School Counselor of the Day: Amanda Campbell!


Happy National School Counseling Week!

Today, we honor Central Academy of Excellence Counselor Amanda Campbell. In just her first year at Central, Ms. Campbell has already become a vital part of the school’s success.

On a daily basis, Ms. Campbell meets with students, works on college transcripts, discusses progress with parents and handles the various daily obstacles that may prevent her students from achieving their dreams.

Ms. Campbell believes that “meeting the needs of students” is the most important part of her job. Whether students are in transition or do not have transportation to get to class, Ms. Campbell is there to support her students.

“In order to be college and career ready, you have to make it day-to-day,” Ms. Campbell said. “As a counselor…you have to build a rapport with kids so that they can trust you and you can help them when they need it.”

On behalf of Team KCPS, thank you for all your hard work and dedication Ms. Campbell!