Principal of the Day: Cleora Taylor


This October is National Principals Month, when we recognize the essential role our principals play in making their schools absolutely amazing. In honor of our KCPS principals, we are highlighting our school leaders with fun questions throughout the month.

Cleora Taylor, Principal
Northeast Middle School

This is Cleora’s first year as principal at Northeast Middle School.

Q. Favorite comfort food?

A. Soul food

Q. Band/artist that gets heavy rotation on your playlist?

A. Luther Vandross

Q. Movie you’ve watched way too many times?

A. The Outlaw Josey Wales

Q. Secret talent/hobby?

A. Choreographer

Q. Best advice you’ve ever received?

A. Love always trumps Hate

Q. Why did you become a principal/go into education?

A. I went into education because I love to teach. I have a passion for urban education and receive satisfaction from a student becoming all that they can be.

Thank you, Principal Taylor for your dedication in helping our future leaders be prepared for success!