Richardson Pre-K Students, Staff Write Children’s Book

Richardson Early Childhood Pre-K Children's Book Dr. Bedell

Alphabets, numbers, colors and more are all part of early childhood development. While most preschoolers use cut out letters to learn their alphabet, students at Richardson Early Learning center created their own book.

The idea of teacher Lezley King and assistant Ivory Lake, the book was a collaboration of work of the students in their classroom. Titled “Ff is for Fish”, the book was developed with an emphasis on fish. Each child was assigned a letter and during small group time, King worked with each child to write and illustrate the pages. They used storybooks, magazines and pictures of fish and fishing related elements as inspiration for their pages.

“I am really proud of the work the children put into writing this book,” King said. “It was a joy to see what they learned during our project about fish and the alphabet. The project was truly driven by the children’s curiosity and their initiative in learning.”

At the end of the project, students had the opportunity to fish in a special pool filled with bluegill and bass fish. In addition, they visited Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead for a real-life fishing trip.

The project started January 24 and was completed on March 10 when it was sent to Student Treasures Publishing where they returned the completed hardback book. Books are available for purchase from; use pin number 3611091 when ordering.