Central Academy Students Engaging with Local Government

March 6 Town Hall with Mayor Sly James is part of larger educational effort


Kansas City, March 2, 2017:  Kansas City, Mo. Mayor Sly James participated in a Town Hall meeting with about 100 students Monday morning, March 6 at Central Academy of Excellence.

During the Town Hall, Mayor James was interviewed by junior Diamond Lee and participated in a Q&A session with members of the audience. James encouraged the students to become leaders in their community by refusing to be divided by politics.

“There has to be a breakdown of the barriers that we set-up between ourselves,” he said. “We’re always trying to bring more people to the table. That’s the difference between politics and leadership.”

Students asked questions related to their concerns and presenting ideas that they believe can help improve their neighborhoods. James emphasized that students need to vote if they expect to make real and positive change.

“What kids can do is understand the value of voting,” James said. “We get the country and the city that we are willing to work for. Are you ready to work for the better of this city?”

Following the Town Hall, Ms. Lee expressed her admiration for the mayor’s obvious passion for public service and said she was inspired to get more involved.

“I could tell how strongly he feels about this community,” Lee said. “What I learned more than anything else is that our voice has to be heard.”

Central Academy team members are helped students prepare for the Town Hall by using the Kansas City Public Library’s online educational program, “Amplifying Civic Voice.” Students use this program to earn virtual badges by completing lessons formatted as a playlist on the LRNG.org platform.

This particular playlist teaches students about the role of government and how they can be active and engaged citizens. Learn more at www.lrng.org/kansas-city-public-library-/playlist/amplifying-civic-voice-1.