Truman Medical Centers Instilling Healthy Lifestyle Habits at KCPS


There are many factors that can affect a student’s ability to learn and thrive in school. Truman Medical Centers (TMC) partnership with KCPS focuses on the link between health and education.  TMC’s Community Health Strategies & Innovation (CHSI) delivers health programs to several KCPS schools to instill healthy lifestyle habits at a young age. Additionally, the CHSI team introduces students to career options in the health care field. There are so many careers besides being a doctor or a nurse (though doctors and nurses are pretty cool, too.)!

One way the CHSI team teaches the students is through the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market.  The Healthy Harvest Mobile Market serves as a ‘Classroom on Wheels’ because, in addition to healthy food access, nutrition education/literacy is heavily emphasized. The bus becomes an extension of the classroom and acts as an exciting ‘field trip’ for the students. The students enter the bus, receive a bag of fresh produce, and learn about topics, such as ‘farm vs. factory’, and the benefits of a nutritious diet. The bus delivers fresh and affordable produce throughout Jackson County, and accepts all payment options!

To access the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market’s schedule, and learn more about TMC’s Community Health programming, click the link below:

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Luther Okeyo is the Graphic Designer and Videographer for Kansas City Public Schools. Luther graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Graphic Design in 2015. Luther began working for the district in 2016.