KCPS JROTC Selects Student Leaders for 2019-2020

Candidates sent from five high schools

Lincoln Prep JROTC

Earlier this month, the Kansas City Public Schools Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps faculty conducted their annual All-City Colonel and All-City Command Sergeant Major Boards at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy.

Northeast, East, Central and Southeast high schools and Lincoln Prep all sent nominees to compete for each position. Each candidate had to undergo a uniform inspection, take a multiple choice exam, write a short essay on leadership, and then appear in front of a three-person board of two officers and a command sergeant major.

The winners were Lincoln Prep students Juul Leylani for the All-City Colonel position and Glenne Hinkle for the All-City Command Sergeant Major position.

The Army JROTC citizenship education program teaches students the value of good citizenship, develops leadership ability, and promotes a sense of accomplishment while instilling in students, teamwork, self-regulation, self-discipline and personal responsibility as well as understanding for the value of service to community.

Army JROTC is focused on teaching student-cadets to; maximize potential success through learning and positive self-management, develop good leadership skills, build effective relationships (with peers, co-workers, teammates and the community), understand the rights and responsibilities of citizenship, incorporate positive principles of mental and physical wellness in life behaviors and personal decisions, and develop a sense of global awareness.

Participation in the program prepares students for responsible leadership roles while making them aware of their rights, responsibilities and privileges as citizens of the United States. The program’s focus is reflected in the JROTC mission statement, “To Motivate Young People to be Better Citizens.” All courses contain an integrated service-learning component designed and executed by the students to re-enforce the skills and responsibilities of an involved citizen “giving back” to the community. The JROTC curriculum is performance-based and requires student-cadets to master competencies so they can DO the skills, APPLY the knowledge gained, and MODEL appropriate behaviors and attitudes expected.

Each JROTC program supports a wide array of co-curricular teams and activities. These teams/activities are an integral re-enforcing tool to support curriculum content, lessons learned, and skills developed by the student-cadet. Examples are; Academic Bowl Team, Missouri Personal Finance Challenge Team, Drill Team, Color Guard Team, as well as various work groups organized to plan and execute service learning projects to address volunteerism needs throughout the community.

Enrollment in Army JROTC includes the temporary loan, of a US Army cadet uniform. Uniform wear is normally required 1 day per week. Wear of the uniform provides a “tool” for instructor cadre to assess the cadets’ attention to detail, ability to follow instructions, and is reflective of pride in one’s self. While wearing the cadet uniform, students are expected to meet the basic grooming standards for US Army JROTC. (These grooming standards, while not as rigid as the active US Army standards, do require a clean, neat, well-groomed appearance.)

Central High School JROTC
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