Trio of Manual Career Tech Scholars Win Hope Scholarships

Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education (HOPE) Scholarship prepares students for skilled positions at the Kansas City National Security Campus


Kansas City, April 26, 2019: Thanks to PrepKC and the Honeywell corporation, three students who take classes at Manual Career and Technical Education Center have more than just hope as they prepare for their careers.

PrepKC recently announced that Central Academy of Excellence senior Bryan Soto, East High School junior Shawnee Warren and Southeast High School junior Aalisha Hoskin have been awarded Honeywell Opportunity for Prosperity through Education (HOPE) Scholarships. The trio all attend half-day programs at Manual Career Tech.

Aalisha Hoskin
Bryan Soto
Shawnee Warren

The HOPE Scholarship Program is for students with great character and a strong work ethic, according to PrepKC Career Academies Coordinator Danielle Binion. Awards range from $1,000 to a full-ride scholarship for each year of the full-time enrollment in a two-year trade or technical program at a local community college. The scholarship is renewable for up to three years, pending good academic standing and awards are based on multiple measures such as intended field of study (aligned career path at Honeywell), academic achievement, character, work experience, and financial need.

Once selected, HOPE scholarship students are matched with a Honeywell mentor to guide them and prepare them for skilled positions at Honeywell’s Kansas City National Security Campus. These are modern manufacturing jobs in support of national security.

Mr. Soto recently enrolled at Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley. Ms. Warren and Ms. Hoskin will receive their scholarships when they enroll in a qualifying college in 2020.

The scholarships are the result of hard work on the part of the three students and timely support from Manual Career Tech staff, according to Kansas City Public Schools Director of Career and Technical Education Rashawn Caruthers and Principal Tammecca Maxwell. Secondary Counselor Angela Rainey learned about the scholarships and recognized the opportunity to benefit some of her students at Manual.

“Ms. Rainey held workshops and watched webinars with her students to ensure that they were on track with their scholarship applications,” Ms. Caruthers said. “It’s a very demanding, detailed process. A lot of students give up if they don’t have that support and guidance.”


  1. It seems you got my enlisted college incorrect. I enlisted in Penn Valley not Longview since its closer to my location. – Bryan