The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats Visits Foreign Language Academy


Students at Foreign Language Academy (FLA) enjoyed a fun kickoff to their school day on Wednesday, Jan. 24. The Fabulous Chinese Acrobats, comprised of four individuals, entertained FLA students with feats of acrobatic stunts, balancing acts, flexibility and strength.

Over the course of the school year, the acrobats tour and visit approximately 250 schools across the country courtesy of the Kansas Bureau of Lectures & Concert Artists. The acrobats tumble, flip, twist and bend to demonstrate how practice, concentration and hard work can help entertainers become their own moving work of art.

A teenage female acrobat had students holding their breath as she juggled large ceramic pots and side tables with her feet. Another acrobat performed a hula hoop routine with over 20 hoops spinning at one time. Others showed off their strength.

This is the troupe’s 18th year touring the USA. The four acrobats that performed for FLA students were from Shaanxi China where they all went to the same acrobatic school.

To see more photos from the performance, visit our Flickr site.