Lincoln Mom Honored as Powerade Mom of the Week

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy mom Tameka Cobbins was honored as the October 1st Powerade Mom of the Week


A successful team is one where the players and coaches work together to achieve their goals. While attention is often given to players and coaches, there are many other people who make a team go every day of the season and the offseason.

One group of unsung heroes is that of the athletes’ moms. Whether it’s making meals to keep the player strong, doing dirty laundry or giving the support that helps the player stay focused, a mom is in the silent force behind a successful athletic program.

Powerade honors these unsung heroes with the Powerade Mom of the Week presented by Heartland Coca-Cola. Each week, athletic staff nominate a mom by submitting an essay sharing why that mom’s impact is important to the individual and/or team success. Each week the winning essay will earn that team’s booster club a $500 courtesy of Powerade and Heartland Coca-Cola.

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy mom Tameka Cobbins was honored as the October 1st Powerade Mom of the Week. Nominated by Blue Tigers Varsity Football Head Coach William Lowe, Ms. Cobbins is an integral support of the Tigers football team doing just about everything for the program.

“I would like to nominate the mother of our quarterback, Tameka Cobbins as the mom of the week,” Lowe’s essay reads. “Ms. Cobbins works a full-time job but still makes time to come by practice to donate snacks and drinks. Ms. Cobbins also makes sure there are always snacks for the coaches. Ms. Cobbins does not just do this during the season, but also year-round for our program. Last Spring, she delivered a pan of jambalaya for the football players to eat during lunch at school. This football season, Ms. Cobbins has gone above and beyond by having a family member make personalized player shirts for moms to wear to the games. The shirts have pictures of moms and their son’s number on them and various other sayings. We appreciate the support that our moms do to go above and beyond.”

Congratulations to Ms. Cobbins and thank you to all of our parents supporting our athletes, coaches and schools!