MINDDRIVE Accelerates Student Learning

Central Academy of Excellence students showcase electric vehicle project at auto show


Kansas City, March 6, 2018: In the journey to achieve their dreams, a group of Central Academy of Excellence students have gained a lot of miles thanks to the MINDDRIVE organization.

Five Central Academy students were at the 2018 Kansas City Auto Show on Saturday, March 3 to show-off an electric vehicle that they are building as part of a MINDDRIVE project. The group included junior Damon King, sophomore Tyrell Woodard, and freshmen Tyreese Irvin, Sam David and Fa’Nase Hill.

MINDDRIVE is a Kansas City-based, 501(c)3 organization with an educational, STEM focused perspective that serves high school students from around the Kansas City region. Using project-based learning and adult-to-student mentoring ratios of 2:1 as the backbone of our after school program, the organization teaches problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration through math, science, technology, innovation and communication, giving students deep-level experience with real world applications.

The students have spent hundreds of hours over the previous 12 months planning, designing and building the sleek, light-weight electric vehicle, which is engineered around a PVC pipe frame and cutting-edge steering system. They will eventually use the vehicle to race against students from other schools in the region.

“This is an amazing opportunity because we get to take these concepts that we learn in the classroom and apply them in the real world,” Mr. Woodard said. “I know that this experience is going to have a big effect on my ability to get into college and become an automotive engineer. This is what it’s all about.”

The auto show was a chance for the Central Academy scholars to talk about the electric vehicle project with attendees and interact with automotive professionals.

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