Introducing KCPS Homeroom!

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Start your day with the KCPS Homeroom on 38 The Spot! This new 1-hour television show created by the Kansas City Public Schools is a learning opportunity available to all families in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. The KCPS Homeroom offers daily K-12 instruction in all core content areas. The goal of the program is to provide in additional academic outlet for families with students who are not returning to in-person classrooms.

Kansas City Public Schools is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to reach families. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused adjustments to teaching and learning. Prompted by the need to help families engage in our public education system, KCPS is launching this new opportunity to assist all families to have access to continued quality education. In order to reach more students, KCPS will air academic content on KMCI 38 The Spot.