KCPS ‘Mathletes’ Master Regional Relays

Students earn 41 awards at Nov. 4 event


Kansas City, Nov. 7, 2017:  Great math skills and teamwork added up to success for 78 Kansas City Public Schools students who participated in the eighth-annual PREP-KC regional Math Relays on Saturday, Nov. 4 at Grandview High School.

More than 400 students from across the region participated in the event, including those from Central Academy of Excellence, Central Middle School, East High School, Foreign Language Academy, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and Northeast High School. The KCPS scholars collectively earned a total of 41 awards, which are listed below.


  • First – Darianna Reyes (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Third – Lina Alsalman (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth –Shams Aljabara (Lincoln College Prep)

Algebra- Alpha

  • First – Kelby Morman (Central Academy of Excellence)
  • Fourth – Anirudh Atluri (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Fourth – Mykah Doolin (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Third – Alexander Vigors (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth – Glenne Hinkle (Lincoln College Prep)

Algebra Relays (Team)

  • Fourth – East HS (Olivera, Aguirre, Diaz, Tang)

Algebra Medley (Team)

  • Third – Lincoln College Prep (Thomas, Moten, Perez, Christensen)
  • Fourth – East HS (Flores, Flores, Eng, Bui)

Geometry- Pre-Alpha

  • First – Louis Moten (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Third – Shams Alijabara (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Fourth – Hayley Stock (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Second – Kuri Soto (Northeast HS)


  • Second – Shayne Murphy (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth – Bui Tuan (East HS)

Geometry Relays (Team)

  • Fourth – Lincoln College Prep (Windon, Hinkle, Alsalman, Hamilton)

Geometry Medley (Team)

  • Fourth – Lincoln College Prep (Abnas, Meya, Doolin, Sherifi)

Number Sense-Pre-Alpha

  • Second – Louis Moten (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth – Honor Christenson (Lincoln College Prep)

Number Sense-Alpha

  • First –Noah Morales (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth – Anirudh Atluri (Lincoln College Prep)

Number Sense-Gamma

  • First –Glenne Hickle (Lincoln College Prep)

Number Sense-Relays (Team)

  • Fourth – Lincoln College Prep (Garcia, Ngyen, Bhatti, Oo)


  • First – Darianne Reyes (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Third – Mauwa Mathias (East HS)
  • Fourth – Mauwa Abwe (East HS)


  • Third – Augustus Thomas (Lincoln College Prep)

Data-Medley (Team)

  • Fourth – East HS (Tang, Robinson, Tang, Nguyen)

ACT- Pre-Alpha

  • Second – Honor Christenson (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Second – Hayley Stock (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Fourth – Alexander Vigors (Lincoln College Prep)


  • Third – Sakina Bhatti (Lincoln College Prep)

ACT Relay (Team)

  • Second – Lincoln College Prep (Bhatti, Moten, Stock, Thomas)

ACT Medley (Team)

  • Third – Lincoln College Prep (Le, Hamilton, Garbison, Christensen)

Sigma Marathon

  • First – Nathan Hewitt (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fourth – Jullia Kenneally (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Fifth – Luciella Mulholland (Lincoln College Prep)
  • Sixth – Martin Velazquez (Lincoln College Prep)

By winning top honors in the Sigma Marathon Competition, Nathan Hewitt of Lincoln College Prep won a $500 Scholarship to the college or university of his choice.

The Central Academy team is coached by Takeia Page and Demicco Woods; EHS is coached by Michael King, Daniele Coronado and Dave Laurence; Lincoln Prep is coached by Mohamadou Diagana, Gerald Buss and Joyce Hernandez; Northeast HS is coached by Trisha Van Wig and Hassan Hussein.