The Forecast Calls for Reading at Wheatley Elementary

Students get donated books plus a special visit by 41 Action News Meteorologist and author Gary Lezak

41 Action News Meteorologist Gary Lezak and his dog paid a special visit to fourth graders at Wheatley Elementary School. (Photo courtesy of Gary Lezak)

Kansas City, March 22, 2017: There are some bright minds on the horizon at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School thanks to a book donation and special visit by a local celebrity and his dog.

Gary Lezak’s dog, Sunny, was able to catch a Frisbee 10 times in a row during their visit at Wheatley.

41 Action News Meteorologist Gary Lezak and his dog, Sunny, spent about an hour with Wheatley fourth graders on Tuesday, March 21. Lezak read his children’s book, “It’s A Sunny Life,” and then performed Fisbee tricks with Sunny.

Lezak’s visit was made possible by the Church of the Resurrection, which sponsored the event and donated copies of his book to every fourth grader in the school. The church partners with Kansas City Public Schools to help provide services and facilities improvements across the school system.

“It’s A Sunny Life” was released in August 2016 and is illustrated by Rob Peters. It tells the story of Lezak’s deep concern for pets that need adoption.