Getting Into the ‘Spirit’ of Halloween

Well-earned day of fun promotes creativity and parent engagement


Kansas City, November 1, 2016:  Kansas City Public Schools had a frighteningly fun Halloween 2016.

Students, staff and parents across KCPS tapped into their creative genius and took a well-earned opportunity to enjoy themselves during a half-day of school on Monday, Oct. 31. Superheroes, ghouls, Ghostbusters, gumball machines, robots, fairy tale and cartoon characters, princesses, pirates and other unusual occupants roamed classrooms, hallways and playgrounds.

img_6488Several schools, including Border Star Montessori, Longfellow Elementary and Trailwoods Elementary, organized playground parades where costumed students could show-off their creativity while collecting treats from parents and staff. Many teachers let their classes enjoy Halloween parties with music and games.

All of this Halloween fun actually serves a very important educational purpose, according to Border Star Principal Adrienne White. Halloween parties and parades are a reminder that creativity should be enjoyable and a shared learning experience.

“It’s a tradition here at Border Star to let our students express themselves during holidays like Halloween,” Ms. White said. “Showcasing student talent has to be part of our schools and this is one part of that. They learn self-confidence and they learn how to embrace creativity.”

Parent participation is another great excuse for schools to celebrate Halloween.

“I’m in favor of anything that encourages parents to get into our schools,” White said. “Once they’re here, we can leverage that to get them even more involved. This is an entry way for engagement.”

img_6507After nearly three months of intense classwork, the end of October is a great time to take a break, White added.

“Our students and staff deserve it because they’ve worked hard,” she said.

As for the candy, White pointed out that Border Star and the other schools in the system do an excellent job of promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. It’s OK to allow children a day for some sweet treats.
“We always tell our students that anything in moderation is fine,” White said. “We are teaching them to make responsible and reasonable choices.”