Community Partners Showcase Asthma Treatment Program

May 16 press conference focused on school nurse training on new protocols


Kansas City, May 17, 2018: ┬áKansas City Public Schools, the Black Health Care Coalition of Kansas City (BHCC), Children’s Mercy Hospital, the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City and Asthma Ready Communities hosted a press conference to showcase their efforts to protect school-age children from life threatening asthma attacks.

The May 16 event was at Phillips Elementary School and featured BHCC President and KCPS Board of Directors Chair Melissa Robinson, KCPS Manager of Nursing Services Lauren Grimes, school nurse Keshia May and representatives from the other partner organizations.

They talked specifically about how they are working together to implement across KCPS the provisions of Missouri House Bill 1188, which established protocols for local health care providers to prescribe asthma treatment medication for school nurses to dispense to students during life-threatening emergencies.

Children’s Mercy Hospital has signed-on as the prescriber in KCPS, and the school system’s nurses are receiving special training on the new protocols. The press conference included the representative from Children’s Mercy writing out the school system’s first prescription to Ms. Grimes.

Numerous studies have found relatively high rates of life-threatening asthma among children of color in the U.S. This cooperative effort was launched to help address that challenge.

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