July 11, 2022

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Young students of Harold Holliday, Sr. Montessori school sat quietly on the floor on Thursday, Aug. 31 eagerly awaiting the start of something new and exciting in their school – String Sprouts.

String Sprouts is an innovative new program from Heartland Chamber Music that teaches violin music to children ages three to eight in underserved communities. Part of the weekly school routine, the program is designed to make learning an instrument easily accessible and convenient.

At Holliday, four- and five-year-old students along with their caregivers were introduced to their String Sprouts teachers, and provided a few ground rules on properly handling the violins. Anticipation building, budding musicians opened their cases simultaneously to reveal their very own right-sized violins and bows.

Students will enjoy weekly lessons throughout the course of the school year and then have the opportunity to perform on stage with the University of Missouri – Kansas City Conservatory Orchestra. String Sprouts is committed to Holliday students and caregivers for a curriculum of five years.

“We are reaching kids during a critical time in their development,” Heartland Chamber Music Executive Director Vicki Olson said. “The program provides kids with a rich resource that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access and setting them on a trajectory of academic success.”

Thanks to the generous support of several community partners, students within the String Sprouts program receive FREE of charge:

  • Violins
  • Weekly violin group lessons
  • Weekly parent/caregiver education sessions
  • Opportunities to perform
  • Annual concert with the UMKC Conservatory Orchestra

Research has demonstrated several benefits of exposing students to music lessons at an early age. Through the Strings Sprouts program, young students often see improvement in his/her vocabulary, academic skills such as letters and numbers and in-class participation including attention, emotional regulation and work planning.

Visit Heartland Chamber Music’s website to learn more about the String Sprouts program. To see more photos of the event, visit the KCPS Flickr page.

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