Community Service Hours Lead to Heartfelt Inspiration


East High School seniors Raymon Woods and De’varia Mastin discovered the impact of giving back to the community on Saturday, Dec. 16 at Northcross United Methodist Church by distributing basic necessities to Kansas City homeless.

Initially, the service project was part of community service hours seniors need to graduate. However, the experience left such a profound impact on both young men that they asked their principal to not count the hours.

The experience was especially meaningful for Woods, who can relate to some of the unfortunate circumstances.

“I know how it feels to be homeless. Looking back, it makes me appreciate life a lot more. I was in their shoes once,” Woods said.

The program is part of an organization called Tom’s Mission, which passes out food, water, toiletries and clothes every third Saturday. Woods said he didn’t want the hours to be “required” but hopes to spread the act of service to his peers and the community.

“[The experience made me] feel very blessed,” Woods said. “Some people don’t have it easy. Be thankful for what you have.”