Building Bridges In Spanish and English

KCPS awards the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy to 59 scholars this year

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy Class of 2020 graduate Jontell Washington

Kansas City, June 4, 2020: Jontell Washington is a builder.

In his case, Jontell knows how to build bridges across linguistic gaps. A member of Lincoln College Preparatory Academy’s Class of 2020, he is one of 59 scholars from across Kansas City Public Schools who earned their Missouri Seal of Biliteracy this year.

The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy is an award granted by qualifying school districts to recognize students who attain academic proficiency in both English and one or more other languages before high school graduation. For Jontell, though, it’s really an acknowledgment of his commitment to learning how to build connections with his Spanish-speaking friends.

“It helps to know more than one language in order to make connections,” he said. “Language can be a barrier between people, when It shouldn’t be. You can miss those connections because you don’t speak the same language.”

Jontell was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. His mom, Vachone Washington, wanted her son to expand his world, so she enrolled him at George Washington Carver Dual Language Elementary.

Students go through Spanish-language lessons in Morgan McPartland’s class at Carver Dual Language Elementary.

Carver Dual Language is a KCPS Signature School that focuses on providing high quality academic and extra-curricular experiences for students in both English and Spanish. Jontell was suddenly surrounded by classmates whose first language was Spanish and who used Spanish in the classroom, playground and cafeteria. Rather than being intimidated, Jontell saw an opportunity to learn and rapidly started picking up this new language.

“It really all started at Carver,” Jontell said. “My friends all spoke Spanish and I picked up the listening and reading part pretty quickly. It was a good experience. A lot of friends I made there, we still hang out together. And probably the most memorable teachers I had were at Carver.”

The team at Carver Dual Language made sure that Jontell was more than ready for the academic rigors and unique opportunities at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy when he matriculated to that school in sixth grade. In addition to handling the standard course-load and excelling as an athlete on the school’s basketball and swim team, Jontell continued to pursue his study of Spanish.

“I think the hardest thing for me to overcome was my own confidence, because I was hesitant to speak it,” he said. “You have brain hiccups. Native Spanish-speakers speak pretty fast and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. But you learn to get the gist of it and relax. Eventually,  you realize that you’re understanding everything.”

Jontell’s experience is one of the reasons why KCPS decided to pursue certification as a Missouri Seal of Biliteracy school system in the fall of 2018, according to Director of Language Services Allyson Hile. She and her team wanted an opportunity to formally recognize students who put in the hard work of mastering a second language.

That includes many students whose families are immigrants and refugees. These young people often perceive their native language as a liability when they move to the U.S., Ms. Hile said. The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy turns their mastery of two languages into a point of pride and strength.

“It’s a real chance for students to actualize their native language and acknowledge their community,” Hile said. “Many of these students are in families that are committed to being bilingual, and that’s something that should be celebrated.”

This year’s cohort of KCPS students who earned their seal includes those who speak Spanish, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Swahili, Italian, Latin and Bengali. They can now leverage this achievement for college credits, scholarships and career opportunities.

Jontell will be headed to Graceland College in Iowa this fall, where he intends to study journalism and minor in Spanish. He’s also planning a dream trip to Spain at some point in the future.

“The first place I want to visit is Spain,” he said. “I’ve got friends who went there on a school trip our freshman year and it just sounds amazing and beautiful. I’m looking forward to being to enjoy all that while speaking Spanish.”

Everybody should be able to have the experience of connecting with someone who speaks a language other than English, Jontell said. The key is to find and immerse yourself in a community of people who speak that language.

“I really like the process of learning a new language. It’s an accomplishment. You will always have that in your back pocket,” Jontell said. “Try to meet people who know that language and have conversations with them. Spend time with those people outside of school or work. Get over your hangups and do it. Those will become amazing relationships.”

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2020 KCPS Missouri Seal of Biliteracy Recipients

School First Name Last Name Language
East Guadalupe Sanchez Spanish
East luis Zavala Spanish
East Jose Zavala Spanish
East Cyrille Deoutar French
East Manar Al Mahmud Arabic
East Hadil Alkhatib Arabic
East Safa Altaie Arabic
East Joustin Medina Spanish
East Phan Le Vietnamese
East David Ndayishimiye Swahili
LCPA Jacqueline Abnos Spanish
LCPA Karla Aguilar Spanish
LCPA Kevin Albor Spanish
LCPA Alexa Campbell Spanish
LCPA Lila Church French & Italian
LCPA Alexandro Cruz-Alanis Spanish
LCPA Mykah Doolin Spanish
LCPA Atzin Garcia Spanish
LCPA Marlo Guzman French
LCPA Salvador Hernandez Spanish
LCPA Morrison Kelly Latin
LCPA Antonio Lacio Sandoval Spanish
LCPA Edwen Lopez Spanish
LCPA Gaston Meya French
LCPA Bryan Michimani Spanish
LCPA Kaylee Ojeda Spanish
LCPA Zoe Pratt Phillips French
LCPA Adrianna Pratt Spanish
LCPA Neema Primos French
LCPA Ryn Puckett French
LCPA Diana Salcido Spanish
LCPA Gustavo Sanchez Spanish
LCPA Jathciry Santillan Spanish
LCPA Aseya Siddiqua Spanish & Bengali
LCPA India Jane Walker French
LCPA Jontell Washington Spanish
LCPA Brenda Zuniga Spanish
LCPA Anahi Alvarez Spanish
LCPA Sofia Cervantes Spanish
LCPA Jean-Paul Chaurand Spanish
LCPA Denise Diaz Spanish
LCPA Ximena Flores Spanish
LCPA Iris Gallegos Spanish
LCPA Deisy Gonzalez Spanish
LCPA Assata Jihad Spanish
LCPA Felipe Juarez Spanish
LCPA Shabely Kelly Spanish
LCPA Grace Knight Spanish
LCPA Perla Lopez-Flores Spanish
LCPA Eira Marin Spanish
LCPA Carina Martinez Spanish
LCPA Alyssa Mejia Spanish
LCPA Julian ORtiz Spanish
LCPA Estefany Perez Spanish
LCPA Noellia Saenz Spanish
LCPA Ashley Salcido Spanish
LCPA Alondra Torres Spanish
LCPA Harry Vasquez Spanish
LCPA Maria Yepez Spanish