Good Behavior at Phillips Earns Hope for Homeless

Student-led campaign raises $5,500 for City Union Mission


Kansas City, May 24, 2018: Students at Wendell Phillips Elementary School were able to donate $5,500 to City Union Mission during a special event today thanks to a campaign to promote good behavior and help the community.

Starting in the fall of 2017, students at Phillips Elementary started collecting “Tiger Bucks” from staff as a reward for positive behavior, Principal Deloris Brown explained. Tiger Bucks can be spent at a small shop in the school for snacks and other items.

“There’s a reward matrix for good behavior,” Ms. Brown explained. “And our students did an amazing job of earning these Tiger Bucks!”

The Student Council launched an initiative to get students to donate their Tiger Bucks as a way to support their community. They convinced the Church of the Resurrection‘s downtown congregation to donate $1,000 for the charity of the students’ choice if the students donated 10,000 Tiger Bucks to this drive.

The students were inspired by the charity work done by Church of the Resurrection members at Phillips Elementary and across the city, according to Student Council President Moreno Leslie. The student responded enthusiastically, raising the 10,000 Tiger Bucks by the middle of winter.

“We decided we wanted to give back to the community,” Miss Leslie said. “Every student donated Tiger Bucks, and a lot of them donated everything they earned.”

Church of the Resurrection members in other congregations were impressed enough to raise additional funds as pledges based on the Tiger Bucks that were collected. It equaled up to $5,500, which the students decided to give to City Union Mission.

That donation will purchase almost 3,000 meals for homeless people in Kansas City, according to City Union Mission Executive Director Dan Doty.

“Oh, this is amazing,” Mr. Doty said. “These students worked really hard to earn this money and we are the ones who benefit. This is community service at its best!”