KCPS School Board Seeks Public Comments on Proposed Budget

Public hearing scheduled for May 13


Kansas City, April 24, 2020:  The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors (School Board) is seeking public feedback on the school system’s proposed budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year (FY21).

An overview of the proposed budget will be presented to the School Board by KCPS Chief Financial and Operations Officer Linda Quinley and her team during a public meeting on May 13. That hearing will also be an opportunity for members of the public to comment on the budget.

The proposed budget hearing will be live-streamed at www.kcpublicschools.org/Live. Since this hearing will be virtual, all comments will need to be shared digitally or by phone:

  • Video: Record a video of your comments that are no more than three minutes long and email the recording to School Board Secretary June Kolkmeier at board@kcpublicschools.org
  • Livestream: Reserve a spot to share your comments via the hearing live-stream by calling Ms. Kolkmeier at 816-418-7621 or emailing board@kcpublicschools.org
  • Email: Comments can be emailed to board@kcpublicschools.org
  • Phone: Contact Ms. Kolkmeier at 816-418-7621 or board@kcpublicschools.org to make a reservation to share comments by phone during the hearing
  • Text: Comments can also be texted to 816-213-0997

Visit www.kcpublicschools.org/Board for complete information about the KCPS School Board.