Students Learn Lesson of Resilience, Hard Work

American Soprano Alyson Cambridge visits Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts


Students at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts were treated to a stunning, vocal masterpiece on Friday, Sept. 21 – a special performance by famous American Soprano Alyson Cambridge.

Cambridge was visiting Kansas City as part of the Harriman Jewell Series, performing at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and at the Folly Theatre. A singer, actor, model and host, Cambridge has performed on the world’s leading opera and concert stages and is a recording artist.

Cambridge visited with a small collective of music majors at Paseo to perform and host a question and answer session to talk about life as a professional entertainer. Students asked Cambridge questions about her performing career; she advised students to work hard and value teamwork.

“I started my career with performers who are no longer in the industry,” Cambridge said. “If they ask you to do something new, say ‘Yes!’ and figure it out.”

Cambridge discussed not being afraid of having a strategic plan and trying new things. She advised students to also be willing to advocate for their opportunities and continue to put in the practice and effort to earn their place.

Cambridge’s new album “Until Now” is now available.