Pre-K Kids Learn by Recycling at Primitivo Garcia Elementary

Scraps KC collects and donates educational materials for early learning classroom


Kansas City, May 15, 2017: Pre-schoolers at Primitivo Garcia Elementary School are earning some positive attention for their creative reuse of educational materials.

Reporter Jade DeGood of 41 Action News visited the school on Friday, May 12 to learn more about how pre-k kids are using repurposed school supplies collected and donated by Scraps KC, which recently chose teacher Amber McDougal’s class for its Adopt-A-Class program.

“We anticipate well over 2,000 pounds of supplies will be delivered in June for repurposing,” Scraps KC staff member Brenda Mott said. “We want the community to know that thousands of pounds of schools supplies will be helping our kids rather than filling up our landfills.”

The donated items include rulers, pencils, scissors, markers, notebook paper, colored pencils and glue, as well as a box of creative materials that canĀ be used for art or a makerspace project.

“This program is great for our kids because it really gets them thinking about how materials can be reused and don’t have to be just thrown away,” Ms. McDougal said. “It’s a learning opportunity on many different levels.”

Learn more about the program by visitingĀ Visit the KCPS Flickr site for more photos.