July 11, 2022

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Kansas City, December 13, 2017: Kansas City Public Schools scholars are carefully building their future using gingerbread, candy and icing.

Culinary Arts students at Manual Career Technical Center, under the leadership of Chef Dennis Charest and Chef Daniel Hogan, hosted their 25th-annual Gingerbread House Contest on Wednesday, Dec. 13 at the school.

The festive student-built houses were on display in the Culinary Café throughout the day as KCPS staff cast votes on their favorites. The top 10 projects will be taken to Kansas City’s Union Station for a community display and contest during the holiday break.

This annual contest is a demonstration of the talents and creativity of the Manual students in the timeless art of creating holiday gingerbread houses.

Over a two-week period, the Culinary Arts/Pastry Program students worked in teams of two with their instructors to develop templates for the houses, bake the structures, and trim the projects using creativity and personal tastes. They employed skills such as making, rolling, and baking the dough; using a T-square; melting hard candy into intricate designs; and using royal icing as a trim.

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