Surprise Visit Means Great Adventure for KCPS Teachers


Northeast Middle School teacher Kristin Pfeifer was in the middle of teaching a math lesson on Wednesday morning, when her class was interrupted by a surprise visit from the Kauffman Foundation and a local TV news crew. The foundation awarded Pfeifer and fellow teacher Kristen Raduzycki a grant that will fund an academic trip to Egypt.

Kauffman Foundation surprises teacher Kristen Raduzycki

The foundation’s “Fund for Teachers” is a national program that enriches the lives of teaches by investing in their creative ideas.

The grant will allow Pfeifer and Raduzycki to visit Egypt and study the use of geometric shapes in ancient and modern architecture. Both teachers will create a project-based unit for students based on their research during the trip.

East High School teacher Michael King

Pfeifer and Raduzycki were not the only KCPS teachers to receive good news from Kauffman foundation on Wednesday. East High School math teacher Michael King earned a similar grant allowing him to travel to Peru.

Three teachers from Foreign Language Academy were also awarded grants from the foundation: kindergarten teachers Xi Wang and Michelle Hill and second grade teacher Kayla Barnes.

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