Students Shine in Leading Roles at Gladstone Elementary


Gladstone Elementary students showed off their leadership, teaching and performance skills for parents, guardians and community members during Leadership Day on Wednesday, Feb. 28.

Gladstone Recycle Team member

The event is part of an ongoing effort to carry out “The Leader In Me” program at Gladstone. “Leader In Me” is a national school transformation program based on student empowerment and is guided by the basic principal that all students can be leaders.

Leadership day began with a student-led program in the auditorium that included dancers, student speakers and a leadership video. Students then led their guests through various breakout sessions in classrooms that featured student teaching and peer learning.

The day concluded with presentations by students in grades 3-6. Presentations were led by group leaders and showcased the various student-led organizations within the school, including: the beautification team, the recycle team, the public relations team and the gardening team.

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