Coffee Consumers Encourage KCPS Kids

One More Cup organizes snack and note drive leading into MAP testing


Kansas City, April 5, 2018:  As Kansas City area residents get a boost from their favorite espresso drinks, they have a chance to give a boost to Kansas City Public Schools students as they prepare to tackle upcoming standardized testing.

A group of shop owners and roasters from local and independent coffee shops have joined forces with KCPS to ask patrons to donate snacks and write encouraging notes for students who will soon be taking Missouri Assessment Program exams. The effort started on March 31 and continues through Sunday, April 8.

The snack and note initiative was launched by Stacy Neff, owner of One More Cup in Waldo. The goal is to provide students with support and an extra boost of confidence. One More Cup has done many drives for non-profits over its nine years, and wanted to do something involving KCPS.

“To have something be truly impactful, we felt that we needed to get more people involved. I sent out notices to other coffee shop owners and managers that I know, and asked if they would be willing to commit to doing a drive for a week that would benefit KCPS,” Ms. Neff said. “I was very thrilled with how many instantly jumped on board!”

Patrons will be able to write notes on index cards donated by Staples for the initiative. Donated snacks should be commercially packaged, non-perishable and nut free. The cards and snacks will be delivered to the school system and distributed to elementary schools.

“We’re so thankful for all of the coffee shops and patrons who are participating in this snack and note drive,” Superintendent Mark Bedell said. “This is the kind of effort that shows our children that they have the support they need to succeed. This kind of thing makes a very real difference in their lives!”

The following coffee shops are participating in this drive (all are in Kansas City, Mo. unless otherwise noted):

  • About the Coffee – 3160 Terrace St.
  • Barista de Casa Café – 8900 NE Flintlock Rd.
  • Blip Roasters – 1101 Mulberry
  • Broadway Roasting Company – 4012 Washington St.
  • Crows Coffee – 304 E 51 St.
  • Crows Coffee Waldo – 7440 Washington St.
  • Eleos Coffee – 3401 Independence Ave.
  • Goat Hill Coffee & Soda – 811 W 17 St.
  • Homer’s Coffee House – 7126 W 80th St., Overland Park, Kans.
  • Messenger Coffee – 1624 Grand Blvd.
  • Monarch Coffee – 3550 Broadway
  • Oddly Correct – 3940 Main St.
  • One More Cup – 7408 Wornall Rd.
  • Pirate’s Bone – 645 E 59 St.
  • Second Best Coffee – 328 W 85 St.