KCPS Starts the “Thank You, Kansas City!” Tour

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Progress as Promised!

On Feb. 1, at Woodland Early Learning Community School, KCPS announced that students earned 82.9 percent of the points possible on its 2018 Annual Progress Report.

This event was an opportunity to launch our “Thank You, Kansas City!” tour so that we can express our gratitude to our stakeholders for helping us achieve unprecedented results and a remarkable turn-around. From losing provisional accreditation in 2011 and facing a potential state takeover in 2012.

Since then, the school system has been steadily gaining ground and has met the mark for full accreditation under the leadership of the School Board and Dr. Bedell AND with the sustained support of leaders, teachers, students, support staff, family members, partners, and volunteers.

The “Thank You, Kansas City!” Tour continues as we head into March and April. While we celebrate… we continue to grind.

The focus will shift to the work we are doing as a school system to sustain our improvement and ensure that ALL of our students are moving upwards and that we are achieving the results expected by our community.