August 3, 2022


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Money Metals: Is This Business a Scam?

If you are looking for an online gold and silver supplier of coins and bars you can be sure Money Metals can handle your needs. 

Stefan Gleason is the founder and President of Money Metals Exchange. The company was founded n 2010 and he believes that the casual investor in gold and silver should not be buying rare, collectible, and numismatic coins as they are generally marketed up above their melt value.

A belief of Gleason's is that coin prices above melt value are rare and those who buy and sell rare coins need to have a deep understanding of their history and value.

Gleason's focus is on precious metals that are easily tradeable. You should be able to price the coin to the market and not worry about markup in coin prices that is not recoverable. 

Money Metals Exchange prides itself on being discreet, dependable, and extremely competitive on pricing. 

Currently, Money Metals Exchange is managed by Clint Siegner and Mike Gleason. Both men joined the Money Metals Exchange family in 2010 and run the daily business operations. 

Money Metals Exchange is a full-service precious metals company that also does a little more for clients than other gold and silver businesses. 

  • They offer the ability to buy or sell your bullion
  • They have a secure storage facility to house your assets
  • You can get a loan against your gold or silver
  • You can join their monthly investment plan
  • They will work with your self-directed IRA.

Having the ability to work with one company and get all your needs met can make the investment process in gold and silver a much more simple process.

Vault Silver

Money Metals Exchange Investment Philosophy

At Money Metals the belief is that the dollar is weak and the long-term viability and value of gold and silver along with all other precious metals will climb in value. The company was founded due to Stefan Gleason's concerns over the advertisement and marketing practices of business selling and touting the value of rare coins, collectibles, and numismatic coins having a significant value above the melt price. Truth is, there are few that can offer you the melt price of these products, as they have to cover the overhead cost of their business and that is why the prices is more speculative versus actual.

Mr. Gleason is the Director of the Sound Money Defense League. This group is focused on restoring gold and silver to their historic role as America's constitutional money. They work both at the state and federal levels to provide factual information regarding the government's devaluation of the dollar and its economic impact on the American people. 

Given the economic turmoil, financial systems uncertainty, and inflation the value of the individual dollar has decreased. A means to hedge against these factors is to hold gold or silver outside of the "markets". 

Owning physical gold allows you to have two things...

  1. Hedge Inflation
  2. Appreciation in Value

It's right there in black and white, the price of precious metals specifically gold and silver have seen significant gains in value over the past 30 years. Yes, there are individual times the spot price has declined, but overall the value has increased. 

Investors need to hedge inflation and diversify their portfolios. A good option is buying physical gold and silver. 

Current Specials Offered

At times Money Metals has some overstock items that are being discounted to liquidate. The products may change but here are a few they are currently offering.     ** subject to change so check out their website to get more updated information.

Rare 2016 1oz Gold Libertads, .999 Pure, BU Condition

1 troy ounce, .999 pure gold coin


Graded Silver Half Dollars

1964 90% Kennedy Half Dollars 




2-gram Gold Bar - Brand Our Choice, NO Assay

2 grams of .999 troy ounces of gold

Buy Gold and Silver

Money Metals Exchange Has A Large Selection of Precious Metals to Choose From

When you head over to the Money Metals website you will find a LARGE selection of coins and bars to choose from. 

The benefit of shopping online is you have the price for the product right in front of you when you add the gold or silver to your checkout. 

The coins and bars acceptable for your self-directed IRA are also marked clearly so you don't need to do any research on whether it is approved or not. Money Metals has done the work for you. The convenience of prices on the website gives you the opportunity to compare prices with other precious metals companies or your local coin dealer.

Here are a few options currently being offered. Check out the website to get all the current offerings available. 

What Other Products Does Money Metals Carry

Copper - Bullion Rounds, Bars, & Pennies

Pre-Made Precious Metals Portfolios - Get a unique portfolio of investment ideas including

  • 9-piece Silver Starter Kit
  • Gold/Silver Investment Portfolio

Gift Ideas - Celebrate Special Occasions

  • Gold Bracelet - Wearable 1-troy ounce
  • Wood Box Displays for Coins
  • Gold and Silver Books for Investment Information
  • Book Safe - to secure your investment at home

Goldback - Spendable Pure Gold Bullion - several denominations available


What Other Services Does Money Metals Provide?

Yes, start by looking at Money Metals for all your purchasing needs for gold and silver, but also consider them for all the other services and unique offerings they provide. 

Buy Gold or Silver - large selection of offerings from coins to bars, junk silver, and Goldbacks

Sell Gold or Silver - Money Metals wants your precious metals. They typically purchase similar items to those they offer on their website but will consider other bullion as well. It does not matter if you originally purchased from Money Metals they will buy from anyone. 

Secured Depository Storage of your Gold and Silver - whether you purchase with CASH or through your IRA Money metals have their secure storing facility.

IRA Programs - Money Metals works directly with your IRA and helps you choose the right precious metals to diversify your portfolio. They do not set up the IRA, you would need to have the IRA set up and funded, but they will help you purchase the precious metals that qualify and with their secure storage depository you can be sure they will safely hold your assets. 

Monthly Gold or Silver Savings Plan - here is a unique option not found with other precious metals dealers. You can get on a monthly investment plan where once a month they will set up an automatic withdrawal and invest those funds into your gold and silver physical assets. You can bank up your funds and purchase once you have an amount collected to buy specific items or you can invest monthly based on your account balance. This is called dollar-cost-averaging and you get prices based on current spot pricing. 

Loans Against Your Precious Metals - Borrow against your current portfolio of Gold and Silver. Another unique offering by Money Metals. Instead of selling your precious metals when times get tough, you can get a loan against your investments. They offer low-interest rates and interest-only payments, a 75% LTV ratio against your portfolio, they have a quick underwriting process, and you store your metals in their secured storage facility while in the loan timeframe.

Is Money Metals Exchange a Scam?

No, Money Metals is not a scam, they are a legitimate business operating out of Eagle, Idaho. They do not have a storefront where you can shop for investment gold, but you are able to contact them through their website or via the phone. 

Money Metals started operations in 2010 by Stefan Gleason and has been in existence since that time. They have been named "BEST IN USA" by Investopedia and have an A+ Rating by the BBB.

We typically look at two to four different sites with reviews and information to provide our readers with a clear understanding of how others feel about companies. Here is the information we found from the BBB, Trustpilot, and the company's Facebook page.

BBB Logo by The Plug

The Better Business Bureau has Money Metals Exchange rated as an A+

They have a 4.31 out 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating

They have 144 Customer Reviews

38 Customer Complaints in the last 3 years

13 Complaints closed in the last 12 months

Complaints on the BBB:

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Answered


All the coins i got in my order # ******* had marks on all the coins. they were advertised online as **. I thought they were a reputable company but I'm thinking maybe i was wrong. So basically i paid allot of money and got coins with a looks like a glue marks on all of them and they take your **** dollars.

Business Response


We will replace coins with condition issues significant enough to impact the item's value or marketability. Our products should be delivered in good, marketable condition. It is important to note that these products are commodity items which are manufactured to balance cost with condition. In other words, bullion coins, rounds and bars are not made to be perfect. That is understood in the marketplace so items with minor blemishes can be sold later without penalty.  Had the client let us know of this issue, we would have assisted him in evaluating. We generally request the client take a photo and send it to us. If the items need to be replaced, we do that at no charge to the client. 

Customer Response


Talking to ***** this morning he seemed to be uninterested in customers comments or complaints and a business such as this must be investigated fully, even bullion coins are made at the mint and must have NO makings on them to be considered BU (bright uncirculated) and there for are sold in violation of the fair trade act statures and thus they must be held accountable for there violations of policies


I am rejecting this response because:



Business Response


The client is not being truthful about the exchange we had. I asked the client to provide photos of the blemishes on the coins for evaluation. The photo provided was blurry and useless for making any determination. We requested better quality images. The client was told if we can determine the coins are below standard, we will replace them at our expense. Instead of returning photos the client responded with another smear on our company with the BBB. Based upon the extraordinarily combative tone and the refusal to provide backup for the claims made, we will not be able to resolve the client's issue.

Customer Response


The companies statements about my combative tone first of all is not appropriate, actually ***** is more combative because he has to hide the companies corrupt business practices, deception and scams.
How can i be untruthful if all i really want to do is return all the coins for a full refund. Yet if he makes a case for customers who got scammed by his company for not being truthful no one will investigate all there business scam Money metals exchange perpetrates on there customers.
I received a email from ***** to take more pictures so i did, being upset that they all were flowed (because the first 6 wore flawed) I was relieved to find just 6 that are flawed with the spot, I even thought (I counted the 3 times) 34 coins and paid for 36 but later I found 1 so I may be missing 1. Honestly I dont know why hes doing this without something to hide.
If we can move forward with a full investigation of there business im sure you will find what he wants to cover up so fast. 

Complaint: 17205772

I am rejecting this response because:



Complaint Type: Delivery Issues

Status: Answered


SO ***ET!!!! First time I purchased online from this company. On the *** online tracking it stated the items were delivered to my front door, I NEVER RECEIVED THEM!! The order delivery required a signature, who signed for my delivery??? I called the company and they told me that I only had two days from the *** listed delivery date, to report to them that I didn't get my order....TWO DAYS??? I didn't even know that I didn't get my order until after two days had passed. I had paid to insure the product, but after two days it was invalid??? Money Metals Exchange, LLC., told me that I would have to file a claim with *** because it was over their two day period. I have never encountered this before after paying for insurance!! BUYER BEWARE!!! I will NEVER buy from them again!! Very shady practice!!!

Business Response


It is very important the client let us know in a timely manner when the carrier is reporting successful delivery but the package was not received. We provide tracking information and clients do bear some responsibility for monitoring the shipment and being able to accept delivery near the estimated delivery time.  In this instance, the client did not notify us until 11 days after the package was reported as delivered. Time is of the essence in this circumstance. The passage of 11 days makes it difficult for the mail carrier to remember details about the shipment. It is possible the client was away for an extended period of time when delivery was made. It is also the client or someone in the household received the shipment and the package was placed somewhere out of the way, and that has been forgotten. It gets difficult to ascertain exactly what happened after so much time so we do ask clients to watch the progress of packages and let us know promptly if something goes amiss.

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

Status: Answered


I entered into a savings plan with MMX. I missed a deposit. The liquidated the savings plan and deducted $650.11 from my savings plan. I had already bought over **** dollars. Worth of bullion. They sent me a check back for $309.56. I called and they told me that they had to buy the bullion and that is the reason why they took that money. Never received an email from them. I just received a check and a letter stating my account was liquidated. Acct number *******

Business Response


The client is incorrect. She placed two orders and failed to pay for the second. She did not purchase more than $1000 worth of bullion, she purchased roughly half that amount. The amount returned to the client was reduced by market losses associated with both orders and NSF fees for the failed payment. 

Complaint Type: Advertising/Sales Issues

Status: Answered


i ordered a pre **** $5 Gold Indian Head coin from Money Metals Exchange,at PObox ****,***** **,83616,on Feb ***************#******,,item Description #SKU 126,$5 Indian Head [1908/1916&1929]0.2419 **** oz Gold,the coin shows to be AU condition,spot price for gold $1858.35,i paid top price with my personel ck#****,$759.71,my coin was delivered on 03/08/2022,the company says Satisfaction Guaranteed!!&Most Trusted!!.The coin i received had considerable ****!i sent photos of the coin i ordered[taken on 2/16/2022&the coin i received],a *******************************,said the coin was cleaned/polished&had extensive ****,she said it was in stardard condition,and they would not exchange it for another coini have never heard of that term,but i would put it in the ***** category,all coin dealers&consumers know you don't clean 100 yr ,old coins,i ask for a Return Lable to be sent&i had not seen no such description on order page or information page,if I had seen the cleaning&ware description,i would not have bought it---i have been buying a lot of Gold&Silver&when i can't find it local i go on line,i have deal with several co.on line&they were satisfactory,i have a pre **** $20 Gold coin coming from JM Bullion now.This is the first&last time with Money Metals,all my coins are AU&above. The owner *************************,said i would have to pay return shipping,,,i don't trust these people now worth a ****! so thats where the BBB comes in,,also i will send photos with my phone tomorrow morning.---i tried to send this info yesterday,but i think it didn't go,i got a message from the BBB today,,but there was nothing there?-----thanks ******* D Falls

Business Response


The client ordered a coin with the following description prominently displayed and underlined on our website: "These coins may be in polished or cleaned condition and are NOT slabbed or graded. Some coins may have extensive wear." We do not know why the client was expecting a coin with an AU grade, because we go out of our way to make clear condition will vary. As an accommodation, we offered a full refund without the customary restocking fee. We consider this more than fair given the client received exactly what he ordered. Our company bore the cost of the order processing and shipment. If the client returns the coin, he will receive a full refund. We will not cover the cost of return shipping. The client must take responsibility for ordering an item that did not meet his requirement, despite a VERY clear product description.

Customer Response


Complaint: 16881730

I am rejecting this response because:  the coin pictured on the order page was what i was expecting,,its what i PAID! for,Im losing money every day that Gold goes up,its at $1931.65 now $73.30 higher than when i dealt with MM,$202 at one point.--He's lucky anyone does business with him at all,,*************************,owner says,,"We sell these coins by the Thousands"--so in responce to his statment ON the **** page SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!,i am requesting a return lable,,its the least ***** can do,it will improve his status,and maybe one day ill do business with him again,,and one more thing,ive yet to see the wore out statment



Reviews Found on BBB Website

  • Review from Jacob A

    5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    I've not been able to invest much with the current market, only a few oz. of silver. However, my purchase was received promptly and very well packaged. I'm weighing my options because I'd like to store some value before the economy recedes, and MMX is at the top of my list.

    Money Metals Exchange, LLC Response


    Thank you for your business!

    • Review from Doretta E.

      5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


      No matter how hard I tried, the website was telling me I was banned! So I made the phone call. I have a mail forwarding address and apparently someone or others who use the same mail forwarding service have been banned. They did not make a distinction between the private mailbox numbers. After about 45 minutes of frustration, I called. That's when I found out about the problem with mail forwarding address. Not only did they ship me my order which included the free gold back I had said to the gentleman after the frustration I just experienced I think you are to include another free go back. And guess what they did! So I'm very happy with my subscription and with being able to resolve a problem.

      Money Metals Exchange, LLC Response


      Glad we were able to fix your problem. Thanks for the business!

    Review from david c

    5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    Fast Shipping and three day deliveries, I have a beautiful stash of gold and silver . If you compare MME prices to others like Apmex or *** Bullion the prices are way cheaper. More bang for your buck. I will continue to buy from MME for years to come.

    Money Metals Exchange, LLC Response


    Very glad to hear you found we have good pricing and that you were pleased with the service. We are grateful for your business!

  • Review from Ken D

    1 star ⭐️


    Last month I placed my first order with Money Metals, platinum and silver coins, in part because of the advertised promotion of a free Goldback with any order placed over a certain amount. I doubt that I would even consider purchasing a Goldback because I don't see the point but getting one free with my order interested me enough to go through with my purchase. Upon receiving my order, which was well packaged and in excellent condition, I found that a Goldback had not been included. Upon realizing this I immediately contacted their "white glove" support to notify them of the oversight and here is their response:"Hi Mr. ********** Thank you for reaching out! I'm sorry you did not receive your goldback bonus on your recent order. We'd be happy to included that with the next order that you place. We apologize for the inconvenience, and if you need any further assistance, please let us know.Warmest regards,***********************"Instead of assistance I would like someone to explain why I need to place another order to receive an item that should have been included with my original order?I also feel it's a bit arrogant of Money Metals to think that after not following through on their advertised promotional offer that I would even consider doing any future business with them or that I should believe they would honor their offer to add the free Goldback to another purchase.I don't care about the Goldback but I do find it important to be able to trust a company that I do business with and unfortunately my first experience with Money Metals has left me doubting that I can trust them, and not at all impressed with their customer service. Really ********************************************** is this the best you can do?

    Money Metals Exchange, LLC Response


    Sorry for any confusion, but your first order was placed using a different promotion. You purchased a "starter kit" at our cost. The promotion cannot normally be combined with another promotion. In your case, we made an accommodation and noted your account with instructions to send the free goldback with your next purchase. I regret if this was not all made clear in our communication with you.

  • trustpilot-logo

    30 Reviews on Trustpilot

    2.3 out of 5 Stars

    Reviews Found on Trustpilot Website

    Customers Beware

    Dave and Jan here - we lost a little but learned a lot. Their products from Money Metals Exchange are questionable at best regarding purity of the metals, the weights (you receive always less than advertized) and the quality of the products are mediocre at best. Do not be surprised if you receive a product that you didn’t order, because they can substitute at will. If you call customer service, they are rude and unhelpful and direct you to the fine print of their services agreement. The shipping is atrocious, assuming the product even arrives, since again, according to the fine print, shipping is your responsibility. It is interesting that they only post glowing reports on their website since they won’t post negative reviews, but on Trust Pilot, they rate 2.4/5 stars, with 67% rating them bad and 78% poor to bad. Also interesting is the excellent reviews regarding Money Metals Exchange on Trust Pilot are almost exactly the same as those that appear on their website. Consumer, you have been warned, beware of this company and purchase elsewhere at such reputable firms such as Kitco, AmPex, JM Bullion or Silver-Gold Bullion that stand by their products, shipping and customer service.

    Money Metals has always done very well

    Money Metals has always done very well. My orders have shipped in a timely fashion and they have been spot on in accuracy. Spoke to customer service about a discount that I was not getting.They politely did a phone order so that I would be sure to get it. Later, I realized that I was not really eligible for the discount but they gave it to me gladly any way. Also like their discounts for repeat purchases..

    MME says they arw only responsible to get my order to the shipper and its my responsibility to insure it arrives.

    MME, charge me extra for shipping and when usps failed to delivery they told me once they gave it to the shipper, it was no longer their responsiblility and I was responsible to track the package and insure it gets delivered. I am a truck driver and im hardly home, so now I have to take time off from work to travrl to pick up the package from the post office before they send it back and if I cant get back to the area fast enough MME says im S.O.L if they send it back, dispite paying f or the insured delivery.


    173 Reviews for Money Metals Exchange on Facebook

    4.5 out of 5 stars rating

    Reviews Found on Facebook

    Xaviro Junior  recommends Money Metals Exchange.

    I enjoyed my experience with my account managers service, This was my first time buying and investing BTC(BITCOIN), and while there were definitely some missteps on my end, your customer support was excellent and made it all fairly painless, and at the end of everything I got my complete profits. I just tried with a little amount of $500 and just within 7 working days, I got a total return of $6,500 I am really grateful sir some of your competitors could learn a thing or two from you Mr. Jackson Email or WhatsApp if you are having difficulties in investing on forex/stock trading.Email: is.jacksonrobert@gmail.comWhastapp:+1 (657) 366-7359

    Erick Brown  doesn't recommend Money Metals Exchange.

    worthless customer service... once this company puts it in the mail they seem to think it's no longer their problem....I won't be recommending this company and I'll do no more business with them either...

    Pros and Cons of Money Metals Exchange

    • Large Selection of Precious Metals to choose from  
    • Good Prices at or near Spot Price in many situations 
    • Offer a monthly investment option for better dollar-cost-averaging purchases 
    • You can buy within your IRA
    • Secured Depository offered by Money Metals Depository
    • Based on reviews there many complaints are related to customer service
    • Online only - no storefront - however, many precious metals companies don't have storefronts
    • Prices and Fees are confusing 

    Final Thoughts on Money Metals Exchange

    Money Metals is a viable option for investors to purchase their precious metals. The company offers and does more than just sell precious metals. Having a business that will help with IRA purchases, lend against your current assets, and offer a monthly service to purchase allowing a dollar-cost-average option makes this company a reasonable option when investing.

    Like other businesses we strongly suggest you do your own due diligence before making any investment purchase. We provide reasonably available information for you to help gather any and all information that will inform our readers. 

    With any business, you have individuals who love them and who can't find good in anything they do. You have the same with Money Metals Exchange. Many complaints are anonymous and with that, you need to consider the source. In today's world, it is easy to have competitors or services writing negative reviews with no face to a name. We believe you should consider all the information and review the company before making investing choices. 

    If you are not comfortable with purchasing online, reach out on the phone to talk with a live person to get all your questions answered. 

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