Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation Honored As Community Champion

Foundation grants KCPS another $25,000 for health and wellness equipment


Kansas City, March 15, 2018: The Kansas City Public Schools Board of Directors named the Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation as a Community Champion during a meeting on Wednesday, March 14 at Success Academy at Knotts.

In November of 2015, The Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation provided a grant to KCPS for $37,260 in November 2015. Those funds were used to purchase audiometers for all KCPS elementary schools. KCOS was also able to purchase asthma-care equipment for schools, including peak flow meters, pocket chambers, emergency albuterol, nebulizers, tubings and masks.

Executive Director Becky Schaid and Board Vice Chair Sara Goodburn, who also chairs the organization’s Health Education Committee, were on hand to accept the Community Champion recognition and announce a new, $25,000 grant for KCPS.

Kansas City Public Schools is very grateful for the Baptist-Trinity Lutheran Legacy Foundation. They are one of the school system’s most steadfast and committed partners. Their efforts and generosity have had a very real and positive impact on our schools and neighborhoods.