KCPS Celebrates Read Across America Day


Classrooms across Kansas City Public Schools took part in the annual “Read Across America Day” on Thursday, March 2 to honor Dr. Seuss and highlight the importance of reading.  Principals disguised as The Cat in the Hat, local athletes reading to students and an appearance by KC Wolf were just a few of ways KCPS students and faculty helped celebrate the 113th birthday of Dr. Seuss.

Students at Harold Holliday Montessori School were surprised on Thursday morning to find that Principal Kalinda Bass-Barlow had been replaced by a life sized version of the Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. Barlow donned a full costume and makeup as she read aloud to 16 of her school’s classrooms.

“I read one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books today, Oh the Places You’ll Go, because I think it’s important to show our students how literature can let you escape into different worlds and have exciting new experiences,” Bass-Barlow said.

The festivities continued in Mrs. Boone’s Trailwoods Elementary kindergarten, class where students got to make their own green eggs and ham. Trailwoods also hosted Missouri Mavericks Hockey players, who read some of their favorite books to students.


Trailwoods Principal Christy Harrison stressed the idea of teaching students to develop a passion for reading.

“We think it is important for students to develop a love for reading,” Harrison said. “We also want to take time and celebrate these great authors like Dr. Seuss. Every student can relate to Dr. Seuss no matter their age or background.”

Students at Hartman Elementary School celebrated the day by reading to their teachers and decorating classroom doors in the theme of their favorite books. Hartman Principal Jessie Kirksey believes reading is the foundation to student achievement.

“At Hartman, we try to make everything alive and engaging for our students. Reading is the key to all of our student success,” Dr. Kirksey said.