KCPS Students Participate in National Protests Against Gun Violence

Students from across the school system express their views during unique learning opportunity


Kansas City, March 15, 2018: Students from across Kansas City Public Schools joined their peers from across the nation to express their outrage about gun violence during protests on Wednesday, March 14.

That day was one month removed from a terrible school shooting in Parkland, Fla. Young people took the opportunity to spend 17 minutes – one for each victim – to call for measures to keep students safe.

Hundreds of students in KCPS participated in the demonstrations, including those from:

  • East High School, where students stood with signs in a silent circle
  • Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, where students marched two miles to protest in front of the Kansas City, Mo. City Hall
  • Northeast High School, where student released 17 balloons
  • Southeast High School, where students held a silent vigil around the flagpole

All of these student-led demonstrations were guided and supported by KCPS staff. School system leaders made it clear that they respected the free speech rights of students and saw this as a unique learning opportunity.

“We anticipate that the March 14 walk out will be a good opportunity for students and family members to express their feelings and perspectives and to draw strength and hope from each other,” Deputy Superintendent Marla Sheppard wrote in a letter sent to parents. “As a school system, we support our students’ right to protest peacefully.”

Visit the KCPS Flickr page to view more photos from these protests.