but once you can identify your reactions, then you can control and better manage your stress.

Identify Your Reactions – keep a journal for a week or two to help you track your reactions. Reactions may be: pain, anger, overeating, etc.
Manage Your Stress – these are just a few techniques you can try:
scale back on your obligations
set realistic goals for what you can accomplish in a day
get more sleep each night
Remember stress won’t just magically disappear. Blue KC can help you or a family member find care. New Directions Behavioral Health (an independent company that manages Blue KC’s behavioral health benefits) is available to provide assistance for members suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, alcohol or substance abuse or any other behavioral health condition.

For more information or a referral to a New Directions Behavioral Health specialist, call the phone number listed on your Blue KC member ID card.